Sartorialists of Mastodon, a question: I had to go to a dressier meeting the other day, and my fall weight blazer was a bit much. If I’m looking for a summer weight blazer, preferably in a technical fabric and ideally something that doesn’t result in me looking like I’ve been tasked with the defence of retail commerce, what are my options?

The number one reason I want a laptop with an e-ink screen is so that I can work outside on days like today.

Lazyweb: Summer weight blazer, technical fabric, clean lines, does not make the wearer look like they've been tasked with mall security. Any ideas?

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Dying @ this anecdote from Andrew Thaler on birbsite:

“Six years ago today, I walked into the techiest tech-bro bar in San Fransisco, positioned myself obnoxiously into a group of Dudes Wearing Google Glass, and loudly said "Ok Google, Call Mom."

It was magical.

How were you radicalized against pervasive technology?”

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I just realised the DVD I have also has the Danish dub of MTMTE. I was not fucking prepared for Danish Starscream.

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I see a lot of recruiters saying "we didn't hire that person, and they had a huge success in a different company, we should have hired them". Which is all kinds of wrong.
It's not like success is something that's hidden inside a person that you can somehow detect while sifting through thousands of candidates, discarding the ones that don't have it.
Success is all about the chances that person has been given, the motivation, the teamwork, the mentoring, the trust, the resources — not some hidden talent.

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I bike almost all the time so I guess I never notice but holy shit, driving in Toronto is terrible.

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Here's some @bsdcan swag, quoting #fmjail. I'll have a few, available to worthy parties while supplies last.

If you're on, you're probably worthy.

I feel compelled to tag @jpmens, though...

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I wonder if there are Mastodon communities for fashion. 🤔

I wonder if there are open culture clothes, and what that might mean.

How are clothes made? Can this be done in a decentralized way which benefits from the sharing of information? 🤔

#Fashion #OpenCulture #FreeCulture

You ever wonder if the Google "health and wellbeing" people realize they work for the same company as the youtube metrics team? Must be some weapons-grade cognitive dissonance in that lunchroom.

Today I learned that the blind spot on a BMW is "everywhere but the driver's phone". Seems like a weird engineering oversight, but what can you do.

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I have never seen a marketing video for a terminal before. I didn't expect Microsoft to be the first to do it, and do it so well..

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WSL 2 • Major shift in the Windows Subsystem for Linux; they're moving to a full Linux kernel in a VM #linkblog #linuxwindowswslsoftwaretootme

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