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One of the most important distinctions we can make is the difference between an enemy attacking us and a friend disappointing us.

OH from someone wanting to learn to program:

"Yeah lemme first try to do 'hello world', I already know Hello Kitty so this should be cake."

If you dig , come watch the next Banshee Tournament hosted by Ragnarokette.

Banshee Tournament open to and inclusive of all women.

Sunday, 12/6 3pm Eastern

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Use a mask, use Tor.

Today we’re launching our year-end campaign centered on the ways we can care for ourselves and our community: by masking up and using Tor. Anonymity loves company, after all.

Help resist the surveillance pandemic.

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Volunteer for phone banks, text banks, and literature drops. This can be done through individual campaigns and committees and I post information about them almost daily.

Remind people to return their ballots in person as we cannot risk GOP voter suppression efforts.

Donate to campaigns if that's a possibility for you. The final stretch can be the difference. 6/7

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uspol inequality 


“The intellectual industry devoted to documenting and proposing schemes to ameliorate the outrageous and accelerating disparities of wealth, income and life outcomes in America relentlessly ignores the actual source of those disparities – disparities in power.”

— Michael Podhorzer, The Action Network

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o, what a pitiful shame that we are stuck with Javascript as the lingua franca of the web, all of its many dangerous warts and pitfalls an indelible stain on the platform

now to take a big sip of coffee as I ponder the timeless beauty of the Unix way, with its elegant lingua franca, shell scripts


Hat tip to @rysiek for sharing this link.

To any of my fellow US-ians concerned about our election going sideways, please have a look at the following.

Let's hope all that advice becomes irrelevant soon.

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Having saved credit card details in plaintext since 2015, British Airways is fined £20 million - British Airways has been fined £20 million (US $26 million) following a data breach which saw its ... #britishairways #databreach #guestblog #dataloss #ico

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I have data on a Linux system that I regularly have to export to a spreadsheet. Depending on a status variable, some fields have to get a background color (four different status possibilities, so max four different colors). I would like to write a script that creates the spreadsheet.
Unfortunately, perl Spreadsheet::Wright can't set background colors.
Anybody an idea?

My boss, as a way of telling me she successfully logged into our client's chat system, messaged me with "SYN."

Of course I replied "ACK."

She said she was disappointed in me since a proper TCP handshake is SYN -> SYN-ACK -> ACK.

I believe it is safe to say I am working with fellow nerds.

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It's so adorable, seeing leftists complain tirelessly about "liberals" as if they're actually in any kind of control and have any say in how the world works

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Just going to put this out here in case anyone might be interested:

"Thirsty Sword Lesbians" by Evil Hat is now on Kickstarter

#evilhat #ttrpg #pbta

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RT @notwaldorf
I don't know who needs to hear this, but your goal as a senior dev/manager/mentor/basically anyone who's been on the team longer than a more junior dev is to HELP THE OTHER PERSON SUCCEED. And that means answering all their questions, so that they can understand more!

But we will not get Edward Van Halen if we do not have an excellent video.

uspol, climate, the ‘rona 

Life in California now:

I wake. I check how much poison is in the air from nearby wildfires. I check to see whether our climate-denier President has killed himself through arrogance and self-absorption.

- AQI 58, Good!
- Alas, not yet.)


"I maintain that Edgar Allan Poe would have lived a lot longer if he had occasionally broken character and written a story about happy doggos, or spent a day e.g. making Wookiee noises."

uspol, punk rock 

I dream of US politics getting to a state where I don’t hear “The Guns Of Brixton” in my head all the time.

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