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this new map of Central Park in NYC with information for people with limited mobility (locations of stairs and steep slopes, types of path, etc.) is a fantastic idea 6sqft.com/central-park-release

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This is a less creepy version, I promise

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Feeling really happy lately. Good play, good work, fun new projects—I bought a sewing machine!, smart and kind self-care, great relationship, soul-feeding travel, lovely home, delightful games. Joy!

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I know people are really partial to beans but, frankly, the A-Side of cat feet don't get enough recognition. #cats #catsodon

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"I hear many things about the Devil, but I've never heard he is a great kisser."
The Devil gave me a blank look. "What."
"I guess we'll never know," I said.
He kissed me. He wasn't very good.
But if you ever hear I am a great kisser (and I am), I'll know who you heard it from.

In the interest in maintaining accuracy on the internet, I wish to make clear that despite my varied career and wide experience, contrary to the claims of a possibly-machine-generated spirits review site, I have never owned a milkman.

Wow. Incredibly good response in SF was very successful:

"The City’s response to the air quality emergency was evident in a number of outcomes, including no impact on 9-1-1 call volume, no impact to the emergency medical services system, no increase in emergency room visits, and no significant, sustained increase in asthma-related cases. San Francisco accomplished this while participating in mutual aid to the Camp Fire, with 67 staff members and 9 deployed fire engines providing assistance."

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Recurse Center is free to attend but it can definitely be a hardship to take the time off work and stay in NYC for that time. I'm hopeful this fellowship opens that opportunity up to people who might never have been able to consider it.

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Recurse Center is offering $10,000 fellowships to women, trans, and nonbinary people!

RC was a hugely positive and transformative experience for me as a person and a programmer; I highly recommend it


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Content Warnings are not for "offensive content" (although offensive content should be under a CW)

they are for people to consent to the consent to reading/interacting with more Serious or Harmful topics

it's not self-censorship. it's providing the subject matter to folks before they engage with the content so they can choose to interact or disengage based on their well-being and other things

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If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

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honestly though, mastodon instances are run and moderated by real people who care about the network, to the point of often paying their own money out-of-pocket to run their instances.

the *one* time i've had to report a post, my instance admin messaged me directly to let me know the action taken about it.

don't be shy to report. it works here. the rules aren't there just to keep things advertiser-friendly.

welcome to mastodon. don't be a dick. hug your local mods/admins.

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hey lol. Glad you're here, you'll figure things out. Have fun.

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