running i.MX8MQ EVK directly from 4 LiFePO4 batteries in series

i’m thinking about using 8x 18650 standard sized LiFePO4 batteries in Reform, which would yield an average 12Ah @ 3.2V / 3Ah @ 12.8V. the big advantage would be that people could easily acquire new cells and swap them out without hassle. what do you think?

a slice of Reform 2 keyboard to test haptics and spacing (keycap colors are random)

anyone here who has access to a UV inkjet printer or similar (mimaki?)? i’m looking for a keyboard lettering solution

keyboard for the new MNT Reform work-in-progress (view from the underside)

ZZ9000 routing done. detail tweaks tomorrow and then i will send it off to get some Rev 1s made.

MNT ZZ9000 routing almost complete. working on details now.

fast jpeg decode (using nanojpeg) on the ARM core of zz9000

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An East German built this computer using a book back in the early 80s. He had to make trips to West Berlin to buy the RAM chips using a day pass. It's a Z80 clone based around the MME U880.

everything is pretty smooth in wayland/sway

latest xserver/mesa/etnaviv is broken in interesting new ways on imx6

some zz9000 progress pictures: networking and loading & executing ARM code from the Amiga m68k side

if you wanna write a little graphical C demo (one C file?) for baremetal framebuffer (ok there is a c lib) to be included in ZZ9000 gfx/ARM card for Amiga, contact me

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