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Eden Project North are seeking local, national & international practitioners to develop public art projects, over the next 12 months. Up to £4,000 is available per project with 2-5 grants available.


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Big thanks to @HackSpaceMag@twitter.com and @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com for their lovely review of @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com and our amazing community who make it happen year after year raspberrypi.org/blog/liverpool

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I’m on my first podcast! @MethodDan@twitter.com interviews me for the @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com meet-the-maker podcast. Listen to us chat about how I got into guitars, the importance of community, and what’s happening at Makefest this year. twitter.com/MethodDan/status/1

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makefest.podfactory.org/meet-t - The second episode of our 2019 podcast series, this time our fabulous guest is @EFGuitars@twitter.com and we geek out about guitars! Bank holiday listening :)

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The amazing @AwesomeLPL@twitter.com will be heading to can't wait to see the pitches for the £500 ... Go check them out !! twitter.com/AwesomeLPL/status/

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Well... now l've broken the whole Radio MakeFest website and l'm rebuilding it from scratch. It's been one of those days. The podcast will be a while ;)

Now the link to my facepalm gif doesn't work. Recursive facepalming here today :D

Ok, update to the previous tweet and... erm... I'm an idiot :D I created a mirrored backup folder on the webserver last week and I was uploading the new MP3 to the wrong folder (sigh) mystery solved. Pod will be out soon! Kthxbai ;)

Forgot to say but l deleted and uploaded the MP3 again in case it was corrupted in some way. It just refuses to verify its there so I can't publish. Weird :( Working on it!

Been trying to release the new Radio MakeFest pod since last night but getting some weird PodLove plugin problem. It won't see the MP3 file, folder is fine, permissions all fine, other files still working. Anyone seen this or got any ideas? Thanks!

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This video is incredible 😱

Brexit supporting MP David Davies has a full on row with a Brexit supporting passerby about who is the most Brexity

Which kind of sums the whole sorry mess up...

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Only about 10 days left of the @oggcamp@twitter.com Call For Papers for this year. Want to submit something for the scheduled track? Get on it! - papercall.io/oggcamp2019 and spread the word, thank you!

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Which superhero or villain would you be and why? Send us your answers and we'll discuss them on the podcast. Email: unattestedpod@gmail.com or go to unattested.club and use the form. It's quick and easy. Please spread the word, thx!

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Here is the Eventbrite for our after-party hosted by @DoESLiverpool@twitter.com :) We can't wait !! eventbrite.co.uk/e/liverpool-m

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@MethodDan@twitter.com @Ka81@twitter.com @tsteeg@twitter.com @Microsoft@twitter.com @MicrosoftEDU@twitter.com @Hacking_STEM@twitter.com @SparkPenketh@twitter.com @mycroft_ai@twitter.com @hellochatterbox@twitter.com @QboRobot@twitter.com You : Mr T what time is my flight
Mr T Bot : I ain't getting on no plane fool

* click - IOT door locks activate *

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Looking forward to @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com next month and because it was fun to hang out with other makers at @DoESLiverpool@twitter.com on the Sunday last year, we're doing the again this year! Details (and RSVP) at eventbrite.co.uk/e/maker-brunc

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ATTENTION TEACHERS: we have a TOWER of foreign language translations of 2000 AD & @britcomics@twitter.com graphic novels to give away: Polish, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, even Tamil! Want some for your languages department or library? Please get in touch at press@2000ad.com

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“As a man, it’s almost forbidden to cry.”

Five of the biggest names in football and the Duke of Cambridge open up about mental health

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Just recorded a great interview with @EFGuitars@twitter.com for our @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com podcast series. Should be out Thursday but who knows maybe sooner, start your stopwatches! Find us at makefest.podfactory.org

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