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covid-19 vaccine adverse reaction details, Oxford candidate, reason for pausing phase three trials 

Serious Adverse Event Time | In the Pipeline

So it looks like the adverse reaction was indeed very adverse, and is likely from the vaccine but could be from other things.

I really don't have enough information or background knowledge to say how this will affect development of this vaccine, or other virus-based vaccines. Virus-based vaccines are one of the most popular frontrunners, with (from memory) one of the US, the oxford, the Russian, and the canadian/chinese effort all being based on it. However a lot of them are using different viruses which could have different safety profiles, and we do have DNA and RNA based ones at similar levels of development, so if it turns out that these viral vectors are not useful we are not screwed, and may not even be delayed in when we get a working vaccine.

police crowd control weapons, info and treatment 

Hello folks,

I posted the results of my literature deep dive on the most common forms of crowd control weapons in the USA up on Birdsite here:

Hope it's useful to you all.

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me: i'm strongly opposed to the police. history is a record of their crimes

my therapist: of course

me: but also, i love it when a detective uses their superior powers of observation to catch a murderer inside one of their own contradictions, dismantling their entire web of lies with a single sentence

my therapist: who doesn't

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Okay, this is enough for a start! Please go to if you want to read the beginning of my new comic, "Hain and the Half Coin"!

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hey guess what

i got a pair of tunes out today

you can listen and download for free

other outlets (spotify, youtube) are coming soon...!

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Today I learned: If you @ someone in a DM on Masto, it helpfully adds that person to the DM, which I was not at all expecting.

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Drugs, My Little Pony 

A conversation I had at work:
"Huh, there's a new type of apple in the break room. Jazz ™️ . Tastes like a Braeburn. "
"Jazz apples sound like a nick name for a drug. "
"Yeah, a drug for My Little Pony's very special episode. "
"Well, at least it's not about the dangers of quicksand or getting stuck in a refrigerator. "

extreme food crime, clowns 

Forbidden things that should not be combined: Clown Bologna and Matty Matheson's Bologna Bowl:

religion, food, wikipedia 

Wikipedia list that should exist: "List of animals considered to be fish by the Catholic Church."

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anyway we're going into 2020 and now more than ever in our lives, please let me encourage you: now is the time to just go completely goddamned hogwild with whatever your Thing is. doesn't matter if anybody else gets it, that ain't the point. just Do You; we're literally approaching the first major Cyberpunk Year from like every sleazy early-mid-90s RPG splatbook and now is not the time to be coy about self-identity.

General life - 

This week has been a really rough one. Sunday I broke my pinky toe, Tuesday I started to come down with what we suspect is the flu but the test will be back later next week, and today I found a $600ish charge to my debit card that was made to a London hotel while I am distinctly not in London. This is while everyone in the household is also sick with presumably the same flu, and another friend having to go to the hospital.

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Who wants more good gay games in their life? Queer Indie Game Release - Tegu! 

Team Inebriated Animals is proud to announce: Tegu - Psychic Janken Fighters! A stealth RPG with card battles, and gay psychic enby lizard wrestling!

Download from:

Featuring music by @Ratttz ( and @ElectricKeet (!

With art by @solitaire , @SangriaSnake , Amorphous (, and Nic Freeman!

Trailer also at

Be gay drink Saguarine!

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My day:
"So, sugar in this state is a non-Newtonian fluid. See how this caramel bends? If I snap it against the table. "
*Snaps it against the table expecting it to snap cleanly at the impact. It instead detonates like a Rupert's Drop covering everyone in candy shrapnel*

If anyone wants my trainer card it's 0000 0007 9CFK B1


Extremely proud of the dinner I made tonight: 40 Clove chicken with fettuccine and stuffed artichokes.

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Seattle Area: Do you need a very cheap (manual transmission) car in good condition? :boost_ok: 

It's a 1995 Honda Accord DX, 5 speed manual. In amazing condition for 200,000 miles, just had its timing belt replaced.

This car has been worked hard but very lovingly cared for.

Its biggest issue: it was rear-ended and the trunk doesn't close properly (but doesn't seem to leak). Second worst: the windows squeak when you roll them down.

Clean title, has a solid 100k miles left in it.

Asking ~$800.

Mild Outer Worlds spoiler 

So... I found a hilarious issue.
I picked up the Robophobia flaw on a whim because Hey free perks and the phobias actually don't hurt me much.
The cleaning robot companion SAM counts as a robot for this flaw. So whenever I'm on my ship I am having a constant panic attack.

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