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fact-checking partner in getting hate mails, likely from the far-right sites they help suppress

Angriffe auf die Faktencheck-Redaktion von CORRECTIV

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Today I found out the most fucking insane thing and that's George Clooney did all those Nespresso ads so he could spend millions of dollars keeping his own private satellite in orbit over Sudan for years to keep track of war crimes being committed by the Sudanese government

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Orkut, just for the "cool, sexy, trusty" stats

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Please quote this Tweet and tell me your favorite dead Google product.

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This is quite concerning: his poll numbers are *up* ?!

"Here is the political toll this has taken on Trump: Since the day the hearings started, his approval rating, as measured in the Real Clear Politics polling average, has risen by slightly less than a point, and his disapproval rating has fallen by slightly more than a point."


The outrage over proposed policy of keeping employees from China and Russia away from customer data is harmful to the very people Ciresi claims are discriminated against.

When Belarus decided to use Samizdat web engine, I refused to keep admin access to the site and asked allies from countries with civil rights protections to run it, because I knew that otherwise I would one day find myself in a KGB basement. Don't put people living in oppressive regimes in that position.

Two years ago, the impact of Facebook fake news on the 2016 election has already become evident. The world needs a better network that would not use its ranking algorithms to amplify hate and lies. No pressure, Fediverse.

Whether you're looking for a way out of the Gulag or just a plan B for the next time you land in Facebook jail, moving from one centralized social network to another won't do you much good. Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, MeWe—they all have the same fundamental flaw. A for-profit corporation sustained by ads will always put growth and engagement above all else, from privacy and mental health of individual users to social cohesion and political stability of entire countries.

Breitbart in Facebook News is not an accident. The domination of trolls and fake news over authentic content isn't, either. Nor hiring Daily Caller as fact checker. Nor giving Trump a pass from fact checks and community standards.

Brown founded The 74 with money from Betsy DeVos, served on the board of DeVos' AFC, supported the likes of Scott Walker, ran articles by Daily Caller. Now she's head of news partnerships at Facebook, and The 74 is viciously attacking Warren.


Freedom House: Thanks to social media, internet freedom is down for the the ninth straight year

T-Mobile: because we have a (stupid) trademark on one magenta shade, no one can use pink in their logos

Some days I can't shake the fact that HN is a hive of capitalist degeneracy run by a company that represents much of what I hate in the industry

Boeing use potatoes to test their in-flight Wi-Fi, as they reflect and absorb the signals similarly to people. The project is called Synthetic Personnel Using Dialectic Substitution- or SPUDS.

Doctors Are Still Prescribing Opioids to Kids After Taking Out Their Tonsils

6 out of 10 doctors still doing that 8 years after the guidelines recommended they stop - because it is not more effective than ibuprofen anyway


Thread on recommendations for p2p communications for Hong Kong protestors.

Nice to see @manyver_se@twitter.com show up. Might be the only one meeting all requirements too!


This review of a book about Victorian-era London restaurants is blowing my fucking mind


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