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happy to announce that MNT Reform is going to launch on Crowd Supply

Motherboard and Keyboard PCBs are finalized (PCB Versions 0.4). The first 3 boards that will be shipped to customers are assembled. Batteries, fans, screens, keyswitches, cables are stocked.

The case manufacturing involves experimentation and manual labor: most of the 8 case parts will be PU moulded using silicone moulds that we're creating from 3D printed and polished master parts. The moulding itself will take 3-6 weeks.

Our shipping target is August 15th, 2018.

2018-06-25: final motherboard fully loaded with wifi and LTE cards

and: uploading attiny firmware via arduinoISP. the attiny acts as the fuel gauge and undervoltage lockout for the battery and can wake up the imx6 from sleep

2018-06-29: managed to get the arch armv7h version of firefox quantum to work on debian on the reform...

2018-06-23: 4 reform boards baked today! now directly off to party!

2018-06-22: all components that go on 4 reform motherboards

2018-06-18: ok so i kinda ported BCN3D Cura to Reform (weston / i.MX6). needed (and still needs) some QML fixes and did some shader fixes

2018-06-05: release version (v0.4) of Reform PCB!

2018-05-26 me giving a talk about Reform at maker faire berlin 2018. photo credit:

2018-05-24: the 8 Reform case parts in 1 pic!

2018-05-23: evolution of Reform board revisions

2018-05-10: reform soft shell prototype (by greta melnik)

2018-04-29: played with darktable, here are some shots of the Reform beta 3 prototype

2018-03-06: 🙀chromium/wayland on debian/imx6/reform thanks to Igalia

2018-02-04: thanks to LUFA, the Reform keyboard works and it works really great actually

2018-02-02: MNT Reform, a computer that respects your rights 🛠 (now with 4x1.2GHz) MCIMX6DP7CVT8AA