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I am living near in the .

My native language is 🇳🇱, but I also toot in English 🇬🇧.

I use most things , but also like , especially for a running for .

Professionally, I am an in a .

Aan thuiswerken kleven twee belangrijke nadelen: je ziet niemand meer en je beweegt te weinig. Om die te bestrijden ging ik op flexpeditie door de stad, steeds in andere tentjes werken. Hier het derde en laatste deel van mijn ervaringen

Very interesting research:

"Users' email addresses are exfiltrated to tracking, marketing and analytics domains before form submission and before giving consent"

-> yes, you read that right, before form submission.

This is an example of how the intransparency of the digital world leads to a huge #InformationAsymmetry between normal people and corporations.

Source: NOS

Perfect explanation of the #Fediverse! A federated network of different (social media) projects, incl. #Mastodon, #Pixelfed and #Peertube. Glued together by the #ActivityPub protocol.

More info at


@frankmeeuwsen Ik zag je post over notitieboeken. Laatst zag ik in de boekhandel dat leuchtturm een versie heeft met dikker papier. Zelf geen ervaring mee maar misschien is dat iets.

I have setup a Trunk instance for the #Dutch speakers.

Voor de Nederlands-taligen onder ons: de Trunk is bijna klaar. Suggesties voor lijsten hoor ik graag. Ook als je op de lijsten wilt.

Als je Trunk niet kent: het is een tool waar je mensen kunt zoeken om te volgen op de Fediverse.

Graag boosten als je NL-talige volgers hebt ;-)

EU having its own instance makes sense. For the EU digital autonomy is important, independence from big platforms is essential. The shortest road to digital autonomy is to adopt open protocols, open standards and open source software. And lucky that the biggest open source initiatives are European 😇

Good morning friends, this server is once again suffering under a heavy load of traffic and I am once again working on making it work better. Please be patient :tiredcat:

On fediverse, remember that your admin has access to their instance database, and can read whatever you post, and whatever posts you can read, no matter what the access level is (and this includes DMs, of course). This is not significantly different to monolithic social media, except that the admin potentially has a smaller pool of people they can spy on, if they're so inclined. You should always share particularly sensitive information via end-to-end encrypted chat, no matter what platform you're using, fediverse or not.
#feditips #fedifacts

As one of the main Mastodon developers, I can't promise you that Mastodon will be a complete and exact Twitter replacement for you, but it may fit your use-cases, at least it does for me.

Just keep in mind that it is not exactly the same thing, some core design decisions are different (there isn't an unique centrally-governed website, but many interconnected servers operated by different individuals and organizations) and thus the tradeoffs can be different as well.

While I personally don't think Mastodon should aim at being an exact replacement to Twitter, I do hope Mastodon can be useful to more people wanting an alternative to Twitter! And I know there are lots of room for improvement, on things we do know, and on things we don't.

Also keep in mind that Mastodon is developed by only two core developers payed through a non-profit funded through sponsorship, grants and donations, so please be patient!

Hi! is being slow right now, as far as I can tell because there's twice as many people using it at the same time as ever have; I'm working on making it go fast again, but in the meantime, do remember to invite people to instead of directly to People don't have to be on the same server to follow you! Thanks!

You don't "have something to hide" when you put blinds on your windows or close the door when you're on the toilet, or wear clothes. Privacy isn't about having something to hide, it's not about keeping secrets. It's about being able to choose what you reveal about yourself, and when, and to who, and the other word we have for that is "dignity". Your inherent dignity, as a human being. Privacy is the agency you have over your dignity.

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Follow-up: I've contacted the Dutch "Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens" and asked them to look into it.

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Yevgenia Belorusets has been one of the great documentarians of Russia’s war against Ukraine since 2014, winning the International Literature Prize for her work. Her diary provides the news from a different vantage.

If you want, you can move your Mastodon account from one instance (server) to another.

Moving lets you take your followers, follows and some settings with you.

1. Create a new account on the instance you want to move to, but DO NOT delete the old account.

2. Log into your NEW account, go to Edit Profile > Moving From A Different Account, click on "create an account alias" and follow the instructions.

3. Log into your OLD account, go to Edit Profile > Move To A Different Account, click on "configure it here" and follow the instructions.

4. On your OLD account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Data Export and download the settings and follows lists.

5. On your NEW account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Import and upload the lists you just downloaded in the previous step.

After doing all these, your old account will redirect to the new one, and your followers will transfer automatically (with a short delay).

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse

Hey folks,

I need some help with 512KB Club, WRT reviewing PR and merging appropriate ones. Also, if you're willing to do so, there's the occasional review of sites to ensure they're still online etc.

I'm getting slammed with PRs and just don't have time to keep up.

If you're familiar with Git and interested in helping out, hit me up -

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