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"Little Bites." gives me an idea for the evening.

The Black Lodge is where I am too damn tired so it ain't gonna happen.

eat shit and die. long ago the three nations lived in harmony


how dare the world just show me a ROFLOL license plate


@micrackbiron isn't it that 'murican rebranded spook month or something?

Some publisher is like, "You should submit your manuscript to us" and they're small but legit? So... idk. On the one hand I definitely feel like my writing isn't good enough, but on the other hand I keep remembering that there's a lot of crap out there.

very strongly prefer "fursonae" as the plural of fursona rather than "fursonas"

Get a fursona! Hell, get your fursona a fursona! Nothing matters!

@micrackbiron - but it helps him feel a bit less 'lost' and overwhelmed at the time until the depression passes. Also I drag him out for walks and fresh air and stuff. XD

@micrackbiron I think that helps the care-giver as much as care-receiver, too, to offset that feeling of helplessness. You've got a bunch of things you can work on to take care of the person, and they're getting someone making sure they're okay through it all. When my BF is having an episode it's usually from him feeling overwhelmed by things, so I talk to him about 'future plans' and breaking tasks down into little bites and give them time frames. He doesn't necessarily follow them -

tinder but for logistics. cargo looking for transport. cargo looking for other cargo to make a neat pile with.

the only qualification you need to get the endorsement of twitter for president these days is apparently a working autocorrect

@micrackbiron Awww :( That's difficult. We want to actively help the people we care about but sometimes the only help we can give is to be present. I saw a good thing recently about how to help people through depressive episodes (for people who don't suffer themselves so might not understand) by 'pretending' that they have the flu. Make sure they're comfy cozy, bring them soup, tea, blankets, pillows, comfort food, etc.

@micrackbiron I have another friend who has a subarachnoid cyst that she had for well over a decade before finally deciding to have it operated on. Her main fear was regarding the side effects of the surgery; how it would affect her personality, if at all. Turns out it didn't and she had it removed fine, but that must be a hellish decision to make. Brains, man. I'm glad you're all clear too! Is your wife going to pursue diagnosis of BPD?

@micrackbiron Oof! I studied neuroscience at Uni so had a bit of an in-depth look at brain things. Are you all clear now?

Friend is one year younger than me, so 37, and it's only in the last two or three years that his life is stabilising. Almost all of his youth and young adult life was lost to a cocktail of drugs that did more harm than good when they were trying to figure out his diagnosis and then figure out how to treat it. But he's been doing amazingly well recently.

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