Some days I can't shake the fact that HN is a hive of capitalist degeneracy run by a company that represents much of what I hate in the industry

Boeing use potatoes to test their in-flight Wi-Fi, as they reflect and absorb the signals similarly to people. The project is called Synthetic Personnel Using Dialectic Substitution- or SPUDS.

Doctors Are Still Prescribing Opioids to Kids After Taking Out Their Tonsils

6 out of 10 doctors still doing that 8 years after the guidelines recommended they stop - because it is not more effective than ibuprofen anyway

Thread on recommendations for p2p communications for Hong Kong protestors.

Nice to see show up. Might be the only one meeting all requirements too!

This review of a book about Victorian-era London restaurants is blowing my fucking mind

(soft paywalled, use the google cache or turn off JS to read the whole thing)

I did my first star trek commission/instance art for @guinan ! is also where I set up my first mastodon profile, so feels extra special
#mastoart #commission #startrek

uspol facebook potus history bloopers 

I'm calling a social media strike for July 4-5:

I know many here have already abandoned the likes of Facebook and Twitter. But if you're still there...announce that you're on strike (repeatedly?) on those days, in protest of these companies' abusive policies, and if you like, share this Declaration of Digital Independence:

Me on Tucker Carlson talking about the :

News stories:

Oh! They just released the first issue of #ROMchip, a brand new academic journal of game history

give it a read, it's free!

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