[en] Hi, everyone. After a time away from fedi, I am back.
[es] Hola a todos. Tras un tiempo lejos del fedi, he vuelto.

Back to the stream
amidst the bustling crowd:
it's time to dream,
perchance to laugh outloud.

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Holy cow, Airbus is shuttering the A380: cnn.com/2019/02/14/business/a3

Airlines, particularly in the Middle East, are shifting to the Boeing 777x - not the 787 Dreamliner, interestingly - even though the A380 is barely a decade into production. Airbus has received fewer than 300 of the 1200 orders it expected, and it just doesn't have the requests to keep the production lines open.

Today, take your time to say :

* I love , a GPL screen reader which is better than the proprietary competition.
* I love , which lets me record and edit audio and has enough keyboard controls to have decent .
* I love . I trust it with my email, and I take my email very seriously. Keep it all from 2001.

Thanks for all the !

Hoy tengo jornadas en la sobre revocación de actos nulos de pleno derecho y declaración de lesivdad. Cero ganas, pero hay que aprender.

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uspol, orientalism 

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"Relax. Let your mind float. You exist."
"I exist."
"Decouple from your body. You see a previous life. What do you see?"
"I see... a floor."
"Is it far away?"
"The floor is close. It is dirty."
"How does that make you feel?"
"I must clean-" The robot woke. "I was a Roomba once!"

[en] Hi everyone, I'm back. Had a few days of life.
[es] Buenas a todos. Estoy de vuelta tras unos días de vida.

Parece que me voy deshaciendo del dolor de garganta, por fin.

Reunión de 4 horas hoy. Las vacaciones de la semana que viene me hacen mucha, pero que mucha falta.

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everyone here: solorpunk rust programmer, sourcerer that ushers the runes of a computer to do my bidding, master of all four elements.

me: uhhhh i like cute shit! is that a skill???

Today I got 614 words written. That's 614 more than I had yesterday, but not really making my desired target yet. Hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow, at least a little.

And today I got out a 5.5k word chapter. Yay me.

When I say very productive I mean about 20000 words over the last month. I'm aware this isn't much compared to the pace of some other authors, but for me it is very very good output, and, if sustained, would be excellent.

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lewd joke... 

I've been very productive with my writing lately. Another issue is whether it is any good, but at least I'm getting the words out.

For example, writing a scene with someone's first kiss from that person's point of view, and the other participant's. It can get pretty itneresting when it works but it seems to be difficult. I'm trying my best.

Structural writing challenge at present: writing the same scenes from different viewpoints without being repetitive or losing balance.

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oh cool, the communist current finally launched!! it's a communist youtube channel that seeks to explain theory and current events to people, based in canada by two members of the youth communist league (one is trans and queer) and it seems way better than other communist youtubers because they're 1) not men and 2) not third worldists lol anyway this is a good video explaining dialectical materialism youtube.com/watch?v=nmRVoJFFkc

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