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Hello, visitor. I'm Matthew, graduate student and professor of French literature in the midwest. The following topics are important elements of my leisure domain that will appear in toots:
• Open source software
• LGBT+ rights
• Feminism
• Racial equality
• US and International politics
• Typography
• My Instant Pot

So, what did I miss? Seems there was a kerfuffle about Gab and Nazis or something?

Mastodon is looking swanky. It's come such a long way in such a short time. That's pretty cool!

It's always nice to see Mastodon is still chugging along nicely.

Wow. Mastodon/the fediverse got really ugly really quick. It took Twitter years to get that bad.

#uspol Betsy Devos. UGH. 

local news takes on the toots and surprisingly it... isn't a bad take?

Lisa Simpson is THE greatest cartoon character ever and I will literally not hear a word to the contrary

FEMALE PROTAGONIST: *opens a jar lid by herself*

NERDS: Look, all we want are interesting female characters who stay feminine, not this masculinisation of a beloved idol of womanhood


I can't watch Trump speak without grossing out. His mouth is revolting.

hey guys, this is a novelty account now where I'm going to livetoot the entire history of ancient Rome in real time starting from 512 BCE as though I were really living those events okay here we go (deep breath)

whoops my husband was killed by samnites right before I died in childbirth at age 13. (looks at the camera) it's a living!

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