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Voting open is open for nomination is you can spread it about... ⬇️
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Next Friday I will be sleeping outside to raise money for Shelter Merseyside. If you'd like to sponsor me you can use this link - donate.giveasyoulive.com/fundr

A big thank you to all who have donated!

Retweets also appreciated.

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We as as ever a bunch of professionals... @MethodDan@twitter.com has just said "What time are we thinking about starting?" to @amcewen@twitter.com

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Really good chat yesterday, @migueldeicaza@twitter.com with @dsearls@twitter.com and @MethodDan@twitter.com . Loved the analogies. THANKS for being on Weekly, sir. twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly/epi

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donate.giveasyoulive.com/fundr - I am taking part in Kip On The Kop to raise money for Shelter and support the homeless in Merseyside. I know times are tough but if you can sponsor we appreciate your support. Thank you!

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So Liz Truss’ grand solution is to LEND us our own money

Meanwhile, £170 billion profits to the energy companies

I know whose happiest and it’s not the citizen

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I know I say it quite often but the line up is looking superb for the next Ignite. Not sute who's talk I am looking forward to more.

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Save the date! Saturday July 1st 2023 will be the next Liverpool MakeFest and we'd love to see you there. Plenty of time to get ready. Mark it in the diary now, more info to follow in due course :)

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If you didn't know I do a geeky funny podcast on basically cool tv and movies and random stuff with @MethodDan@twitter.com .

It's funny, random and rarely to do with .
So give it a listen... You'll like it 👍 twitter.com/unattestedpod/stat

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unattested.club/049/ - @Ka81@twitter.com and @MethodDan@twitter.com return to discuss The Sandman at length, look ahead to what's coming soon and also Caz is looking for serial killers... we kid you not. Have a listen and tell us your thoughts.

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Myself and @Ka81@twitter.com are supporting Back To The Future. So many reasons, but just for one it has Huey Lewis & The News! Great Scott Marty!!! We need your help people... we all wanted a flux capacitor as kids

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Vote for your favourite (if it is Star Wars, you'll need to tweet for support because Chris will be for Back to the Future)

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Lovely meal out with @all_about_code@twitter.com @JF_archer@twitter.com @TommyBobbins@twitter.com @heeedt@twitter.com @jonachamberlain@twitter.com @MakerspaceFY1@twitter.com @MethodDan@twitter.com @surlydev@twitter.com @TonyH1212@twitter.com to celebrate the life of @ollyclarkdotorg@twitter.com and Jon Chamberlain coming back to visit from New Zealand.

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Still in early stages so go get involved they'll need a team! ❤️👍

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Lovely to @WirralMakeFest@twitter.com finally getting up after long amount of planning by community.

Go give them a follow ❤️👍 @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com sending Love ❤️

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Having never watched women's football before, and never had any interest in it until this year, I can honestly say that I'm super impressed. It's in terrible how packed Wembley is, too! @MethodDan@twitter.com

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unattested.club/048/ - @Ka81@twitter.com and @MethodDan@twitter.com return with a load of Marvel news from San Diego Comic-con. Plus plenty of other silliness to enjoy. Podcast out now!

The man from Del Monte says yes!

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I might have made a mistake. Apparently, Ollie's mum does not know any of his passwords, so therefore anything we send to his account, she's probably not going to see? I have started copying the ones I've seen on my Pinterest. If you ping me with them, I'll add them

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