most earthworms have 5 hearts. not me though, i have 0

can i offer you a nice egg in this frying time

might fuck around and vote against my own interests

my disappointment is immeasurable and my brain is ruined

that thing i said a few days from now was ahead of its time

me: i think i might be me
friend: no you're not
me: you're right, i need to become me
friend: but i'm me
me: true, you're you

twitter dot com is programmed in pee. not a programming language. it's programmed in urine. when you consider that you realize they didn't actually do too bad

they call me the 1FPS bastard, because that's the frame rate when i walk in the club

if you see something on here, rest assured that i think about it constantly.

the physical disembodiment of a reified abstraction

i HATE when i consume something and THEN see it's not for human consumption. like why don't they make that label bigger. so this will be my last post, at least until i remember i'm not a human and that doesn't apply to me

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