Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition will be available August 3rd. (If I do a good job.) Please wish list on Steam to convince the algorithm that people care about this game!

Available for patrons, #38: Inside The Atomic Purple Man, ft. Rachel and Nathalie. We discuss which animals we wish were horse-sized, depicting dinosaurs as giant birds, daylight savings time abuse in speed runs, hands-free browsing, upgrading yourself, putting a dog in a video game that you can't pet, the cool S, whether it's okay to name something you're about to eat, and terrible foods from your childhood.

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Topic Lords #37: Fela Cooties, ft. Jay and Beek. We discuss a songwriter's "tarot deck," multimedia CD-ROMs, Jim's banana variety box results, choosing speech samples for 90s techno, the origin of the ID3 genre list, and Everything 2.

The Hot Topic in Ben Stiller's thought bubble that you can only shop at if Ben Stiller thinks of you.

Also discussed: not knowing how to safely use a gun so you just kick it down the hill, whether or not a pirate is a "sea monster," a COVID-19 Zoom bachelorette party 8 years in the making & the butterfly not getting a cut of your profits from the invention you based on its wings.

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I like the reframing of the Futilitris concept as being relaxing rather than being depressing. Also you can play this version after Flash goes away.

Available for patrons, #37: Fela Cooties, ft. Jay and Chris. We discuss a songwriter's "tarot deck," CD-ROM multimedia programs, Jim's banana variety box results, choosing speech samples for 90s techno, the ID3 genres, and Everything 2.

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Topic Lords #36: Look At An Octopus While You Shower, ft. April and Jenni, the show we did live for Duckfest 2020! We discuss befriending ravens, replacing taxes with microtransactions, clone ethics, sea monster decor, wrangling badgers, &c.

Elsewhere people have suggested a few apps such as Authy that will back up your 2FA tokens to the app's servers, but IMO that feels much less safe than *either* backing them up myself or not at all.

Another person suggested just saving a copy of the QR code used to generate the 2FA token, which is the best idea I've heard so far.

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Okay, so, how do I back up my Google Authenticator 2FA data? Is there just like a file I can copy? Because last time my phone died, getting back into those accounts was a huge hassle.

Also discussed: being on the Hypnospace Outlaw OST but not being Seepage, the verse of "I Want Your Sex" that's about how George Michael doesn't really want your sex, whether you're permitted to bring suitcases of cheese into Okinawa, and the effects of climate change on Pokemon.

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Winston loves Mother Goose Club, a series of music and nursery rhyme videos. They often bookend videos saying something like "Hi Mother Goose Club!" or "Bye bye Mother Goose Club!" in aggressively cheerful voices, and *every time* I think they're going to say "motherfuckers"

No patron preview episode this week because next week's episode will be the live show we do for Duckfest on Saturday. But give us money on Patreon anyway!

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Topic Lords #35: Nick Cave's Meow Mix Murder Ballads, ft. Erica and Dan. We discuss unreliable narrators in pop music, everything bad about where we live, toddlers remembering everything, simulating voices, ants, and Pokemon Stay.

Also because the game project was forked off of Frog Fractions 2, there's an early version of the TXT World level data in the StreamingAssets folder. Nobody noticed. This was back before I switched from PabloDraw to Playscii, if you want to load it up and poke around.

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One unexpected side effect of that big Itch bundle is that someone bought The Mystery Of Skull Island for $2. Split between the four developers that comes out to 50 cents each!

It's a neat trifle! A Fallen London-ish thing about your relationship with the 1960s supervillain who kidnapped you. Date him, try to escape, help him destroy the moon, &c.

Also discussed this episode: going into an anechoic chamber and hearing your synapses firing, making a game that induces panic attacks and deciding that next you want to make a less horrible experience, and beautiful white butterflies that are wrecking the shit out of your cabbages.

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We'll be doing a live Topic Lords show as part of Duckfest 2020! It's planned for June 27th, 5pm eastern, or 917 .beats.

I remain convinced that if I could get enough people to play the demo I'd have plenty of backers on the Kickstarter. It's just really really good.

Play it and tell me I'm wrong. I may have lost touch with reality.

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