I've managed to fix the script to work on masto again! Along with this, mobyshots is moving to @mobyshots as that's a bit more of an appropriate home :)

Avoid the cops, and collect the gold!
Lock 'n' Chase (Intellivision, 1982)

A list of some of your character stats.
Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery (DOS, 1992)

The Bubble Trouble mini game menu<br><br>(French release)
Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? (Windows, 2001)

A knight has crossed the bridge shown in the previous screen shot. Five points are earned for every cell travelled apart from the one with the coin in it which was worth fifty five points
Hexalot (Windows, 2005)

The game's help screen is the same for all game themes
Mumble Jumble (Windows, 2003)

In this scenario the wizard can locate crystals that provide permanent bonuses.
Hack, Slash, Loot (Windows, 2012)

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