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Why hello there! 👋

Thank you for taking a look at my profile! Here’s a thread to learn more about me... 🧵

We are now over 50% toward our fundraising target. It's almost my birthday, and I would love it if we could inch closer to the target by Saturday. Please donate and share where possible! JustGiving
The British Heart Foundation

I will do an art thing for queer people during June. So if you are queer and you like art stuff, keep your eyes peeled I am working on a thing.

A proper announcement will happen later this month with details and what not

#art #pride #lgbtqia

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and my wife has arranged axe throwing. I’m really looking forward to harnessing my inner Viking. 😬

May fundraiser? May fundraiser!

As always, take care of you and yours before all else, only donate if you can miss it, retweets are deeply appreciated too.

I've updated to add some clarity and reflect some feedback I've received. :)

Hey y'all! I seem to have lost my old #introduction Toot so here goes:

I'm an Engineering Manager for a managed WordPress host and have been working with WordPress since finishing my grad degree in 2012. Before that I made a living a pilot and even, for a little while, as a musician, teacher and other things.

I spend my free time reading and searching for more ethical tech to get my own work done and share with those who are likeminded both here and through regular blogging.

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