“AGGRESSION IN DOGS can be described by a model based on one of the elementary catastrophes. The model assumes that aggres­ sive behavior is controlled by two conflicting factors, rage and fear, which are plotted as axes on a horizontal plane: the control surface.” –  Catastrophe Theory, E. C. Zeeman


Photos taken by Robert Landsburg of the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. He realized he would never get to safety in time, so he kept taking pictures of the ash cloud for as long as possible. Then he put the camera securely in his bag and lay down on top of it to protect it before being engulfed in the pyroclastic flow. When they found his body, the recovered the pictures were invaluable to geologists because no one had ever been able t…


Andrew McCarthy took an 85 megapixel shot of the moon by blending together 24,000 individual image frames


nemfrog :

At the controls of a power station. Social studies, intermediate grades. 1938.
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An abandoned potato sorting station near Krasnosilka, Ukraine
Mmmmm…. antigravity potatoes


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