And that's why Atari 2600 Adventure is meaningfully an adaptation of Crowther and Woods Adventure. Sure, there's the world/object model, mazes, darkness and light sources, etc., but more importantly, you explore til you find the ending. That was *new*.

In the 70s and early 80s, if you divided games into "play til you lose" arcade games and "explore til you find the ending" journey games, the latter are almost entirely text adventures. And *that's* why they're called "adventure games."

I've said before that the "adventure game" genre is called the "colossal cave game" in a parallel reality, and I still think there's some truth to that, but here's my new theory:

Bitbucket is deleting your Mercurial repositories in June. "This deprecation will enable us to focus on building the best possible experience for our users."

Seriously is this an end run around Content-ID or what? Is it promoting something? E.g. there's someone else's music, in a very different style, tacked onto the end of the album. (Which I didn't notice at first because I stop listening when "Run For Your Life" starts)

When I was a kid I made a tape copy of the Nirvana CD "In Utero" by playing it on a Windows 98 computer one of my relatives had hooked up to a stereo system, but he had a G.I. Joe theme installed, and I was using the computer for other things at the same time, so the copy of the album I had was full of random samples of Cobra Commander shouting at people, and the real version of the album has never sounded quite right to me without the yelling

Also if you are a Resident Evil fan you should definitely check out the Alone in the a Dark post to read about where Resident Evil game from.

The Digital Antiquarian has been writing impressive early PC game dev history since 2011. There is a lot of good stuff to read there!

I really enjoyed this thoroughly-researched history of the development of Alone in the Dark.

After finding out about the "Berenstain" bears, I would not be in the least surprised that this is what the Beatles actually sounded like the whole time

vultures vomiting on vacation homes 

Consensus seems to be that it's furikake, rice seasoning!

One thing that's a bummer about being 40 is that I no longer have the kind of friends who want to go with me to Safeway at 1 in the morning to riff on the novelty breakfast products

Wardialler, a Twine game about 80s-era hacking, was (seemingly) made soundtrack-first. I.e., first you make a album of chill moody techno, then make a game that fits that mood to get people interested.

To be clear I'm not talking about C++ specifically, I mean the skill of "here is a language and a code base, I will learn both and then be able to maintain and add to this project."

They couldn't find anyone, internally or externally, who could/wanted to do that. Whether that speaks to their company culture, their hiring practices, or the culture they're hiring out of, I couldn't say. Probably all of the above.

It's emblematic of a tech culture that has no interest or experience in building and maintaining a solid, sustainable ecosystem.

I've often wondered how VC funded companies with thousands of programmers somehow seem to get nearly nothing done.

This post describing how Dropbox gave up on C++ (in part) because their C++ programmers quit and they couldn't figure out how to hire new ones explains a whole lot.

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