another browser with a more familiar user interface and which works with very good performance on MNT Reform is falkon. like qutebrowser, it uses qtwebengine and is available in the debian repository.

just tested: qutebrowser is a fast, wayland-native browser with vim keybindings that works well on MNT Reform in the current version.

Just published detailed MNT Reform assembly instructions with source/spec links of parts:

MNT Reforms are constantly being assembled. This is the 3rd to last batch of the crowdfunded units (we have around 75 left to ship, then we'll start bulk shipping to Crowd Supply).

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oh BTW we shipped out 25 MNT Reforms to backers today

MNT Reform Standalone USB Keyboard batch 1 case parts now finally in production

if you want to buy MNT Reform but are waiting for LS1028A so you can save 100$ or so on the current SOM, don't do it. it won't ship before ~spring 2022 or so given the chip shortage. there is still a sizable stock of Reforms. the best time to get in is now, and upgrade later.

ported over horizontal and hi res scrolling to the trackpad firmware as well

high res wheel implemented. the desktop stack on linux still doesn't support it, but the kernel does, and it accumulates the hi res events into legacy events. so at least there is now a feeling of parity in the distance that the ball rolls vs how much the ui scrolls!

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nerd shit 

finally got my #mntreform set up just the way I like it

I was using exwm as my X window managerr on my previous machine, which is great because it remaps Emacs keys to "normal" keys so you can hold ctrl-p in Firefox and scroll up and not get 17 print dialogs. but the MNT Reform runs Wayland which doesn't have this feature.

but @mntmn suggested running exwm nested in Xephyr and sticking Firefox inside that. it's ridiculously duct-taped but it works great!

do you plan to buy the "framework" laptop? if yes, why, and if no, why not? i'm extremely curious.

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25 more MNT Reforms good to go out to backers

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