#1yrago The Tories replaced benefits with "universal credit" and left a town to starve boingboing.net/2017/10/18/the-

Justin Trudeau's NAFTA concessions include 20 year copyright extension

I just found out O'Reilly no longer sell books directly, and point people at Amazon instead (they still provide Safari if you want to subscribe).

Sure, their Amazon books don't have , but I'm kind of sad to see the Mobi/AZW platform gaining even more traction. We're further away from the day when you can read whatever eBook you want on whatever device you want -- and sell/donate/lend them as you wish

Dear Mastodon friends,

I recall hearing about this like sharing instance, but I can't remember what it's called.

Could anyone remind me what it's called and where it's hosted? Thanks!

"Closures are the programming language equivalent of vampires—they capture minions and give them ever‐lasting life until they themselves are destroyed. The only difference is that closures don’t sparkle when exposed to sunlight."

Hahahaahahaha holy shit. Hiveway is a fork of Mastodon with blockchain slapped on top, selling ICO tokens, and John McAfee is involved. Wew lad

(ex-)WhatsApp co-founder now executive
chairman of new Signal Foundation, donating $50m to the project

Exciting news! This would benefit secure communications everywhere (not just Signal but also WhatsApp and other products using the same protocol)


> Ten years ago, researchers into formal methods (and I was the most mistaken among them) predicted that the programming world would embrace with gratitude every assistance promised by formalisation to solve the problems of reliability that arise when programs get large and more safety-critical. Programs have now got very large and very critical – well beyond the scale which can be comfortably tackled by formal methods. There have been many problems and failures, but these have nearly always been attributable to inadequate analysis of requirements or inadequate management control. It has turned out that the world just does not suffer significantly from the kind of problem that our research was originally intended to solve.

So to translate, formal methods were supposed to protect us from not knowing what we were doing on a low level, but it turns out, our really expensive mistakes are made not knowing what we're doing on a high level.

I'm not convinced they are orthogonal.


I don’t know what y’all want, writing safe applications in C is so easy, all you gotta do, is never make a mistake in your life

When populist anti-LGBT sentiment causes the rewrite of all of Indonesia's criminal laws, criminalizing extra-marital and LGBT sex, insulting political leaders, and other "goodies"


Zeynep Tufeki has published a book about the strengths and weaknesses of networked protest

If you were a Taoist who worked at Facebook or Zygna or something and you got fired for refusing to implement some creepy coercive manipulation feature, what are the odds you'd be able to claim religious discrimination?

Time to schedule a revamp my static blog and probably move it from GitHub to GitLab Pages to get proper HTTPS support (GitHub does not want to support custom domains, bah)


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