I am announcing my resignation from the FSF board. (Effective end of Thursday, for administrative reasons.) It's a decision that has been a long time coming for me, but still a hard one: I think the work of the FSF is important, and broken things are the most important to fix.

I have put effort into making it better (but not enough), and I regret leaving; it's an admission that I don't believe I am currently the right person to do that. I'm glad for what I was able to do, and regret my own failings in what I wasn't.

I wish the organization well; my departure is not a rejection of the ideas of free software, only a belief that my role in the organization was no longer the best way to put them forward into the world.

@mindspillage Thank you and I'm sorry -- fixing a broken thing is both worthwhile and can be something one just can't do. Especially when others aren't on board.

@mindspillage Thank you for your work. It's not your fault that you did not have the power to change a toxic boy's club.

@mindspillage if only rms were as intelligent as you. be well and good luck.

@mindspillage I'm sincerely sorry to hear about this but thank you for all your great work and for making this hard decision. There are times when resignation is the only moral answer and this is one of them.

@mindspillage I wish I could see a written article by "people who were here" about what happened and what was de pro/cons weighted and why this final decision was taken (if there is one already, do you vouch for one of them ? I'd be interested).

I think it's too tempting to just imagine the "RMS brainless fanclub" against the "SJW with forks". I wish I knew more than second hand gossips.


Thank you for your service to the free culture & free software movement. I hope FSF can be repaired - or forked.

@mindspillage Kat, thank you for all the work you've put in -- I know this has not been an easy road and nobody is celebrating; what's ahead for all of us is more work, hard work.

@mindspillage @mattl thank you for your work advancing the cause of free software. I hope the toxic attitude of a small minority doesn’t stop us collectively working for this important cause.

@mindspillage I know you don't arrive at this decision lightly. Thanks for taking your turn at the wheel!

@mindspillage thank you for all you've done and tried to do. I wish the organization can survive this mess.

@mindspillage Thank you for your work, heart and mind at the FSF. The time will come.

kat, thanks for standing for what you believe in, and for all you've done for the FSF and for the movement. I wish we'd had more time to work together before we were forced to make a choice that landed us at irreconcilable understandings as to what was best for the FSF and for the movement.

I have fond memories of a LibrePlanet some 4 years ago when you and karen and I talked, and it felt like we were in the same team, inspired by and craving for recognition by the same person who's now become the epicenter of the community divide. can we have any hope for those days to ever come back? or were they never there to begin with :-(

@lxo I am genuinely sorry about this. I have strong disagreements with you about many things, as you well know--but also many points of agreement. Because of the task we had to do, we were always butting heads over the disagreements rather than spending time on the things we have in common. And I do have respect and appreciation for your accomplishments--and have never doubted that you are always doing what you believe is right.

@lxo The part of that statement I would nitpick is "craving recognition". I do owe him a great debt for the inspiration. But if anything, by the time we met, I very much wished the ideas could become larger than the person, and independent of him, rather than being so inextricably tied to him. I believe it would have done both the movement and the person a great service.

maybe I got the wrong idea from the expressed wondering of whether he'd recognize or know names or so. anyway, the ideas are much larger than the person, but that doesn't mean they won't be forever associated, to the point that washing the person in the mud (and over false allegations, no less) does harm the movement. lots of people can see that. lots of people stand against the injustice that's underway just on principle. it's a shame that decent people like you, even having legitimate reasons to have gripes, appear to be forced to take divisive actions that are obviously detrimental to the movement. as I wrote elsewhere, the attack was masterfully played. now it's our turn to show that we are bigger than the attack, stronger than the seeded hatred, and spineful and committed to the founding human rights values of the movement. gnuspeed,
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