RISC OS coming to iMX8M (and thus MNT Reform) thanks to work by Michael Grunditz.

RISC OS was originally developed by Acorn Computers in Cambridge (UK). ARM was originally the “Acorn RISC Machine”.

@flame @mntmn I've been working on a Mastodon client for Riscos. It has been quite fun.

What is the imx8m? What kinds of boards can I get with them?

@loke @flame it’s a quad core Cortex-A53 SoC with vivante GPU (open source drivers) from NXP. used it MNT Reform and Purism Librem 5, also many dev boards exist

@mntmn @flame Sounds neat, I might buy one. As nice as Rasperry pi is, they are behaving somewhat badly at times so supporting other vendors is probably a good idea.

@loke @mntmn @flame They are automotive industrial grade CPUs so don't be surprised by the price tags.

@mntmn This was one of the reasons I've thought about targeting ARM after DOS for the PsychOS project since historically speaking, it makes sense. It would allow me to still keep going backward like I have been but also go forward at the same time. However, it is unfortunate that Nvidia now owns ARM. I'm sure Lynis Torvards has a few things to say about that... I also wonder if we will circle back around to calling the home computer "micros" again. If you're bored:

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