I made chicken curry for lunch. It turned out pretty good. Lister would be proud :D

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livlug.org.uk/2021/08/august-2 - Next LivLUG meeting is this Weds night, 7pm onwards. Still online for now, it's open to all. Come join us :-)

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*Greet* people. Not sure if autocomplete or my Dyslexia is to blame for that one. Meh

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Currently re-watching all of The Sopranos. God it's good. Possibly even better than l remembered. I now have to stifle the urge to great people with "wadda ya know wadda ya say?" :D

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To my friends who know me really well off here @tanurai@twitter.com @MethodDan@twitter.com @biglesp@twitter.com @embedded_iot@twitter.com @amcewen@twitter.com and all of @DoESLiverpool@twitter.com

Thanks for accepting me exactly as am I. In all my quirky glory โค

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QR codes are used as fishhooks for tracking โ€” how can this be stopped?ย Reports of 's death are greatly exaggerated.ย Right to repair, and more.ย 
@dsearls@twitter.com @jp_bennett@twitter.com @MethodDan@twitter.com & @KatherineD@twitter.com discuss. Listen & subscribe to FLOSS Weekly.ย 

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Just taking some time being one of them, does not take away from @Simone_Biles@twitter.com incredible success. โค

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music.youtube.com/watch?v=lyIP - Listening to some ZZ Top after hearing the sad news that Dusty Hill died suddenly. Made some classic rock and had a killer beard 35+ years before any hipsters caught on. RIP dude

Round table discussion of open source news for @FLOSSWeekly@twitter.com today. I'll be there along with @KatherineD@twitter.com @dsearls@twitter.com and @jp_bennett@twitter.com tune in via twit.tv/live from 17:30 UK time. It's gonna be fun!

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If you'd like to pick a song and be on the podcast, suggest someone, or generally contact us you can email - goontherecordpod@gmail.com

Talk to us, we don't bite :)

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Just finished reading The Colour Of Magic by Terry Pratchett. What a book. Only another 40 something books to go hehe :)

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You know I don't say it enough but there are people on here I just โค having on here, they are lovely. So, here just a few @MissPaget@twitter.com @tanurai@twitter.com @AlKingsley_Edu@twitter.com @MrEFinch@twitter.com @NicolePonsford@twitter.com @ReallyschoolK@twitter.com @grahamandre@twitter.com @sneekylinux@twitter.com @MoreMorrow@twitter.com @artteachjess@twitter.com @chrisdysonHT@twitter.com

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More lovely people I really appreciate on here @MrHarcombe@twitter.com @Missymusician81@twitter.com @miss_mcinerney@twitter.com @HughesHaili@twitter.com @biglesp@twitter.com @MethodDan@twitter.com @AlwaysComputing@twitter.com @andysc@twitter.com @Maker_of_Things@twitter.com @SueArcher6@twitter.com @LibraryDenJ@twitter.com โค

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ontherecordpod.com/001/ - The first episode of a brand new show. Hear how @LemurPatrol@twitter.com was โ€œSpellboundโ€ by Siouxsie and The Banshees... see what I did there? Alright, I'll get my coat. But seriously give the show a try, kthxbai ;)

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So is up make sure your following can we RT spread it about @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com @HaltonMakeFest@twitter.com @LibraryDenJ@twitter.com @MethodDan@twitter.com @biglesp@twitter.com ๐Ÿ‘ Looking ace twitter.com/MakePrest/status/1

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@podontherecord@twitter.com @LemurPatrol@twitter.com @MethodDan@twitter.com When I googled for a video it chucked this up... WAY too cool for school.

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Well it's finally here. Check out my new show where @LemurPatrol@twitter.com talks to us about being a teenage goth. "If you can wear black, we welcome you" :D

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ontherecordpod.com/001/ - *ahem*... (dramatic pause) It's alive Igor!! The first episode of On The Record podcast is out now. With our fabulous first guest @LemurPatrol@twitter.com

Let us know what you think. Comments are open on the site.

Hosted by @MethodDan@twitter.com

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The very first song selected for the podcast is this beauty, chosen by @LemurPatrol@twitter.com - youtu.be/OL-NVZ6FQMI

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