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I am living near in the .

My native language is 🇳🇱, but I also toot in English 🇬🇧.

I use most things , but also like , especially for a running for .

Professionally, I am an in a .

LibreOffice 6.3.5 is now available! It has over 80 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

It's official - is fully live on Matrix! Helping get Mozilla going has been a lot of fun, and we'll see a lot of improvements to Riot's UX in the coming months based on their feedback (turns out they know quite a lot about FOSS usability :D)

Mozilla's move to @matrix has officially been opened for the general public last night. Blog post here:

You can find the Mozilla #a11y team here:

And if you missed my introduction to the #Riot web interface for screen reader users in December, here it is:

With the files-from-mail app, you can set up an email address so that all attachments sent to it are stored in your #nextcloud for easy access!

Goedkoper door een jaar vooruit te betalen én de coupon code van 20%.

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Vandaag voor tenminste een jaar hosting afgenomen met het Family-pakket van Webo Hosting om weg te migreren van de grote partijen als Google, Microsoft, Dropbox en Apple

Fewer than 3% of Firefox users have enabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Most people don't change defaults but it's such a quick switch for a big speed boost, a much less intrusive and much less distracting web. Here's how

We have a new security education resource! Take a look at our lesson and accompanying handout for teaching about Malware - it’s focused on user empowerment and harm reduction.

WTF. I clicked the link to Spotify in my own toot and was redirected to that is blocked. Baaaaaaad behavior from app?

Tesla remotely disables Autopilot on used Model S after it was sold - Tesla says the owner can’t use features it says ‘they did not pay for’. Welcome to the world where you no longer own things.

📰 Een brief aan alle Nederlanders: Klimaatverandering bedreigt het voortbestaan van ons land | Rutger Bregman

It's about the Netherlands likely largely going under water maybe around 2050-2100.

Dit onderzoek naar een lek in leest als een goed jongensboek. Best bizar om te lezen wat er mis kan zijn met software die diep op je systeem kan ingrijpen.

TeamViewer stores passwords in Registry encrypted with a master key that is now public. My guess is that the MacOS and Linux versions of TeamViewer are not better:

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