Just got a new MacBook Pro. How do I plug all my stuff into the little holes, amirite

Gotta love that β€œsaw my credit card statement after the new iPad” feeling.

πŸ† NYC Achievement Unlocked

Missed a local subway train with a 15+ minute wait for the next one, got on the next express train, and caught up to the missed train.

I feel amazing.

β€œFailed with a nonzero exit code” is the new β€œSegmentation Fault: 11”

Here’s a helpful flow chart for deciding whether to notify your entire company

I bought one battery on Amazon, so it stands to reason that I'd WANT THEM ALL

As someone who just broke their arm from a fall and also has an irregular heartbeat, I feel extremely called out by this

I didn’t know that force touching a folder shows which apps inside have notification badges, but I love it πŸ‘‰πŸ“±

Hey, anyone going to see The Happytime Murders this weekend? Pls unfollow, thanks

No one has complained about the sound effects on @CartridgeFM@twitter.com yet…


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