MNT Reform battery pack PCB assembly approval pictures arrived today. now we’re only waiting to approve the motherboard assembly.

MNT Reform trackball controller PCB assembly photos came in for approval

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This is the Braun Lectron, originally based on the Raytheon Lectron and re-imagined by Dieter Rams' team

I love the aesthetics of this. You could say it's good to have a frequency indicator, but most radio stations constantly blare "you're listening to xx.x FM/AM!" so it seems pretty redundant in context. It's a very Rams approach

suche 1 kleine wohnung in berlin, entweder für mich oder für meine aktuelle mitbewohnerin. falls jemand was weiß, bin für jeden tipp dankbar. am besten im westen oder bundesplatz gut erreichbar. kalt bis ~600 E

approval photos for another MNT Reform PCB assembly came from PCBWay: this time, the little OLED display above the keyboard.

ah so the innovationspreis berlin/brandenburg did upload their little film about us on youtube now (in german)

not yet validated or verified (neither mechanically nor electrically), but if you are curious:

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working on a KiCAD system module template for MNT Reform, so that you can adapt other processors (and memory) to it

the innovationspreis made a nice video where you can see inside the MNT headquarter and some of the people working there! they did not publish it but here it is anyway!

can you recommend a dyndns service that works with letsencrypt?

is there some kind of inline edit thingie to speed up working with GitLab boards?

looks like MNT Reform keyboard assemblies will be done very soon!

MEGA65 devkit came and it’s even more awesome than i expect. a lot of attention to detail

submitted first batch of MNT Reform kernel patches.

450x boot MicroSD cards ordered for MNT Reforms (32 GB). silvery little fellow

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