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I was on #Wikihow to look for some inspiration on a guide on apologizing but got distracted by this

I cannot tell if this is genuine or a joke. I think both.

Anyway this is a good page with good tips and the art you always love from wikihow.

@micrackbiron I am. give me a five or six rolls of dough, some pepperoni, spices, I'll make you very delicious pizza. I also fix good salads, can make pasta.

Gamer Pronouns Guide:

@ida all 720 of those genders are named bean

A few weeks back the supreme court ruled that such a law violates people's constitutional rights to employment and expression, and thus you no longer need a license to be a clown. Clowns rise up! #ClownRights

@micrackbiron who knew the apartheid settler state built off of an ethnic identity could be a little be hmmm at times

Bi update: I'm exceedingly fashionably bisexual.

Gybefluid - Feeling as though your gender is fluid between multiple feminine based genders, sub-community of genderfluid. Source:

ew saw the announcement feature on and it had reactions that showed their numbers in the timeline

GNU/Linux, though people mistakenly call it "Linux" nowadays. So Stallman's goal was user Freedom. But some people become unxomfortable with the social goal. So in 1998 they started calling free software as "Open source software" and kind of hijacked the movement. And Open Source communities goals may or may not always be User Freedom unlike Free software community.
You can find out about it here:

@micrackbiron @viv - 2/3

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