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Looking forward to welcoming our new year 7 to @PenkethSchool@twitter.com 🙂 & our returning students back into @SparkPenketh@twitter.com. We got some exciting sessions starting soon on coding & making with @microbit_edu@twitter.com @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com @CREATE_EDU_PROJ@twitter.com & @Kitronik@twitter.com

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Things that have been shown to keep the country going:


In fact the whole ..
Keep it in mind, hopeful people will treat those working in it better.

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The PM just said he can’t meet with us bcs we’re in “litigation against the Govt”. We’re not.

Our 5 letters make clear we want to meet to avoid that.

If he'll “certainly meet with [us] once litigation is concluded,” great: it never started.

How’s Monday for you Prime Minister? twitter.com/SkyNews/status/130

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livlug.org.uk/2020/08/septembe - The next LivLUG meeting will be online this Wednesday (Sept 2nd) from 7pm onwards. No specific talk this month and all are welcome to join :)

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bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-us-ca - This is such sad news. It's amazing that he managed to make films for 4 years between surgery and chemo without anyone even knowing. What strength that must have taken. Rest well King T'Challa, you have earned it :(

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I'm happy to drive anybody from @DoESLiverpool@twitter.com and environs. Can you help us with a RT @SensorCityUK@twitter.com @livlug@twitter.com @LJMU_CMP@twitter.com @LpoolSciencePrk@twitter.com @GrowthPlatform_@twitter.com @weareLCR4@twitter.com @JonnyLCRA@twitter.com twitter.com/embedded_iot/statu

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Dragging myself kicking and screaming into the Twitter-sphere 😅 Portraits anyone? 👀 @HazlehurstArt@twitter.com @AmysFoundation@twitter.com @StevieNicks@twitter.com @JanisJoplin@twitter.com @JimiHendrix@twitter.com @ArethaFranklin@twitter.com @DavidBowieReal@twitter.com @bobmarley@twitter.com @QueenWillRock@twitter.com @fleetwoodmac@twitter.com

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livlug.org.uk/2020/08/august-2 - Next online LUG meeting is Weds Aug 6th at 7pm. This time @MatthewCroughan@twitter.com will be telling us about Docker Compose as well. Should be fun. Details on how to join in the blog post.

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I am over the moon at Liverpool winning the league but this big ceremony to an empty stadium feels a bit embarrassing now. It's very Alan Partridge "a glittering year ahead for Dante fires" :D

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youtu.be/cVHwlqyMyhM - Here's The Boys season 2 trailer and it's out Sept 4th. Yes please! Season 1 was great... Karl Urban's awful mockney accent aside ;) What do we think folks? Who's excited? Something for a future pod no doubt

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youtu.be/jVU_e0Kq4A8 - We've had a bit of feedback on our latest entry "Dating Amber" but we can always use more. So give it a watch and send us your thoughts please. You know you want to ;)

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imdb.com/title/tt7886936/ - The 2nd film for and it's a new release... Dating Amber. Available on Amazon in UK and no doubt other places elsewhere. Have a watch, send us your thoughts, OK? Thx! @MethodDan@twitter.com loved it, @ka81@twitter.com is yet to weigh in :)

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So the Life Beyond Covid committee will take submission by tweet. So tweet them @HLCOVID19Com@twitter.com ⬇️ answering the following questions ⬇️ committees.parliament.uk/work/

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Smokie & The Bandit is on ITV4 right now. Just noticed. You're welcome :)

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If you know anyone who might be interested in this role. Also share if you want to😊 twitter.com/DefProcEng/status/

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