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For those who can't physically make it to OggCamp this year don't fear. All sessions on the main track will be recorded, and hopefully streamed live too. Details to follow. Other tracks may also be recorded by speakers or attendees but we can't promise.

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If you or your company would like to donate a prize for the famous OggCamp Raffle we'd be most grateful. We'll give you a public mention at the event of course. There's a form here. Thank you!! - forms.gle/avLLd67jFR5Ejeee7

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Hello we @DefProcEng@twitter.com are up to be one of the North West top 50 tech companies! If you fancy giving us a vote so we make the list that would be great 😊 businesscloud.co.uk/north-west

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Urgh!! Just been asked to be a contributing writer for a tech site and when I asked about payment, there isn't any.
Freelancers: Please be upfront and ask for payment. Sure it might be scary to ask, but do it! Don't work for exposure, we can't pay bills with exposure :(

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Have you wondered what exactly what activities will be on the OggCamp Kids Track? Well wonder no more, we just blogged the details - oggcamp.org/news/content/kids-
Enter the Shaun The Sheep competition with @CodeClubNW@twitter.com and make a robot too!

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Excitement rising as @oggcamp@twitter.com is this coming weekend at the Manchester Conference Centre!
There are some (free or name your price) tickets left, so if you were on the fence about going...
@Emanix@twitter.com @ashleyhindle@twitter.com @smescrater@twitter.com @BinaryKitten@twitter.com @tdobson@twitter.com @intrbiz@twitter.com

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There's still around 30 tickets left from the extra issue we did to satisfy demand. It's not too late if you fancy coming to @oggcamp@twitter.com this weekend - oggcamp.org/tickets/ We'd be very happy to see you :)

There's a new addition at the bottom of the speaker list on - oggcamp.org/speakers/ That's right, @fabsh@twitter.com and I will be doing a one-off Linux Outlaws reunion show on Sunday afternoon at OggCamp!! I Googled to see who we were and it's still on Wikipedia - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Ou

Still trying to shake this chest infection. So much to do at the moment and l can't afford to be sick next week. I have 2 trusty weapons though, honey and lemon. Oh and very strong drugs of course hehe :P

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Hello all, @camilalui@twitter.com who is one of our organisers unfortunately isn't able to make it to @oggcamp@twitter.com this year (we will miss her). But she has said she will be donating her ticket to someone :) If interested feel free to reply to this tweet :)

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In just a week from now people will be starting to arrive in Manchester for the 10th birthday OggCamp. We can't wait, and soon we won't have to :)

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Mentions herein for @Ka81@twitter.com Dr Mark Feltham @videosmithery@twitter.com @MethodDan@twitter.com @hayley07@twitter.com and links to everyone else involved in the past 5 years thank you! twitter.com/liverpoollib/statu

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oggcamp.org/tickets/ - Fear not, we are back in business! We're pleased to announce we've rustled up some extra tickets but once they're gone they're gone. Grab em while you can. Thanks again for your support, help us spread the word!

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The organisers are currently hard at work down the ticket mines digging up some more capacity for the event. Stay tuned...

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Episode 27, edited from my sick bed... no no it's fine... I don't want to make a fuss or anything... :D Enjoy it!

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unattested.club/027/ - Ep 27 but thankfully we’re not in the 27 Club. @MethodDan@twitter.com updates us on his diet efforts, @Ka81@twitter.com updates us on , plus feedback and confessions involving cocaine, women’s clothes and Halloween shenanigans. Dig in!

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So @oggcamp@twitter.com is sold out ! Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend ! I'll be on hand for our exhibition & talking on the panel with the wonderful @all_about_code@twitter.com & @MethodDan@twitter.com I believe . . twitter.com/oggcamp/status/118

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@HPR@twitter.com will be at @oggcamp@twitter.com

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