For the past year I’ve been reading a few words from Moby Dick every day. I call it MOBY DICK ONE BITE AT A TIME. I’m now on chapter 3. Will finish the novel in roughly 100 years.

He ran into the situation room clutching a sheaf of papers.

“Madam President, we have the first translation of the Arecibo message. 95% confidence.”
“A short message in ASCII encoding. It says ‘link in bio’.”
“Does anyone know what this means?”
“If I may, Madam President-“
Eyebrows raised.
“Simpkins, Madam President. With the Comms team. It appears the aliens are familiar with instagram.”

A thing I’ve been doing: every time Richard Feynman is held up as a model genius scientist, or I find myself holding him up so, I remind myself that he held meetings in strip clubs, *AND HE WROTE THIS IN SURELY, YOU’RE JOKING*, and teenage me didn’t realize how much of a problem that was (and that’s just One Example of his horrendous behavior)

.  ✧
    · °   . .  

But at least I’m gonna do it: i will destroy my countrys internet machine

*slowly pushes a floppy disk off the edge of a table*

KonMari Method: Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.

Katamari Method: Roll your stuff up in a ball, put it in space This is the syllabus for the two-part session I'll be doing as part of @sfpc's Code Societies program that starts today, very excited to meet the students and the class project

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