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The amount Elon Musk just paid for Twitter ($44 billion) is nearly equal to Biden’s proposed climate budget ($44.9 billion), in case anyone's wondering how seriously we’re taking the climate crisis

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If you're a UK citizen or resident, you can add your voice for a real conversion "therapy" ban that doesn't leave out trans people. (Current tally just under 90,000 in one weekend)


The sixth one:
• Make at least one life shift to nudge the system, like moving to a green energy, insulating your home or changing pension supplier

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Six lifestyle changes to help avert disaster:
• Eat a plant-based diet
• Buy no more than 3 new items of clothing per year
• Keep electrical products for at least 7 years
• Take no more than 1 short haul flight every 3 years and 1 long haul flight every 8 years
• Get rid of personal motor vehicles if you can. If not, keep your existing vehicle longer
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Several funds have been established by the United Nations and various NGOs and non-profits to aid the people of .

If you have not done so already, please contribute what you can.

The UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund:

The UN Refugee Agency, Ukraine Emergency:

The Canadian Red Cross, Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal:

We're glad! Our security education companion is a resource for people teaching digital security to their friends and neighbors--even if they are new to digital security: sec.eff.org twitter.com/nikkiusher/status/

The FSF runs on membership dues and donations, the more members the stronger our herd. Help us achieve our goal of adding 500 new members. Join today, and share our messages with the hashtag #UserFreedom: u.fsf.org/fall21

The revised Budapest Convention creates a new baseline of invasive police powers just as the UN prepares to draft a similar cross-border data sharing treaty. We are already advocating for the UN to take a human rights-based approach. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/12/cros

Happy new year, everyone! 🥳 🎆

2022, I am so glad to see you.

Wherever you live in the world, write your federal representatives and tell them you want your country to support this effort to end vetos in mass atrocity cases.

No one should have a veto on truth or .


A new gift 🎁 from KDE has landed: GCompris, the comprehensive collection of educational exercises and games 🧩, releases version 2.0! Get children aged from 2 to 200 playing and learning with super new fun activities these holidays 🎄.


"Qualcomm’s next-gen CPU for PCs will take on Apple’s M-series chips in 2023"

Really cool! Hopefully, more competition in this space will result in real innovations, energy savings, and lower costs for consumers.


There's a petition to remove Clause 9 from the Nationality and Borders Bill. This is the clause that says government can take people's UK citizenship away without even bothering to tell them.

If it gets 100,000 signatures, Parliament has to debate it. A debate is urgently needed after the Bill was rushed through last night in just a few minutes.

I've been watching the number of signatories climbing this morning and it's already over 42,000. Please sign and share to get it there!


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