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Grandpapa Roach @mkosler

I'll never forget when Purge retweeted a Jacobin article

Cream face business boy

@Gargron UGH the tickets are creeping up in cost (granted the actual tickets are not that much of the vacation cost [travel, room, food]) but it does suck

@Gargron ends up eating so much of my vacation time for work in one big bunch that i end up having months and months of not much time off, so i might do just the final weekend or whatever

@Gargron gone the past 2 yrs...considering it

apr 4: ti7 tickets

im so incredibly tired

Can you move faster, my perfect boy

OG is so fucking good #dota

this Lina + Bloodstone + talent stuff feels pretty broken #dota

Like a really rowdy boy

Garbage boy stink man

Miracle- vs. Suma1l baby! #dota

NECROPHOS SIGHTING :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light:#dota

hyperbole alert

nothing is worse than crappy fries