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I am living near in the .

My native language is 🇳🇱, but I also toot in English 🇬🇧.

I use most things , but also like , especially for a running for .

Professionally, I am an in a .


ALS een corona app al kan werken,
dan moet dat op basis van vrijwilligheid
en moeten gegevens ENKEL lokaal op de telefoons worden opgeslagen, zodat niemand toegang kan krijgen tot een centrale database met een goudmijn aan data: | #coronavirus #COVID19


Together with many Dutch civil rights defenders the FSFE has signed a statement to outlines 10 principles a contact tracing app should abide by

Maybe you've noticed that #OpenStreetMap map tiles are being served very slow in the last few months. The #OSM tech team has now made clear [1] that any offer for caching servers would be appreciated. If you'd like to support them, see for more info.

[1]: 🐦

Mooi initiatief om videobellen via Jitsi eenvoudiger te maken

⚠️ PSA to all Germans ⚠️

Starting tomorrow, Telekom and Telefonica will hand over your phone's movement data to the government and other authorities.

It is opt-out, not opt-in!

Deactivate ASAP.

Telekom: optout-service.telekom-dienste


Eigenlijk is die hamsterwoede een uitkomst in de vastentijd

Trump turning the US into a Failed State
Incredible: Donald Trump want to take over German chemical company so it produces vaccins exclusively for the American market. The German government is right to try to prevent this. via @welt

For a personal project, I'm interested in understanding what makes people proud and happy. This is a completely anonymous form which won't take long to fill in. I'd love to hear from you.

Three-quarter of companies is moving one or more apps back from cloud to #onpremises for security and cost reasons. Interesting and not surprising trend! Learn more in our blog. #hybridcloud

“We should not be scared of permanent records. We should be scared of informational power dynamics that bring immediate, harmful consequences and a serious lack of preservation infrastructure for contemporary culture.”—Meg Leta Jones

The #OpenStreetMap licence requires that you give #OSM attribution if you use our map data. Sometimes people forget.

So I ordered some stickers that you can use to fix any maps you see. 🙂

(Currently I only have English versions, I'll make more. If you want some, see
Or email )

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