A folder on your desktop called "Desktop" that you drag everything into once your desktop starts to get cluttered

Trying to show someone a looping gif and timing it just right so that they don’t see part of the end first is one of the 5 most difficult problems in computer science.

You can really tell when someone only uses emoji from the emoji suggestions on the keyboard

[Poll] I’m about to get on a plane for vacation. Should I install the iOS 13 beta?

Zen and the Art of leaving an extra pair of shoes and socks at your office in case your feet get soaked on your way to work in the rain

I will never have the confidence to order off of a secret menu. Could you imagine if the cashier or barista had no idea what you were talking about? What a nightmare.

Super jealous of all of you ticket holders. Have a blast this year!

My doctor recommended that I try the “Run With Headspace” runs in the Nike app and it only logged half of my goddamn run, so I feel angrier and less adjusted than when I started. Thank you Headspace x Nike.

The five most difficult problems in computer science are making good calendar software

How to use Xcode:

1. Build & Run
2. Check email or Twitter to pass time while building
3. Ask “Did I Build & Run, or is this an old build on the simulator?”
4. Repeat until you die

Celebrating 3 years with @Lickability@twitter.com 🍾😛

In our industry, that’s typically considered a long time to spend at a single company, but I couldn’t imagine leaving these wonderful people.

Loving my with @SparkMailApp@twitter.com
@mb@twitter.com @jilliangmeehan@twitter.com

“Great stories can change the world”… as long as they don’t contain violence, sex, or adult language.

If you accidentally send me an "edit" link to your Google Doc instead of "view" or "comment", I’m gonna edit the fuck out of your doc.

All of my Instagram ads are time lapse videos of how much stuff you can fit into ugly backpacks.

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