Later I asked for a side of mayo and the server asked me if aioli was ok

We went to a bowling alley for the pre-podcast dinner. We ordered the $9 deviled eggs, and they brought out 1.5 deviled eggs. When designing this menu, someone decided it was better to throw away half an egg than serve it to customers.

any title that's "the (a) of the (b)" but written "the (b) (a)" is funny to me
The Zelda Legend: Wild Breath

A good illustration here is "Hard to Handle" by the Black Crowes, because everyone agrees that the end of the verse is indecipherable gibberish but also that what he's actually saying can't possibly add value to the song.

Twinbeard facts: I have a good memory for melody and harmony and texture, but lyrics are a mystery. There are songs I love and have heard a thousand times where huge chunks of the lyrics are just babble to me and it never occurred to me to care enough to look them up

I have to assume the "Continue Watching" intended use case is to list all the movies I didn't think were good enough to finish, with a sprinkling of movies I finished but wanted to review one particularly good scene.

So now I have to stop calling Cherry Coke "Almond Coke." It was a fun ride while it lasted...

My sister mentioned to me this morning that cherry pits actually taste like almonds. I guess when you preserve whole cherries the fruit is infused with the pit's flavor? But they stopped making them that way because cherry pits are toxic.

@polychrome @mogwai_poet So I did frankly way, way too much digging into this question and it looks to me like Justin Frankel was definitely 19 years old when ID3 tag support got added to WinAMP and he personally extended the genre list to include "Primus"

The first 80 genres were created by Eric Kemp / NamkraD, though, and history has not recorded much about him besides that he came up with the original format.

Reading Wikipedia's history of this now, it is devoid of useful citations.

For the paragraph about how Michael Mutschler shortened the comment field to store a track number, it cites "Practical Common Lisp," by Peter Seibel.

Where'd the ID3 genre list come from? Only the first twenty entries are alphabetical. Someone must've written a paper on this.

It reads like a teenager (in 1998) wrote down genres as he thought of them until he hit the 7-bit enum limit.

For decades I thought it was a weird coincidence that almond extract tastes like cherries. Turns out that the candy "cherry" flavor has nothing to do with cherries. They make it with almond extract.

Sometimes I have important ideas at 4 AM that I email to myself so I won't forget.

The Diet Mountain Dew at this Taco Bell tastes like olive oil. Everyone knows you use canola oil for Mountain Dew.

refer to inventory items as "haveables"

To learn the major scale, here's this five hour practice routine. (For minor, enh, just pretend it's major and start on the 6th scale degree.)

s u p p o r t
p e o p l e
t h a t
m a k e
f r i n g e
v i d e o g a m e s

I only bumped into Conlon Nancarrow's work in my 30s, but it matches my own creative ethos so well that it instantly entered my personal canon.

Here's one of his more accessible works, study 3 for player piano, the "Boogie Woogie Suite."

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