β€œFree users for sure we don’t want to give that [end-to-end encryption] because we also want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose” - Eric Yuan, CEO.

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Somebody is cataloging as many instances of police brutality during the George Floyd protests as possible to Github.

The MC5 Performs at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention, Right Before All Hell Breaks Loose

β€œKick out the jams, mother f’ers”

They win by making you think you're alone.


There's more of us.

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Los Angeles is *fed the fuck up*. There is some powerful Karen energy on display being used for good here.

We're not talking about licensing or copyleft in this week's chat, we'll be discussing ways to dismantle systemic racism in free software this week. Please join us,

Activision Blizzard just put out a hunky dory message about the protests, but lets not forget they suspended an esports player for supporting the Hong Kong protests recently. brands are not your friends.

heading to philly tonight, if you have any water, snacks, baking soda, masks, goggles, etc you're willing to donate and you're in the area, please email me at asap. Also can offer rides to Philly and could use help handing stuff out. #blacklivesmatter #mutualaid #philly

Time to reflect has yielded: This is obvious descent into actual fascism tonight. One of the most shocking & disgraceful moments in presidential history. Donald Trump mindlessly, bizarrely, cluelessly holding up that bible-next to an all white retinue of confused staffers-will go down in history as an image of horror & dictatorship, right alongside Il Duce on his balcony, or Wallace in the schoolhouse door. Trump has always belonged in their company & tonight came completely out of the closet.

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I know others disrespect Christian stuff all the time, and it is literally the LAST thing that matters in priority order of world happenings, but... to use the sacred Word of God as a stunt prop by a man who’s never bothered to read it, let alone submit to it, especially as part of threatening military violence against US civilians. I CANNOT STOMACH THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR

Man, I miss Hunter S. Thompson at times like this.

gigantic collection of free texts, amazing: "i am trying to make black revolutionary texts more available. i know not everyone has access and i wanted to try to help bridge that gap. if you are feeling outraged/overwhelmed/hopeless, lean into black art & look toward those who fought before us."

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Cops aren't pigs. Pigs are intelligent. Their plight is not their own doing. They mostly don't hurt anyone.

Cops are boots. Boots do what they're made for. Boots are tools. Boots are made for protecting the boot-wearer from repercussions.

Remove the boots from your city. Take your power for yourselves.

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