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Please boost for reach. So, anyone that is working on FOSS projects like web apps, sites, Linux apps, desktop environments, or other user interfaces, please let me know if you want them tested for accessibility. I can do both CLI, web, and GUI testing, and app testing on Android. I'm running Debian (on a ChromeBook but that's not too important), so just give me the name of the package, or the URL of the site or app. I can also do Flatpak!

#a11y #foss #linux #flatpak #accessibility

De vuelta de la comida con mi abuela, familia, y alguna copa que otra. Podría decirse que ando algo descalibrado. pero aún funciono.

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Ukraine Invasion, ambivalence 

War is messy.

"... Oleksandr does not choose Russian side and does not support the current war. He said that questions like that could be solved with other means and not war. Deaths of thousands of people could have been avoided. Oleksandr is not for Russia, and does not seem to be for Ukraine either. In fact, none of whom I spoke to at any point said they supported Russia, even if their support for Ukraine was minimal."



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La OTAN llega a Madrid.

La OTAN que utilizó bombas de racimo en un mercado. La OTAN que atacó un convoy de refugiados que huían de una ciudad asediada.

Si vamos a hablar de la OTAN y nuestra pertenencia conozcamos su pasado más negro.


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Idea came to me while eating or something, desktops that respond much more to what inputs are connected. Mouse, screen and keyboard? Normal. Keyboard and screen? Offer to show keyboard commands. Keyboard, screen and headphones? Offer to turn on screen reader. Also have message of the day somewhere that can pop up on like public workstations. #a11y

Buenos días a todos.
Hoy voy a comer con la familia. Mi abuela Nieves cumple 90 años.
Ojalá dure otros 10 más por lo menos.

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throwing a PlayStation 3 into the Mediterranean to create the next Antikythera device

No es que vaya a servir de mucho (¿desde cuándo soy tan pesimista?) pero por lo menos mi partido, el PCE, pide explicaciones y una investigación sobre la masacre en Melilla. A las víctimas esto no les consolará, pero lo mínimo que espero del partido al que pertenezco es la decencia.

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Estamos tan anestesiados cas nosas cousas que ver morrer a decenas de persoas na fronteira con Marrocos semella unha cousa normal e que pasa como unha noticia do día a día.

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Video mit Gewalt gegen Flüchtlinge 

Festung Europa ist verantwortlich dafür. Hinzu kommt, dass nun Spanien am Dienstag, zum Start des Nato Gipfels „ungeregelte Migration“ als "hybride Bedrohungen" manifestieren möchte, um Migration nach Europa auch durch das Millitär zu verhindern.

Sprich, die Politik von rechten Parteien wie die AfD und die Forderung rechtsextremer Gruppen an Grenzen auf Geflüchtete zu schießen, wird damit Teil der Realität einer rassistischen Migrationspolitik der Festung Europa.

Migration ist kein Verbrechen!


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Them: So are you an atheist? An agnostic?

Me: I'd say I'm a "kteinotheist"—I'm mostly interested in finding and killing the fucker

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Question to the Windows audio nerds here: My Focusrite Scarlet 4i4 3rd Generation starts crackling and stuttering speech output as soon as the Intel Nuc 7th generation (6 core processor) comes under some load, e.g. from the browser. Further symptoms include: [1]

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I've reached my first funding goal for my Patreon: My efforts at translating German folk tales are now finally profitable.

If I reach the next funding goal, I'll start commissioning Creative Commons Zero-licensed artwork for these tales - the same license I am publishing my translations under.


Política, España. 

Soy de los que pienso que el gobierno de coalición es útil y necesario.
Al tiempo, cada vez con más frecuencia, me tengo que preguntar hasta donde se puede llegar, y hasta que punto merece la pena.
31 personas (que sepamos) muertas por culpa de nuestra política exterior.
No se oye nada del ala izquierda del gobierno. Nada.
Valen la pena por los 200 euros a las "rentas más bajas"?

Recently "The blood is the life." The has an interesting premise: what if an orthodox Jew became a ? Bear in mind that one of the religious prohibitions of Judaism is the ingestion of blood.

In sum, big disappointment. The book doesn't deliver much of interest and is too much of a superhero badarse pro_israel fight fest.

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CW: This is going to be a thread about my experiences with miscarriage, physically and mentally, and how miscarriages affected by laws regarding abortions. It will contain details.

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China taps markets for $10bn to cement clean tech supremacy. Country dominates electric vehicle supply chain as west races to develop rare earths production.


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what3words, long 

what3words sounds cool, three words to reference any place on the planet to within 3 metres, right?

The company has heavily been pushing its use by emergency services, and there's been a number of incidents where errors in transcription have delayed rescue by mountain rescue teams who found that the similar location code was only kilometres or hundreds of metres away from the target.

Errors in transcription are extremely easy of course, since the wordset includes singular and plurals, homonyms, and words easily confusable in different accents. The company assures that similar addresses are not so close to each other that they can be reasonably confused, but they're wrong, this is actually quite common, research suggests the chance is about 1/500 instead of the 1/2.5mn the company claims.

The company applied for patents in Europe, were refused (all software is ineligible), and now rely on copyright of the wordlists to restrict peoples ability to write interoperable code. People have written permissively licensed implementations and been legally threatened for doing so with both copyright and trademark law (I have copies of most of the whatfreewords implementations fwiw, if anyone is interested, I've been meaning to distribute them via bittorrent and never quite got around to it)

It's also worth noting that each and every supported language has a completely distinct wordlist. This is probably better than trying to work out which words were equivalent in meaning (extremely fraught and nigh on impossible to scale), but does mean that e.g. danish and bokmål norwegian have their own totally different schemes despite having significant overlap in vocabulary. Of course, you can't always tell which language a code is just by looking at it, since many languages share words.

Google's "plus codes" are better designed, have a similar resolution, are an open specification, and were intentionally designed to be culturally neutral and to reduce the risk of errors in transcription, if you want short location codes, this is my recommendation.

In the UK, if you're hiking, consider carrying Ordnance Survey maps and downloading the OS Locate app, which will give you an OS grid reference for your current location. In many cases, if you call 999 or 112 with a modern phone, AML can be used to locate you, but don't rely on this, it's better to take too many precautions than too few.

Cybergibbons has researched this in detail, he's been one of the driving forces behind opposition to this nonsense.

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Do you know about #StreetComplete "quests" for #OpenStreetMap? It gamifies OSM editing, and encourages users to improve nearby features.

Contributors may include photos to their notes. However, as soon as notes are closed , the photos are also automatically deleted.

Curious? NotesReview [0], can find and display these photos.

Sadly, the photos are not openly licensed [1] , and are only meant for use by the original contributor.

[0]: ent8r.github.io/NotesReview/?v
[1]: github.com/streetcomplete/Stre

Comida, alcohol. 

Hoy ha tocado pechuga con cuscús. Después, un chupito de , que ya hacía tiempo que no caía uno. Que rico está. Me pregunto si en las Españas también lo habrá. La que tengo es de Reino Unido.

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