Had an extremely random thought while watching Avengers: Endgame again tonight. When @MarkRuffalo@twitter.com gets a sore throat can he legitimately be called The Gruffallo? (OK there's an extra L but work with me here)

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If there's one person who you should support, it's Les.
He writes amazing content and is an inspiration to all.
If you can, buy him a coffee to help fuel his future work. twitter.com/biglesp/status/116

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Couple of binary fruit based responses to results day 😉 Remember this is just one step on a long journey and there are lots of routes to you goals. I tried quite a few before finding the one right for me!

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We chat with @MethodDan@twitter.com and @biglesp@twitter.com about @oggcamp@twitter.com and get the past, present and future. We get meta about LUGs, talk about @googlechrome@twitter.com’s incognito mode, and touch on our listener feedback. We also check out @0lzi@twitter.com and Peter’s Cinnamon themes and CodiMD. twitter.com/mintcast/status/11

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Got a TON of stuff to sort out for @oggcamp@twitter.com today ahead of a venue visit tomorrow. It's only 8 weeks away eeeek!!! No rest for the wicked.

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Latest @mintcast@twitter.com offering with an interview with @MethodDan@twitter.com and @biglesp@twitter.com about @oggcamp@twitter.com it was a great interview although Les struggles to get a word in 😂

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We need you, join the crew and be a hero. Help us spread the word! Thanks!

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The crew call! Become part of a great team who for 10 years have made Oggcamp the place where communities, projects and groups can meet to share their knowledge of free culture and software. oggcamp.org/news/oggcamp-crew/

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Aaaaaand here we go! 🎉

It’s day one of seven in our 7th birthday giveaways. Up for grabs is a HyperPixel 4.0 Touch bundle worth over £140 or one of four £50 Pimoroni gift cards!

Follow and retweet to be in with a chance. Winners selected randomly tonight at 10pm-ish!

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So I've made a load of these because it's therapeutic to sit bending wire. Besides, my tshirt told me to Join The Resistors.

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Heading to town for @igniteliv@twitter.com which is on tonight in @LEAFTeaShop@twitter.com on Bold St. You should really come and join us. It's always a cracker :)

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We'd like to take a moment to thank our amazing sponsors for supporting us this year (music please):

Platinum: @Entroware@twitter.com
Gold: @IBMDeveloperUK@twitter.com & @ubuntu@twitter.com
Silver: @openSUSE@twitter.com & 8 Circles Ltd

See more at: oggcamp.org/sponsors/

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We are one year old!! It's exactly 12 months since our first episode. Thanks to everyone who's listened and supported from @methoddan@twitter.com and @ka81@twitter.com. We probably should have got a bigger cake but Dan is on a diet :D

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Doors open at 6pm for a 7pm start tonight at @LEAFTeaShop@twitter.com

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Well the coffee guy was right. It's definitely a strange film. Good in parts, painfully slow in others. Not sure what to make of it overall. Need a bit of time to digest. Thoughts on the next @unattestedpod@twitter.com episode maybe, if @ka81@twitter.com ever comes back from her travels :D

I did an interview with @erez@twitter.com for his podcast you might find interesting. The interview is in English. My Hebrew is a little rusty ;)

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Hey @MethodDan@twitter.com, you're on the air!


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About to watch Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Heard mixed reviews so interested to see what it's like. The guy selling coffee on the way in just said "it's a bit weird" and that was his whole review :)

Started watching The Great Hack on Netflix. It's really good but after 45mins l decided l can't take that kind of depressing content tonight. Will finish it another time, switching to a comedy.

Thanks to @heeedt@twitter.com for tipping me off about @flawcon@twitter.com Really glad we could help out and join forces :)

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We are delighted to announce we've teamed up with @flawcon@twitter.com and they will run some sessions on Sunday at OggCamp, whoop! Read more on the blog - oggcamp.org/news/flawcon-join/

"One of us! One of us!"

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