OK. first version of MNT Reform 2 motherboard fully routed. now sleep over it and go through everything one more time. also, no length matching done yet.

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ZZ9000 estimated delivery to us: Friday, 19th of July.

cleaned up a lot of silkscreen and added most missing 3d models. so this is pretty close to what the first test version of the MNT Reform 2 motherboard will look like.

yes please: MNT Reform 2, first keyboard with custom print. a bit off-center, but excellent quality.

what’s your favorite stack for writing a multi-user (account based) CRUD web app in 2019? i.e. quick to build, not a nightmare to maintain

last shot for today, 741 left. at least 200 are solved when filling a GND plane, so around 500 left for real. most of USB, displays, main power, audio, ethernet is done. a lot of fiddly stuff left for the charger/battery cells controls and the LPC (microcontroller). this board might look unusually bulky because i always tried to choose components that are hand-serviceable, so avoided BGA, QFNs and passives smaller than 0603.

MNT Reform 2 motherboard work-in-progress... only 814 connections to go

ZZ9000 batch 1 (incl. everybody who pre-ordered) is still in assembly for 4-5 days. Then it’s shipped to us, we’ll do post-assembly (installing ZYNQs, slot brackets, cables), tests and start shipping to you.

recommendations for FOSS time tracking tools, preferably web-based or iOS app?

got word from local specialist printing company that they were able to print the Reform 2 keycaps and “it looks good”, mega excited tbh

ok rough placement mostly done. will throw out some caps and/or exchange to smaller packages

ch-ch-changes: swapping out the SOM for one that has SODIMM 204 form factor, making the thing easier to repair. and looks like i _slightly_ overdid it with the caps.

did a first very rough BOM calc via mouser on reform motherboard (excluding CPU and RAM!), ~100 EUR for components. gotta optimize

someone already pointed out that I2S MCLK should feed the clock of the DAC, not that crystal.

still grinding through the Reform 2 motherboard schematics. most stuff is in there now. a bunch of I2C, I2S, UART and JTAG details still to do, and connections to the SoM. if you spot other issues or have feedback/questions, now is a good time dump.mntmn.com/reform2-motherb

MNT ZZ9000 slot brackets, still with protective foil. made in berlin

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