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ModernModron­čŹä @modernmodron

@nictringali He has no style, he has no grace
This Kong has a funny face

Other than difficulty breathing due to congestion... I feel MUCH better today

hot take: tomatoes are Good

@TrollDecker mmmm soup good on regular days best on sick days

help im sick someone come take care of me


uggghhhh I feel sick and my face hurts and I just just want to crawl in a ball

im having so many KR0 feelings and it's like impossible to talk about without spoilers

@thethinktanker it'll probably hit a sale when it's finished, so that's a good time...

dont know how many years that will be though :v

@thethinktanker I think that's ideal! ( I would also play the free between-chapter games)

@nictringali ok I just noticed this but I LOVE how the taillights looks like eyes

@thethinktanker it kind of is ... even if the subject matter isn't I semi-accidentally made a real cool effect that I think looks awesome

Kentucky Route 0 is SO good ya'll

boost this toot if you'd give the curiosity rover headpets

Three hundred megabytes

Of hard drive capacity