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I have just released GitNex 1.5.0. 1st stable release on 🎉🎉

Release notes

F-droid repo needs an update. Will be done soon.

I am trying to reset my password for and i am not able to receive reset email.

Any one can help regarding this?

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Another day, another time that Facebook admits to stealing all your data, even supposed encryption in WhatsApp is worth nothing if they download your chats in an unencrypted fashion back to their servers. Stop using their shit. Please! There are alternatives. Get rid of it. Everything. They'll never learn if people don't make them. Please don't use Instagram, don't use WhatsApp, don't use Facebook. It's much worse for you than you might want to imagine.

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If you appreciate my work, you can support it with a donation. Financial supports help me to pay extra costs and also to support the time spent for developing the app 🙏



Open Collective:

Or via PayPal:


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world politics, tech 

Thanks to @amolith i came across netcup( which have very reasonable prices. Thinking to host onlyoffice for my nextcloud server.

Yesterday i was reading a thread and one of the poster was implying that if you have your blog/website, it will have less exposure for jobs than github pages and facebook pages.

I strongly disagree of course with that. Github and facebook are not the standard for getting jobs at all.

Very naive of the poster.

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GitNex 1.5.0 is available from F-droid repository now.

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Release 2.8.0 has been published 🎉

What's new:

## Added
- Quick reply below statuses: change visibility/emoji picker/auto-completion/switch in full version
- Send voice messages
- New audio player
- Know when it's useless to reply

## Changed
- Improvement with the admin features
- New images for audio media

## Fixed
- Fix search feature with Peertube
- Some other bug fixes


Thank you to @kasun for contributing.

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*7 trillion on Middle East wars*

Media: *crickets*

*10 trillion + bailing out Wall Street*

Media: ...

Bernie proposes canceling student debt


I have just released GitNex 1.5.0. 1st stable release on 🎉🎉

Release notes

F-droid repo needs an update. Will be done soon.

Migration of GitNex from GitLab is completed. Project is now hosted under Gitlab repo will be archived soon.

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Thinking your #freesw project will not count unless it's on #github is like insisting that people without a #facebook account do not exist


Once I announced that GitNex is hosted under GitLab, some people found it strange and they were right. An app built for Gitea should atleast use Gitea instance. That is going to change soon.

GitNex will have new home under Transfer of project is in pogress.

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I think I'm just gonna start unfollowing people who think Brave is an acceptable alternative to Firefox rather than trying to explain to each individual how unethical it is to use a browser that replaces other people's ads with its own, or that the founder is a homophobe.

Right now GitNex accpet OTP code in username field as username:otp.

I am thinking to introduce separate input box for otp code. I can't validate if user has enabled 2FA as API at current state does not provide much information about it. So only way is to have one more extra box if user has enabled 2FA, can enter the code, otherwise leave it blank.

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