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Announced the 2nd project on Twitter in June. Super early character concepts |_・) ✨

※ All subject to change

You know, when you do something and its loading and loading and loading forever.

And you know exactly the moment you get up for a drink it is done loading.

So you are stubborn and keep staring at it and it keeps loading.

Finally you get up anyway and guess what its done!

Western players online often use Japanese characters that apparently look like Alphabet letters.
For example these are the most common substitutes I see a lot:
モ → E
か → n

Like, モrror

Thing is if you speak the language you do not see it at all (>▽<;;
It always takes me minutes to realize its another substitute lol

Why am I even taking a gender test I do not give a rats ass about gender crap lmao

tl;dr better listen to my advice if you do not want to end like Minecraft!

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Also random but

🥕 I actually played Minecraft in 2009 for like 3 days
🥕 figured this will never be successful
🥕 never touched it since

dafuq even is Roblox?
and google keeps trying to sell me league of legends but I have never met a person who actually plays that?

Everyone: War, murder, discrimination, energy crisis, global warming, ...

Singapore: Chicken Rice Crisis!!!

The Shadow House season 2 shift to Keito-sama as main character is the best thing ever (º﹃º♡ )

Have removed LibreOffice in favor of sc-im almost a year ago and did not regret it!

It has all I need and does not use a mouse~
In most cases its actually better because I have it on the side for real-time stuff. And its plain text so nice for git!

For diagrams I use Python with matplotlib to get SVGs!
Having various small reusable scripts speeds things up in general~

Random bash function I use a lot:

function cksfvc() {
hash=$(cksfv "$1" | awk 'END { print $NF }' );
echo $hash;
echo -n $hash | xclip -selection clipboard;

Meant for a single file only, it creates a CRC32 and prints it to stdout & clipboard.

Mika & Aki bullying a shroom 🍄
I guess they need some "push" motion after all 🤔

Content is the same as on here so no need to read if you follow anyway~

I switched back to using Twitter links because Fedi has just way too many downsides.

Also imagine Mastodon using the cooler preview:

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pushd would be more useful to me if it was working across multiple xterms... unless I am missing something (・ω・)?

I have this in .bashrc:
alias xclipc="xclip -selection clipboard"

Then, on i3, I usually do:
> mp@inaba ~/dev/projects $ pwd | xclipc -r
> open another xterm

If pushd/popd would work I could just pushd → new xterm → popd ... I guess?

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People on Twitter had a harder time seeing it than I thought so:
only the middle one is CGI.

Did not try very hard but especially the shadow error gives it away

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Reading manpages there is often mention of EXPRESSION or FORMAT but no documentation or link to what these are supposed to be exactly.
This is probably a thing everyone knows except stupid Mika (*ノω・*)テヘ

Wanted to use util-linux/rename to add a suffix but as there are different versions going around I was unsure and ended up doing it the stupid (but not less scary) way instead:

$ ls 2022-* | xargs -I filename mv filename filename.txt

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