it’s a working system. the only thing left to validate is the charger / battery monitor. then it’s time for board rev 2, finishing the case design and kick off the crowdfunding

hmm [ 3.223390] mxsfb 30320000.lcdif: [drm:mxsfb_crtc_enable] Pixel clock: 138667kHz (actual: 148500kHz)

if you have mipi dsi knowledge and want to help with suggestions etc please do

sn65dsi86 color bar test to eDP works! the driver has to be patched to select the right DP bitrate. now i’m trying to feed DSI from the i.MX8M to the sn65dsi86 using mixel/nwl drivers. so far black screen only. cc @agx

reform2 progress: i can turn the display backlight on. linux can talk to the TI sn65dsi86 dsi->edp converter. the converter PLL can lock to the DSIA clock. link training of the display fails. now i have to learn and understand everything about that. oof.

sn65dsi86 datasheet:

display panel datasheet:

other things i tried: soldering 10k pullups to data and cmd lines. soldering extra 10uF cap to 3v3/vss lines of sd card connector. grounding sd card connector shield.

the top row of cards don’t work in the Reform 2 prototype, the bottom row of cards work. i do not understand why. i tried many sdhci-esdhc-imx parameter configurations and wrote them down.

Reform 2 bringup progress: wall & battery power, usb, ethernet, audio, hdmi, reset all work. what doesn’t work: PCIe (no link), SD card (only some older, full size SD cards work). untested: MIPI DSI->eDP. most scary part because only experimental drivers exist.

ok we are reforming and fleamarketing NOW in cityLAB berlin, platz der luftbrücke 4, come over!

i recommend not to buy ZZ9000 for 500 EUR on ebay. you can get a new one much cheaper from us

tooting this from X, firefox running on Reform 2 via HDMI and Reform 2 keyboard

video of battery-powered Reform 2 accessing USB floppy disk

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