Hey guys! I am a code newbie learning html/css/js and trying to find out what #mastodon actually is πŸ˜‰

Another extremely serious risk associated with COVID-19.

"Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms"

"UK neurologists publish details of mildly affected or recovering Covid-19 patients with serious or potentially fatal brain conditions"

We must continue to be vigilant about distancing, wearing masks, and other preventative measures until a vaccine is widely available.


" is out of control. If it were a country it would be North Korea"

"If the combined might of brands like Unilever and Coca-Cola don’t scare Mark Zuckerberg, who can hold the social media platform to account?"


Mid-roll ads are going to get auto-enabled on all videos longer than 8 minutes.

Would you like to make sure that the next update of #Salt on @opensuse #Tumbleweed isn't breaking for you? Go take it for a test drive right now and tell us! 🏎️


Privacy is a fundamental human right. It has no price tag. No person should be coerced or encouraged to barter it away.eff.org/deeplinks/2019/07/know

UK Competition & Markets Authority vs Facebook and Google 

The CMA completed their "Online platforms & digital advertising market study" final report this week.

It's long but worth a glance through the summary.

The main targets throughout are Google & Facebook: "protected by such strong incumbency advantages – incl. network effects, economies of scale and unmatchable access to user data – that potential rivals can no longer compete…"

"The government should legislate…"


Finally, some companies have shown a bit of conscience and are taking a small amount of responsibility for all the repulsive hate on .

"Facebook faces advertiser revolt over failure to address hate speech"

"The North Face, REI and other brands pause advertising on the platform in β€˜Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign"

This is a start but it's not enough. Facebook should be broken up and regulated.


Ring-police partnerships undermine public trust, threaten privacy and communities, and could be used to identify protesters and chill free speech. It's time for Amazon and Ring to admit the dangers of these partnerships and end them for good. act.eff.org/action/tell-amazon

With almost 30 years under our belt, EFF is well equipped to defend your rights in the digital era. Show that you support our mission by being a monthly donor today! supporters.eff.org/donate/recu

If desire for your own human rights were not enough, you now have another critical reason to avoid using -- to protect the legacy of the hundreds of democracy protesters who were brutally murdered in Square, and the human rights of millions of other people who want to protect that legacy.

"Zoom shuts account of US-based rights group after Tiananmen anniversary meeting"


Thanks to massive protests against racism and police brutality across the U.S., IBM ended its face surveillance program. Amazon is pausing police use of Rekognition for 1 year. Microsoft should be next.


GnuTLS 3.6.4 to 3.6.13 allows man-in-the-middle attacks:


– The server implementation handles TLS session tickets incorrectly.
– Fixed in GnuTLS 3.6.14 (released on June 3, 2020).
– CVE-2020-13777

#GnuTLS #vulnerability #TLS13 #security #infosec #cybersecurity

"Overlooked No More: Roberta Cowell, Trans Trailblazer, Pilot and Auto Racer"

"Cowell is said to be the first woman known to undergo sex reassignment surgery in . But after a splash in the 1950s, she withdrew from public life and died in obscurity."


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