November Engine Features (Part 6 (and last, for now)): Planets rendering demo
A new Castle Game Engine demo shows rendering of an Earth, Moon and a satellite (exported from Blender with normal maps), and animating their transformations by code. This demo was created thanks to the support of Doug Chamberlin on Patreon. Thank you![...]

November Engine Features (Part 5): Sprites (example and tool to create sprite sheets), examine camera improvements
A new example how to render sprites using the TSprite class was added: look in the examples/sprite_sheets/sprite_sheet_animation directory. Also, a simple tool to create a sprite sheet from a sequence of images is now available in the examples/sprite_sheets/combine_images_into_sprite_sheet directory. New features of TExamineCamera: Disabl[...]

November Engine Features (Part 4): CastleSettings.xml, DPI scaling, cleaner component palette
You can create a file called CastleSettings.xml to define some UI properties, like UI scaling and default font. This file allows your game and CGE editor to use the same settings (e.g. same default font). In your game just call Window.Container.LoadSettings('castle-data:/CastleSettings.xml'); to load these settings. DPI scaling is now better. TCastleWindowCus[...]

November Engine Features (Part 3): User interface classes (checkbox, refer to embedded design, …)
New and improved user interface controls: New TCastleCheckbox shows a standard checkbox with a caption. It supports the standard properties and events, like Checked, Caption, OnChange and so on. I also recommend TCastleCheckbox implementation as a demo of implementing a component by composing some other internal components. In this case, TCastleCheckbox[...]

November Engine Features (Part 2): TCastleUserInterface (borders, culling, clipping, events…)
A lot of work to improve our main user interface class TCastleUserInterface (formerly called TUIControl), from which all other UI controls descend: Border and BorderColor allow to draw borders around any UI control. Transparent borders are also incredibly useful, to add space around the control, or to reserve free space for…[...]


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