You never laugh at kids that mispronounce words, because that’s a guarantee they learned that word by reading.

But my goodness, they will test you on this.

Today’s edition of that test was hearing Pachelbel’s Canon pronounced “pokeball cannon”.

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Just stumbled across Kim Wilde's "Kandy Krush", and it reminds me a lot of "Uptown Funk": If you're the right age you've definitely heard this before, but it's _so well executed_ that it's hard not to love.

After 40 minutes, this Windows machine that I unwrapped at the end of November has welcomed me to the October update.

I recognize the necessity of it but windows sure doesn’t make updates easy to love.

Remapping capslock to ctrl/cmd, by OS:
OSX: Click a menu.
Linux: setxkboptions. Maybe xmodmap? Def. something in an .*rc file somewhere, or maybe .profile?
Windows: Make a .reg file full of magic numbers. Import it as admin. Reboot probably?
iOS: Ive says that’s where the keys go. Get bent.
Android: Buy an app and give it permission to access all your keystrokes

WIndows: You’re up to date!
Me, suspicious: Check again.
Windows: [...]
Me: [...]
Windows: [...]
Me: [...]
Windows: ... holy shit my dude you’re not gonna believe this.
Me: [narrows eyes]

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PM of Luxembourg - No deal ? So what? Brexit is your choice not mine ... 👏👏😎

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weird how until about 100 years ago nobody knew how the sun worked. like, people been looking up at it, for the whole of history, and prehistory, every day, lookin at the sun like “how is it doing that” “what’s going on in there” and nobody knew, it was just there

Kinda shit watching the Toronto city council be basically the direct-to-vhs sequel to the last one.

“Baby it’s cold outside” respun as a conversation where a parent’s trying to get their kid to put on their mittens is actually pretty good.

If you haven't played Overcooked 1 or 2, they are the answer to the question "What if Mario Kart, but you wanted to stay friends."

Survey: The two most frequently asked questions are "where can I get it" and "how can I stop using it."

Am I talking about:
(1) Vim
(2) Heroin

(Whispering: Slack is what IRC _would_ be if the free software community hadn't spent 1990 through 2010 believing the web was a fad and that terminals should be good enough for everyone.)

LIFE HACK: my dudes if your partner has to say they're not your mom out loud to your face that is a huge, huge red flag and you need to step up your adulting game stat.

This message has been brought to you by a dozen overheard conversations in the last two months.

The crucial step is parboiling the fries in vinegar dosed water. After that a tablespoon of oil and a double temp air-fry produces fantastic results that when salted taste and crunch like actual fries, not like the potatoes and damp sadness that come from a surprising number of online recipes.

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