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Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

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Rule or be ruled… I reject the premise of this conjecture. A world in which we neither rule nor are ruled – a world in which we live as peers; equals; people – is not only possible but essential for the evolution of humanity into a sustainable and civilised species. And those of us who want this future must ensure the technical infrastructure exists to enable it.

If you ever wonder why I build what I do the way I do it, it’s towards this goal… even if the immediate applicability isn’t apparent.

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Small Is Beautiful – Live stream today at 5PM UTC

Watch/chat at owncast.small-web.org


- NodeKit: github.com/small-tech/nodekit
- Domain: github.com/small-tech/domain
- Laura’s latest web3 talk: vimeo.com/677162808
- Aral’s latest web0 talk:

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Es sind bereits 1.000 Hilfsangebote im Netzwerk Freie Schulsoftware eingegangen! Danke an alle Mithelfenden <3 Eine Auswertung: digitalcourage.de/blog/2022/10

Nun müssen noch mehr Schulen davon erfahren, z.B. mit Hilfe unserer neuen Flyer:

#twlz /w

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Liebes*s Mastodon, Tutanota, FairEmail, Nextcloud, NewPipe, AntennaPod, LibreOffice, /e/OS und viele viele mehr, dass ihr mir helft, meine Daten zu schützen und mich unabhängig von BigTech zu machen. Zu zeigen, dass es auch anders geht. Ohne seine Privatssphäre aufzugeben und zu verkaufen.

Auch wenn es noch nicht einmal ein Jahr her ist, dass ich damit begonnen habe, mich intensiv mit diesem Thema auseinanderzusetzen und so einiges in Puncto Datenschutz, Privatssphäre, Meidung von gewissen Diensten, ... umzukrempeln, weiß ich echt nicht mehr, wie ich es all die Jahre zuvor geschafft habe, so gedankenlos mit einem so wichtigen Teil meines Lebens umzugehen.

Danke an alle, die das ermöglichen!

#FreieSoftware #ilovefs

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@heiseonline@twitter.com 🇬🇧 “A complete ban on anonymous payments would not have any appreciable reducing effects on crime, but it would deprive innocent citizens of their financial freedom.” Kiratas.com quotes me on the possible ban of anonymous crypto payments: kiratas.com/eu-parliament-nego

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@neil There are many Firefox forks which would address these issues such as LibreWolf, GNU Icecat, etc.

But the main issue that one needs to consider is the monopoly of Chromium in the web space. Ditching Firefox for a Chromium-based browser only makes this worse, regardless of the one you choose.

The Chromium monopoly gives Google near-total control over web standards, decreases incentives for cross-browser support (e.g, Skype only works on Chromium-based browsers) and would ultimately leave Google as your last-man-standing with ultimate reign over the web. Not really an ideal scenario, is it?

While these Chromium-based browsers may be ungoogled, hardened and have nice slick UIs etc., switching to them will result in a huge net-loss for everyone in the long term.

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Suddenly, their closed source bionic eye implants lost their updates.

Their implants: now "obsolete, and unsupported".

The employees were laid off.

What happens to the patients when software upgrades are gone?

#FOSS matters.

#OpenSource #Firmware #Bionic #Transhumanism #Implant #Medical #News


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> The modern web is funded by advertisements. Advertisements pay for all those “free” services you love.

I'd rather pay for fucking tweets.

Just because something is the way it is, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight to change it.


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So, today is a special day and I would like to thank some important FOSS projects.

First, thank you very much to @gitea and @codeberg for providing a free and open-source alternative to #Github.

Also thanks to @fdroidorg, #LineageOS and @microg for making it possible to use a FOSS and deGoogled Android phone.

Finally, a big thank you to @Mastodon and @fosstodon because this toot wouldn't exist without them.

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What do we have to do to set up an *independent organisation* in Europe with an endowment from our (EU taxpayers’) money to maintain a free/open, private-by-default web browser that we legislate must be included in all operating systems made available in the EU?


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US-Aufsicht: CIA betreibt eigenes Programm zur Massenüberwachung:

Die CIA sammelt auf Basis eines Präsidentenerlasses von 1981 massenhaft Daten über Ausländer und US-Bürger ohne parlamentarische Kontrolle.

🕵️ heise.de/news/US-Aufsicht-CIA-

#überwachung #usa #cia #daten

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When I was a kid, i dreamt of:

- space travel: now owned by billionaire dickeads + the military;

- robots: now owned by Boston Dynamics, Google + the military;

- computers: now owned by Google + the military;

It took me a while to figure that my kid's dream was mostly dictated by imperialist, expansionist, extractivist and militarist propaganda.

Hope generations will dream of soil, funghi, insects, nutrients, species and their beautiful interlocked complexity. so much cooler than computers!

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There are plenty of guides to increase #privacy, but they are often single-works with too little connection to others, and I know far too few. Therefore I want to collect more.

Three guides are privacytools.io/ and emailselfdefense.org and the German digitalcourage.de/digitale-sel

It would be awesome if you could write links to more!

Please boost this thread! #fedi

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