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ModernModron­čŹä @modernmodron

(btw. Going to try to faze out this account in favor of @modernmodron )

administration: your server is mounted on a rack
madmaxistration: your server is mounted on monster truck and there are spikes on the wheels

And, the big thing, i started making a game (and i hope i won't stop this time). I won't enter in many details here 'cause i actually decided to make devlogs of this project. Do I know how to make a devlog? no. Do i know what goes in a devlog? no. Did i make one anyway? yes. here it is:

@eggplant we tried to stop you ... But it was in vain

Eyeball imps
(Sensitive for walking eyeballs)

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The face app "smile filter" is the funniest thing I swear

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@raccoon the "hot " filter kills me because I KNOW I look better in makeup than that