switched from iPhone 7 to Fairphone 3+ because of incredible repairability

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Okay, I dragged my ass on deciding this one for almost a year (and so wasn't in the pre-order batch), BUT, the second best day to plant a tree is today, right?

I just bought an @mntmn Reform DIY kit - ships next month!

A year and a half ago or so I emailed Lukas probing about SOMs with more than 4GB RAM, and lo and behold, they're coming, in huge amounts! (mastodon.social/@mntmn/1061787)

The dedication to upgradeability and hackability has finally sold me. I can't wait to truly *control* my laptop!

MNT Reform CPU modules:

- Nitrogen8M_SOM, NXP i.MX8MQ (shipping, A53, GC7000L, 4GB)
- RBZ LS1028A SOM, NXP LS1028A (in bringup, A72, GC7000L, 8/16GB)
- MNT Kintex-7 SOM (in design, Xilinx FPGA, 2GB)
- RPi CM4 (in design, A72, VC4, 4/8GB)
- StarFive 71x0 (TBD, RISC-V, via ARVSOM)

oh i did not realize that Antmicros ARVSOM Risc-V SOM is open source hardware! This means we will be able to derive a RISC-V SOM for MNT Reform from it: github.com/antmicro/arvsom

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I also heard that the RPi4 CPU cannot do AES in hardware so no good for LUKS encrypted disk.

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WIP Raspberry Pi CM4 module adapter for MNT Reform. Made today with KiCAD on my Reform in the home office. Still needs a bunch of components for the STDP2600 HDMI->eDP converter.

An interesting exercise.

Pros of CM4: Quad Cortex-A72, 8GB RAM available; potentially higher OpenGL versions and Vulkan possible (not tested by me yet);

Cons: No USB3.0. Only 1x PCIe. DSI undocumented. Might need active cooling.

we now accept SEPA wire transfers in our shop / wir akzeptieren jetzt SEPA überweisungen im shop: shop.mntmn.com

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proudly bought the @mntmn trackball.

trackpads are ez, boring and relative available. the trackball thingie seems very interesting and a lot of fun. i really like the whole laptop but it is above my price class. also i would change probably some things and might break things etc and i cant afford it. i really like i can buy the trackball as is. i also like the additional keys. im curious how i will use this. i plan to use it for my custom ergo keyboard i am still designing
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switches are cherry ML, which i still have a box of from reform 1. because they cover a much smaller pcb area than choc/MX. we just need custom smol keycaps.

the display sandwich thing is a waveshare 5.5inch hdmi->mipi touchscreen with 1920x1080p.

this will be very thicc but otherwise the dimensions of a gemini... or my fluke multimeter

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experiment: MNT Reform power input is very flexible. here powering the system from 2x LiFePO4 pouch cells

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MNT #reform DIY serial number 000006 reporting for duty.

All system operational.

cc @mntmn

i want an open smartphone alternative but i do _not_ want to mess with telephony. i rarely use it and i think it's a technological and regulatory tar pit.

blackbox apps to order groceries, tickets, online banking etc could be run via anbox. we would need to invest some work into getting anbox up to date though i guess.

still undecided on: camera???, screen aspect, keyboard type and detachability

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