"We will be your Latin American Vietnam" ❤️

q: is there a waifu2x for audio?

as in, making a low kbps audio file sound like a modern mp3 file?

dude, your text was too big to fit in the speech bubble

love to live in the world's most evil country. america #1! (#1 threat to world peace)

and i'm the one to hang--just for being me! 😢

[unintelligible mumbling and growling in a british accent]

the macbook air keyboard sucksdicks. this spacebar. fuck you.

people seem to enjoy my words but it's impossible for me to

i like to lay groundworks and define theoretical frameworks

world's biggest and most powerful eggplant

guys really live in realities like this and don't see any issue

i need to ask a horrorcore rapper a question

it takes me a million years to write a reply and 3 microseconds to get a response

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