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Create new repository screen.

Bdw all the screens until now i shared are functional and working. These are not dummy contents. Actual data from Gitea instance.

Few weeks ago i shared a screen with title 'kill my time'. Seems like its becoming reality now with change, from GitLab to Gitea. Still wip though. I will share updates here from time to time.

Took some time off from posting on masto. I am back now. Just published a post about excluding comments from pages in gohugo and isso.

Sometime you need to take your time off from your digital life and enjoy. I love that dark clouds.

Finally somehow managed to find meizu pro 5 and loaded it with @Ubports ubuntu touch. Unfortunately the gui installer did not work for me but the ubuntu flash command did it easily.

Now looking for solid alternative apps to android ones. Not all apps i need though.

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Two steps from hell music gives you chills.. This one is the best(for me).

Check star sky and victory too.

Just killing my time. And GitLab is the 1st one in my list. A mobile app for specific tasks with latest API. Just a hobby project.

And our dark theme for is live. That was quite some work.

Let me know if you see any alignment or color parity issues.

"The report pointed out that Xenial Xerus is not as secure as Windows 10 and macOS 10.13, both of which implement ASLR on 99 percent of their code."

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The next sale starts on December 20th for those wondering.

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2018 isn't yet:
Talk 5.0: chat & video calls in sidebar, notification settings
Contacts 3.0: design improvements, compatibility updates, delete & download groups
Android Files 3.4: Collabora document editing, sharing options, search

Working on dark theme for, so far it's coming along great. Need to work on code highlighter as it is integrated in the minified one huge css file.

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