TIL you can type "-i" while in `less` to toggle whether searches are case sensitive. I literally mean typing "-i" into `less`, not passing a command-line option.

Email Workflow Demo (Neovim, NeoMutt, UltiSnips, Khard/omnifunc contact completion)


Python, I love you, but we have to talk: "pyproject.toml replaces setup.py, requirements.txt, setup.cfg, MANIFEST.in and the newly added Pipfile."

What the fuck, Python? We barely just migrated to Pipfile, now there's another standard?

Do you guys realize you can follow any ActivityPub-using software here? For example, you can directly follow Blender's PeerTube account: @blender

Imagine posting something on your blog and having people able to follow it on Mastodon directly, and all replies to the toot showing up as comments. Fantastic.


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