i now have a vufine HMD _but_ Reform seems to have some kind of HPD issue on HDMI, i hope it’s just a wrong pullup or something

So i applied this series lore.kernel.org/patchwork/cove to the current linux-next, and even managed to boot it on my i.MX8M system, but it freezes after 1.8-1.9 seconds.

did you know: there is no support (yet) in Linux for i.MX8

Reform was compiling FreeCAD for the first half of the day and... it works fine!

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Hey, maybe now that microsoft is pushing chrome, things will get bad enough that electron will be dropped & developers will remember that cross-platform GUI toolkits exist that don't involve spamming HTML

i was going crazy here because a printout on my LaserJet is 2mm off in horizontal direction (on landscape). now i read "This is a known issue with laser printers which have an accuracy of ~2% in the paper flow direction"... can it be true?

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@mntmn sfmartini is a martini served in san francisco
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We are in Berlin at Qt World Summit 2018. Come visit our booth and discover Plasma's cool features, shiny new KDE applications and the frameworks which make cross-platform development easier and faster.


my company (MNT) is looking for office/production space in berlin, around 50sqm. preferably kreuzberg or mitte. we’ll be working on open (libre) hardware and software with a team of three. if you hear sth, please write to lukas@mntmn.com. 🙏

this work-in-progress picture from today features i.MX6QP@1.0GHz (unlidded) and i.MX6QP@1.2GHz (lidded)

finished assembling Reform number 5 today, almost finished 6 and 7 but was thrown off the rail by soldering issues (notoriously hard to solder sgtl5000 had problems on one board, and a short on the other that i’ll have to track down).

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