Truly baffled why people take the time to respond to questions on Amazon that they don’t know the answer to

When you think about it, a large percentage of many of our jobs in iOS development involves meticulously formatting data to look good in a scrolling list. I’m so excited that many of this year’s sessions focused on new technologies to make that process even better. 🙏

An email client, but tapping the message deletes/archives it (since that’s what you’re doing more often), and opening it requires a complicated series of swipe gestures.

is right around the corner. Dozens of developers will soon flood your timeline with a thorough dissection of new betas, notes, blog posts, hot takes, and what looks like a complete understanding of every new complicated API and what it means for the years ahead. (1/2)

I took a few days off work and fell behind on Apple dev Twitter this week. I have no idea what an “Imbox” is, please help me *mutes thread*

If you have the means, please donate. If you are at a loss for words or disagree, please listen. Thank you to those who are sharing their stories with those of us who could never fully understand what it feels like to be subject to such injustices.

How are there 3 different answers to "when is it going to stop raining" on one screen

Allbirds’ everyday shoes are called "runners", and they just released running shoes called "dashers". I just feel like this whole thing could’ve been avoided.

The Magic Keyboard for iPad is my favorite Apple product since AirPods. I can’t believe I’m this excited about a keyboard and mouse, but it’s so fun to use them on iOS. I’m hoping that 3rd party apps get a little attention to use the accessories as well as Apple’s apps.

I want to make a popular email client that sends your message instead of adding a new line when you hit return/enter. Imagine the accidental sends. Total chaos.

After almost 5 years of daily use, I haven’t put on my Apple Watch in a week. Still love it, and will return to it, but the Activity reminders were really bumming me out while isolating inside. I can turn all of that off, but that’s primarily why I loved it.

We’ve decided to capitalize on this crisis and offer an extended free trial of our product that has nothing to do with the current state of affairs.

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