Reform aluminum parts are in Cologne in customs.

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In one sense, 'the computer revolution is over' because the period of exponential growth behind the tech ended 10 years ago. In another sense, it hasn't begun: we have sheltered ourselves from the social and intellectual ramifications of computing. Documents are still simulations of paper, & capitalism still exists. So it's like that period where printing presses existed but everybody used a faux-calligraphic font.

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Do you have lots of images to edit, but don't want to call ImageMagick?


$ gimp --batch -

This launches GIMP's builtin Lisp environment (TinyScheme), starts a REPL to read code from stdin, allowing powerful batch processing tasks.

Other language bindings are available, but Lisp is native. Documentation is available at Help -> Produce Browser in the main window.

Also useful if you just need Lisp, as most desktops already have one installed. Add --no-interface if you don't need GUI.

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The recently released sources to RiscOS are fascinating; I could lose weeks in there; source to !Draw, BASIC, loads of other stuff, ah good memories.

#retrocomputing #acorn #RiscOS

Reform aluminum parts are completed and will start shipping to me tomorrow.

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in-browser adaptation of 10 PRINT using xtermjs and ansi-escape-sequences. for some reason

I don’t understand why magic leap etc. try to do this seethrough stuff. Why not put really good cameras in VR goggles and just composite everything? You could also augment vision, enhance contrast or filter out noise. Is there something like that?

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I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.

working with Vivado and Zynq feels like going shopping with a very slow and bulky excavator

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ok these are the perfect trackball balls, from KGM Kugelfabrik, made from POM

details of the two Reform parts redesigned for CNC milling. volume had to be removed to compensate for higher density, and inner corners had to be rounded. also we made the parts easier to manufacture in general.

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