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Mobygames Screenshots

Evading the reflectors, as some missions literally require stealth.
James Cameron's Dark Angel (Xbox, 2002)

Playing on the Death Valley pitch<br>A bit tricky this match as the two teams look so similar<br>This picture also shows the player's power meter triggered by holding CROSS
Chris Kamara's Street Soccer (PlayStation, 2000)

The next zone has a different palette.
Paroxysm (Windows, 2006)

Some of the answer choices are a little silly
SimSafari (Windows, 1998)

Fighting a hover-tank. These energy shields make the squad temporary invulnerable.
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (Windows, 2009)

In the thick of things.
Gladiators (Commodore 64, 1993)

The game area (2)<br>The board is too big to view so it is shown in a scrollable window
Backup (Windows 3.x, 1993)

Death in the Caribbean (Commodore 64, 1984)

Curse overkill on that poor Megadeth. Oh well, Megacursing for Megadeth killing.
Dungeons of Dredmor (Windows, 2011)

At the top of a skyscrapper trying to take down a nuke-wielding madman
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (Windows, 2004)