KTX – mipmaps, ASTC, Docker – GitHub CLI, Compressonator, macOS fixes, node renames API, TCastlePlane.Size
Here goes a list of recent Castle Game Engine improvements that I need to get off my chest :) Overall I'm very happy with the engine state lately — we've done good features, we have big things coming (like new physics), and have good base and

Drag and drop in the editor improvements
A few improvements to the drag-and-drop experience in our editor:

You can drag-and-drop from "Files" to "Hierarchy" panel. This will add a child to the currently selected item in the tree view.

You can drag-and-drop images from "Files" to the central design area even when you're not over a viewport. From such image, we will create . You can also drag

Bump mapping – updated documentation, example, defaults, everything is simpler now :)
We've made some small updates to how bump mapping (normal maps) work and wrote a nice simple documentation how to use bump mapping in our engine.

Advised reading: bump mapping (normal maps) in Castle Game Engine.

The default bump mapping is now bmBasic, this is much m

Using normalmaps with Blender and Castle Game Engine
How to assign normalmaps to materials in Blender, how to export them to glTF and then observe normalmaps in Castle Game Engine. Bonus: I also describe how to bake normalmaps in Blender.

Another day, another video, I hope you like it :)

Teaser: Physics hinge joint using Castle Game Engine
Andrzej Kilijański is working on joints in our physics in Castle Game Engine. This is a short video from our today's session, constructing a quick 3D demo scene for hinges :)

(Watch on youtube).

Improvements around viewport projection, MainScene deprecated
Recently I was making various improvements possible thanks to new viewport and camera handling. If you haven't already, see our video about Viewports, cameras and navigation!


Few fixes to automatic projection calculation. Long story short: you can probably leave and at zero in your projects, 2D and 3D.

Fog component to easily design fog using editor or code
Fog can be now added and configured using component. The component is also available in CGE editor, so you add and configure your fog without even writing any code.

The usage is simple:

You add a fog component anywhere to the design using "Add Non-Visual Component -> Fog (TCastleFog)" in editor.

You set it as active for

Video: Viewports, cameras and navigation in Castle Game Engine
I'm happy to present a new video about Castle Game Engine that shows how to design 3D and 2D game world from scratch, by creating a viewport (with cameras, lights, some primitives, some navigation). We start from the "empty" template and explore what we can do in a viewport. The video goes into details about camera and naviga

Castle Game Engine Intro Tutorial – July 2022
Enjoy a new tutorial about creating games with Castle Game Engine, covering all CGE essentials and demonstrating them on the latest engine version!

We cover:


Creating a new project from "3D FPS game" and "2D game" templates

Exploring the viewport, moving around, adding scenes, transforming scenes, lights, cameras (in 3

Huge update to cameras, navigation, viewports in 2D and 3D
We're proud to present a big upgrade to how cameras, navigation, and consequently all viewports work in Castle Game Engine. This is a result of over 3 months of work and we encourage everyone now to upgrade to the latest Castle Game Engine and try it out!

A video describing it all is also coming in the following weeks.

The document

Not Quake – an example of real-time multi-player shooter (a bit like Quake :) ) using Castle Game Engine and RNL
We recently held a gamejam at Cat-astrophe Games and I decided to tackle something fun: can I make a real-time multi-player shooter (like Quake), using Castle Game Engine and RNL? In 1 day, during a gamejam? In turns out that yes!

Fixes to GL context sharing in editor
Our editor relies on the fact that multiple TCastleControl instances work OK. This is turn requires that Lazarus TOpenGLControl (ancestor of our TCastleControl) supports sharing OpenGL resources (CGE caches assume that OpenGL data is shared across contexts). I submitted Lazarus pull requests to fix this:

for Qt5 (so you can use it now for CGE editor, as a reliable

How to use GitHub Actions with your CGE project to get automatic builds
We've made it so easy to use GitHub Actions to get automatic builds for your projects, done by GitHub, after every commit. You have to try this :)

Download this file: build.yml and place it at .github/workflows/build.yml path in your project. That is, create a subdirectory .github, then subdirecto

view3dscene now available also for macOS and Raspberry Pi
You can now download view3dscene builds for macOS (Intel-based macs) and Raspberry Pi. These new platforms are an addition to the existing Linux and Windows builds, that of course remain available too.

view3dscene is a viewer for all 3D and 2D model formats supported by Castle Game Engine, in particular glTF, X3D, VRML, Spine JSON,

Summary of 2nd Open Meeting for CGE Users and Developers, and announcing the 3rd meeting – September 17th
Thank you all for joining on today's 2nd open meeting!

I am immediately announcing our next meeting, on September 17th. Click here to register on Discord, add it to your calendar etc.

Summary of today's meeting:

Summary of new/up

Huge improvements for macOS users: macOS binary beta release, Cocoa backend for TCastleWindow, automatic running and packing using AppBundle, access to macOS thanks to MacStadium
We have a number of game-changing improvements for macOS users today!

We have Castle Gam

Save the date: Next weekend: 2nd Open Meeting for CGE Users and Developers
The time is near! Join Michalis Kamburelis and other Castle Game Engine developers, contributors and users at our 2nd meeting on Discord.

The meeting will happen at 15:00 (UTC timezone) on Saturday, 4th June.

Meeting will be on our Discord channel .

This is the direct link to th

Big update to “Custom Components” documentation, critical localization fix
I have extended the Custom Components documentation, to serve as a good overview for people who want to create new components that are registered in CGE editor.

Nicer introduction and consolidates important information from other pages,

Documented publishing classes: using subcompone

Compositing shaders improvements, “Mountains of Fire” demo updated
I have improved the available "plugs" for our compositing shaders mechanism and updated their documentation.

The overall goal was to make them friendly when you target only Phong shading, or want to switch between Phong and Gouraud shading.

New PLUG_fragment_modify, simplest way to modify calculation afte

Double click in the output to open code editor
Let's kick-off the weekend with a small but important new feature:

You can now double-click in the Castle Game Engine editor "Output" list to open an editor at auto-detected file, with auto-detected line and column. Great to easily jump to the error message.

It can detect various message types — errors, warnings, notes, progress "compiling ..."

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