Tweaked my back, but discovered there’s a new Harry Potter themed match 3 game in Apple Arcade. So, could be worse. (Find me in the Calm Blue Ocean club, calmly waiting for the heat pad to do its magic.)

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Happy Discardia!

Take a few minutes to discard the the feeling in your body of carrying worries about the past and future.

Plant your feet on the ground, breathe deep and slow three times in and out, and feel yourself right here, where you are right now, with what is immediately around you. That's all you need to deal with in this moment.

You have this moment available to you to feel solid underfoot and to feel your body breathing. You're OK.

Do this as often as you want.

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Full disclosure: he is not generally allowed on counters

But please look at this photo of Penny, a cat who loves salad, trying to decide whether basil is awful or delicious

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"studies have shown that women (and nonbinary folks) are over-mentored, but under-sponsored." Sponsoring is about "fighting to get somebody a promotion, mentioning their name in an appointments meeting, etc..."

Via: What Does Sponsorship Look Like?

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Without any of his fans knowing he was ill, Chadwick Boseman gave us many of the greatest turns of Black performance in film, including one of the most beloved and iconic Black superheroes of our present time: a king, a leader, trying to make a better world.

Wakanda Forever.

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I'm suddenly imagining Mount Doom as a tourist attraction, with tram cars going up to the top where orcs sell gold-plated rings for people to throw into the Cracks of Doom. "Make a wish and throw your ring, and something precious it will bring."

I wrote up a little post about dipping your toes into Dwarven Forge miniature terrain, complete with examples of how you might approach becoming a backer in one of their Kickstarters at budgets starting at $100.

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People, young and old, came to the witch for directions.
"I seek adventure."
"I seek wisdom."
"I need a place to feel at home."
"I feel like I need to cry, but I can't."
The witch listened, and told all where to find what they sought.
And the local library thrived.

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@ceejbot The longer I went in industry the more convinced I became that the only thing the open office is designed to achieve is avoiding spending on more real estate

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oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

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When they say to always iron your fabric before, during, and after each part of the garment making process they are Not being overzealous, that shit is important and makes your life so much easier and in the end makes things so much quicker cos you're making less mistakes. It took years of impatience for me to learn this lmao #sewing

A very good meditation on gameplay, liminality, and personal change:

Stay with it, even if it feels odd. That's what it's talking about.

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Something else to remember is that these landscapes are supposed to burn. The peoples who have been here since time immemorial have always burned them carefully, and this place is full of plants and animals that expect gentle fires: redwoods, for example.

"A time of great stress, whether it’s good stress or bad stress, is not the time to set the expectation that you’re not only going to survive but also set a PR [personal record?] while you’re doing it. I forbid it; let this particular kind of self torture go." — Casey Johnston

from this

via Kottke (who is the best curation blogger and always has been)

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A Powerful Culture
linocut print, 21.5"x12.5"

Text from the Sandia Labs report on long-term nuclear storage warnings.

Original prints for sale here:

Notes and process photos on my (wholly public) patreon blog:

What I'm sayin' is, Prednisone is a mfing ride, my friends. Awful stuff, but it works.

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eye contact, smiling :) and hope 

If you are taking and are worried about what it is doing to your face. Do not worry. It is temporary. Here is my moonface journey across four Julys: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. Your face is still there and you'll see yourself in the mirror again without having to squint. 💖

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