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One of the most important distinctions we can make is the difference between an enemy attacking us and a friend disappointing us.

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Trump should get a few sessions with Dr. Melfi.

She knows something about working with narcissistic nihilists.

TFW you're proud of some nerdery but explaining it to a friend would required waaaaaay too much context explanation.

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RT @ajitgeorgeSB
ART COMMISSION: I'm looking for a South Asian artist(s) who works with South Asian themes to commission a couple of pieces. I pay well for quality work.

Respond in this thread to get more visibility for others hiring too, but DM me with samples/portfolio.

Please RT.

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Speaking of risk, this NYT piece from yesterday does a good job breaking down some of the biases that make us humans bad at assessing risks.

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fully nude at the stock market... hoping the invisible hand might jack me off..

When they kick at your front door
how you gonna come?
with your hands on your head
or carrying a tasty cone?

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I'm looking over a shopping list i wrote the other night. The list includes "ice cream worthy of The Clash." I have no idea what that means or why I wrote it.

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sometimes the most ethical way to write a program is to not write it at all

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Sacha Baron Cohen is a national treasure.

“You walk the path of truth which is made of science and you get to wonder.”

— Jad Abumrad, Radiolab

Hey, @signalstation, have you checked out the Mörk Borg Discord? There's a really vibrant community going.

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tech, capitalism has a fellowship program for marginalized people in case you're interested in doing practice interviews for software engineering jobs

Quote of the day:

“I suspect the people responsible are the kinds of men who get MBAs specifically to boss around people who are smarter than they are.”

— name withheld

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