"I thought to myself, “These processors are nearly cheap enough to give away.” ...I have never seen a business card running Linux. So I built one."


@JPEG it would be great if the new Mast had options for smaller fonts / high density. Particularly for the global feed, I would also like to see the instance for an account without drilling into it.

@tootapp I’m seeing problems refreshing my timeline with an error 206.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not apply for a role on the Apple Accessibility team? :-) Come help us build technology that can give ALL people the tools to live, communicate, share and play.

RT @cookiecrook@twitter.com

Come work in Apple’s Accessibility Software Engineering team. Multiple positions available! jobs.apple.com/en-us/search?se

🐦🔗: twitter.com/cookiecrook/status

Neat Touch ID trick:

“Huh, had never known or noticed that in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, if you hold a finger on the sensor and it’s recognized, the corresponding fingerprint in the list will highlight.” – @pgor@micro.blog

iPads are weird. It definitely feels like living in the future but then most of the stuff you see on it is about how Nazis are resurging.

Supporting Large Text isn’t a feature. It’s a fundamental part of functionality. Some users *only* use their devices w Large Text! That means if you don’t support it, they can’t use it! Learn more re Large Text support in this talk! developer.apple.com/wwdc19/244

Hey ! Want some more accessibility beyond the live sessions? Want to support readability for all your users? Check out this video we just released describing our NEW in iOS13 Large Content Viewer, voiced by yours truly. developer.apple.com/videos/pla

Big news. HUGE. Do you want to come work on iOS Accessibility? At @Apple@twitter.com? On my team?! Well here you go: jobs.apple.com/en-us/details/2

(Before you DM me: this is a Cupertino based role.)

Come make a big difference, not just in tech, but in lives!

One of the lesser known but very powerful features of iOS gets the @NSHipster@twitter.com treatment. And it’s awesome. Learn all about Guided Access! nshipster.com/guided-access/

OH: “So my grandpa always said that black & white tv was better bc the colors felt more real-life. We thought he was joking but then found out years later he was totally color blind!” (achromatopsia)

In case ever you wondered how greyscale mode might rly help some phone users!

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New guidance for Apple platforms in the HIG! apps best practices; enhancing the VoiceOver UX; making appearance and motion effects more accessible; guidance for gestures, haptics, controls, text, color, content and more! developer.apple.com/design/hum

🐦🔗: twitter.com/themikestern/statu

Anyone happen to know enough about CA rental law to know if a landlord can legally request > 30 days notice? Trying to figure this out...

This society learns us the fact that failing is *bad* and a shame.
Let me tell you: it is *not*.

Be proud of failing.
You tried something, and even if you did not succeed at your task, you learned something: this way does not work, for this reason.

That's like… The 101 of learning.

Making people ashamed of failing is a really fucked up thing to do.

Hi folks, my team at Apple is hiring. macOS and iOS Accessibility. That means VoiceOver, Switch Control, Accessibility Keyboard, and lots more. Ping me if you are interested. Unfortunately, no remote at the moment.

Currently looking for freelance work. I primarily do web development in Python and JavaScript, both frontend and backend. Based on Amsterdam, available to work remotely.

Let me help you bring your idea to reality!

Sometimes it’s strange how much my feelings about technology change day to day. Why is it that sometimes it’s a joy to use every device around me, and everything seems beautiful and magical and precisely crafted. Other times, everything is a disaster and I feel like my life is an endless loop of logging in and out, filing bugs, rebooting, and cursing.

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