@mcr314 although I really have no idea if this is how you do this. I don't use this tool much at all. 🍌

@mcr314 It's hard to get into using Mastodon when there are so few folks here.. It's not a direct swap both because of the difference in architectures but mostly because the vastly different network size.

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I made a quick thing based on the animation post going around last week.
“Toggling Animations On and Off, a Variation” adrianroselli.com/2018/12/togg

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Apple likes to brag about how environmentally forward thinking they are but this is the fastest way to get these computers into a landfill.

We need to get some of these #RightToRepair law in place. It's better for the environment and it gives the customers ownership of their devices.

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Imagine telling someone in 1945 that 70 years later, the United States would pressure Germany to drastically increase their military (and Germany trying everything in its power not to comply).

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“What we have here is a factory farm for human beings, that has been publicly humiliated for how it treats its livestock, running internal audits to avoid future PR disaster.” – yours truly in The Guardian on Facebook’s “creation of an ‘Investigative Operations Team’ (IOT), to try and spot major abuses of its platform before they happen.”



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Hey, the #a11yTO conference is so good that I am sponsoring it again. Maybe you want to speak there?
The #a11yTOConf Call for Presentations is officially open! Got an idea for a talk? Share it with us! docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

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Update re: and . We have received additional resources, via @mala, thank you, directed at open source projects.

@nightpool is our lead on following up with these resources, and figuring out some more, and if we still have questions after that we will be getting additional help from @mala to reach out to some other people.

Hopefully this will yield results soon.

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The Senate voted to save protections! Contact your representative to make sure the House follows suit. CheckYourReps.org

Put some time into connecting issues in drupal.org/project/issues/drup

This is really a deep challenge for many organizations. There is no quick tech fix and lots of changes that go well beyond any tech stack. by default takes some getting used to.

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The latest stable snapshot of @W3C HTML5.3 released today w3.org/tr/html53/ Meanwhile, ongoing work continues w3c.github.io/html/

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"Why (or why not) Open?

* Working open is NOT a way to get free labor on a project

* Working open is NOT a way to avoid process or structure

* Working open IS a way to bring user-centric thinking to a project

* Working open IS a way to sharpen thinking and spot errors

* Working open IS a way for a project to achieve maximum impact"

I like this list from Mozilla's Open Leadership 101 course (mozilla.teachable.com/p/open-l) #OpenSource

What platform would Richard Stallman approve of for sharing videos about himself? What video delivery services can you use with ?

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