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(btw. Going to try to faze out this account in favor of @modernmodron )

administration: your server is mounted on a rack
madmaxistration: your server is mounted on monster truck and there are spikes on the wheels

WIFE: dont forget were visiting my parents next saturday
ME: but i was going to raid with my guild!
WIFE: manuela, u promised
ME: the gay agenda strikes again

The rules on my instance are simple: no scrubs.

*mistypes "fairly standard" with "fairy standard"* *is now obsessed with the idea of the fairy standard as an alternative to gold*

four images in wallpaper rotation from the obscure JPN PS1 game LSD: Dream Emulator

stark unfiltered low-polyygon-count visuals can be beautiful in their way

these are high-res emulator screenshots. the real game runs in 320x240 or so making it even more lo-fi