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Celebrate UNIX 50th and SDF 32nd at Wednesday July 10th 6pm - 9pm

SDFers can RSVP at

NonSDFers check out the Living Computers events page

ElasticSearch clusters left out in the open have leaked

- 114 million records of US companies and citizens

- over 32 million records of SKY Brasil customers

- approximately 33 million profiles of Chinese job seekers

- over 108 million bets from various online casinos exposing their bettors' PII data

- hundreds of thousands of sensitive legal documents "not designated for publication."

Hey! :) The Recurse Center is "funding Fellowships of up to $10,000 for women, trans, and non-binary people to work on programming projects, research, and art at RC this fall.

Apply by July 22nd and start August 12th or September 23rd."

This is an incredible opportunity โ€“ if you want to be part of a diverse, kind programming community, and spend three months focusing on projects close to your heart, this is your chance! Happy to answer any questions you might have! \o/

Excellent and long over-due news. Hopefully, other countries and jurisdictions will follow.

"French online hate speech bill aims to wipe out racist trolling"

"Abuse on social networks pushes MP to draw up law that could be copied across Europe"

The Trans Mountain pipeline was again approved by 's rubber-stamp NEB today, but the fight over it is far from finished.

We must keep fighting to prevent this unbelievable miscarriage of justice. The world is on fire, and only we can put it out. The Earth and all those who inhabit it are depending on us.

The latest development in the climate crisis:

"Scientists shocked by Arctic permafrost thawing 70 years sooner than predicted"

* Ice blocks frozen solid for thousands of years destabilized
* โ€˜The climate is now warmer than at any time in last 5,000 yearsโ€™

Weโ€™re hiring! Join a workplace with:
โœ… Excellent benefits, including student loan and housing cost assistance
โœ… A diverse, supportive, and empowering environment
โœ… Regular educational workshops and activities
โœ… Dogs, kittens, and robots

Awesome!! Keep fighting, Hong Kong! We stand with you in solidarity, in the push for everywhere.

"'They're kids, not rioters': new generation of protesters bring Hong Kong to standstill"

"Authorities urged to withdraw extradition bill as up to 2 million people take to streets despite Carrie Lam apology"

New York: Tell your lawmakers to support two right to repair bills that would make repair of phones, tablets and other digital electronic equipment easier and more accessible for New York residents.

In case you missed it, there's a free open Fediverse alternative to Reddit under construction called Prismo:


You can try the first instance at:

The idea is that each instance is the equivalent of a subreddit, dedicated to a particular topic.

Prismo federates with ActivityPub so you can follow Prismo accounts from Mastodon etc. (The federation isn't completed yet though, so some features are missing.)

#Prismo #Reddit #Alternatives

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