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1.0.0 is live in the App Store!

Metatext is a free, open source Mastodon client for iOS. It remembers your home timeline position, has a searchable emoji picker, and many more great features.


- Fixed emoji placement on iOS 15
- Fixed notification ordering issue

Now available:

⚠️ WARNING: Since the last release of Metatext, a shady company has begun releasing spyware/scams disguised as social networking software under the name “Meta”. Please ensure you only download authentic Metabolist software and not poor quality imitations ⚠️

Thanks everyone for all your kind words about Metatext. I’m traveling without great internet access right now but hope to release an update addressing iOS 15 issues soon!

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If you were supporting Metabolist’s OpenCollective and want to redirect the funds to an iOS client being actively developed consider contributing to the official @Mastodon OpenCollective or Patreon instead. The official app is coming soon and is probably gonna be even better than Metatext!

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A quick update: I’m going to be turning off donations to the Metabolist OpenCollective. I’ve been struggling to find time and energy to work on Metatext and am going to be starting a new full-time job soon, meaning I’ll have even less.

I will still be updating the app for now, but not often enough to justify crowdfunding.

A big thanks to everyone who insisted it was worth paying to support (especially @noellabo and @aurynn), it was very touching.

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Metatext (iOS Mastodon App) now has an app icon I designed, Mallow the Bear 🐻
Take good care of him :metatext_malow:


- View your instance's announcements and react with emoji
- Malow app icon
- Search resolves URLs
- Fixes for instances using Mastodon v3.4.0rc1
- Fixes for pasting images copied from the share menu

Now available:

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Metatextが、Mastodon v3.4.0rc1で投稿を読み込めない件、対策版がTestFlightにでています。



Users on instances running Mastodon v 3.4.0rc1 may encounter some issues with Metatext, these should be resolved in the latest version on TestFlight:

Monthly thanks to Metabolist’s backers on OpenCollective @noellabo and @aurynn. Expect a big update in the next week or two.

June’s mascot artist has been selected, if you are an artist on here interested in being commissioned to create a mascot for July please DM!

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New patron-only post, a first look at the compose screen in the official Mastodon iOS app

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New patron-only post, a first look at profiles in the official Mastodon iOS app


- Added Korean localization
- Added "What is Mastodon?" video on initial screen
- Thread indicator on toot accessibility labels

Thanks to @noridev for translations

Now available:

Second: Metabolist is looking to commission its first mascot!

Metabolist will pay $100 USD to an artist for a mascot that will be this account's header image for the month of May.

This month's theme: 🐻 A Bear 🐻

More info at

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