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The June Inkscape Challenge has started!

We challenge you to draw some ice cream.

Wether it's a sundae or a popsicle, let's have a frozen treat! What is your favorite choice?

Everyone is invited to join in!

Post your finished artwork at

All entries to be submitted by 31 June 2022.

Please do spread the word!

#inkscapechallenge #artwithopensource #inkscape

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📢 We'd 🫀 to invite the #FreeCAD community to help us modernize any older #tutorials on the page. This is a way to 'pay it forward' + help usher in the next wave of users being introduced to FC (when we release v0.20) to have the most up-to-date workflow.

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📢 We're looking for package managers that are willing to help maintain the #FreeCAD PPA

Interested? Let us know on the dedicated forum thread:

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As a nerd spotting computer “code” in TV shows is sometimes hilarious.

Like Stranger Things having CSS Flexbox (from 2009) being in a 1986 show 🤦🤦 and HTML wasn’t even invited yet 😂

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what shift key do you use (boost pls)

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#FreeCAD #News "AnimationFreeCAD" workbench has been added to the Addon Manager 🎉🥳

Feel inclined to test ? (Note: it requires some 3rdparty python dependencies that the Addon Manager should be able to install). If you encounter any issues pls report to:

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This was by far the most striking finding:

Hundreds of Britons are now using crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe to pay for private medical expenses.

Yes that’s the *UK*, not the US.

This is one of the most shocking charts I’ve made, even in the context of the last two years.


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Heads-up: Experimental method to show FreeCAD models within the file icon thumbnails in KDE file managers like Dolphin or Konqueror

If I'm using .py, do I need to set the access token every time I toot or can I do it before the main program loop?

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Ok so I don’t know how to get off the animated emoji screen, I have no idea how to post a gif, there is a poll feature so let’s check it out.

Who knows what they’re doing?

What Android app is everyone using for Mastodon?

I've been running a local weather account on Twitter for a while that posts the current weather every hour with a photo of the sky. Is this easy to do with Mastodon and Python?

@AliceDay Been on here a while, but haven't actually posted much.


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