Trying, again, to play around with Mastodon... need to get into the habit.

I like how the federated timeline is out of order, not because an algorithm is trying to maximize my engagement but just because federation based on open standards is kind of a Rube Goldberg contraption

I added link to my Mastodon profile on my website -- :feet: seems like the appropriate icon

can't wait for Twitter to make themselves Mastodon-compatible so we can block their instance

"Do you remember this old laptop seeing as you're 42" asked about the original clamshell iBook son sit down here and let me tell you a story about a man named Steve Jobs

About risk profile:

- Mastodon is like email because you can't delete federated toots
- Mastodon is like twitter in that Google's search bots index it, unless your admins robot.txt it away
- Mastodon is like being a teenager because the people that own your instance can see all your private stuff

Have a talk with your admin about their policies.

By default, assume everyone will be able to read your toots forever.

So have been off Mastodon for much of the day. Did it survive @sarahjeong writing about it?

So when do we find out Mastodon was really just a big April Fool's joke?

This doesn’t feel like the indie web’s last chance, but it’s easily the best chance in a while. We let Facebook eat our relationships, we let Twitter create a new but terrible medium, and then we let Medium eat blogging. I don’t know that Mastodon will be the first new platform in a while that nobody owns, but god, I hope so. Having our lives depend on 7 different domain names is just lying back and inviting net neutrality to get eaten.


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Apparently Mastodon the band is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. EVERYTHING'S COMING UP MASTODON.

What happens if you have accounts on two separate instances of Mastodon, but they're federated with each other? Do they conflict, or it just treats them as different accounts?

"Go start your own instance" seems like a pretty useful way to respond to complaints (even if someone already said that to me earlier -- and they were right).

Can we set a preference in Mastodon to get US spelling so that "favourite" becomes "favorite"? Heh: or maybe they should just make it "like" (please don't throw rotten fruit at me...)

So who's going to find James Comey's Mastodon account?

This is a test of the content warning 

this is only a test


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