In the spirit of Halloween, here's the most terrifying story I know, about how Dave Mustaine lost the use of his arm by sleeping in a chair.

Listening to Alex talk about Japan's predatory wedding industry in the latest NoMoWo suddenly makes Mario Odyssey introducing a group of villainous wedding planners make a lot more sense

when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

So, Mystic River.

It's weird, it's really weird, to see this film that's incredibly professionally crafted in most respects, but also has this meandering, awful score that's like an out of focus drunken clown photobombing every scene.

S3M facts: the S3M sample structure is 80 bytes, so even though it's a binary format, you can open it an 80-column text viewer and the sample names will be a contiguous readable block onscreen.

Impulse Tracker stores more info per sample but shortens the sample name, to retain this feature.

@moshboy oh! There was a take-rocket-to-Mars sim on Atari 800 that made you decide what to bring, and weight and cost was important. You could buy cats, which were useless. But you could buy *negative* amounts! I would fill up on negative cats and float off the Earth with tons of equipment and piles of cash. I still think about all those negative cats.

My aesthetic: when tracker musicians put credits or poetry or ascii art in the song's sample names, and then you make a new song by loading samples out of a bunch of different songs, so your sample list looks like a Burroughs cut-up.

Oh by the way my old friend needs someone to take over her puppet business. No joke. If you would like to make a decent living traveling the world doing puppet shows for people, hit me up. I'll connect you. She built up the business with her husband starting in 1979. They're ready to retire.

I could see the argument for every week, but every *time*? When you're just going to poop again the next day? Heck, why stop there? Why not wipe *while* pooping if being continuously clean is the goal. You could wipe the left half of your butthole while pooping out of the right, and then switch. See how ridiculous that sounds?

Life hack: to maximize crispy edge in your next batch of brownies, cook them by pouring the batter into your CPU's heat sink.

Have you ever found a taste, smell or texture to be comedic? Like you're rubbing some sandpaper and are like "Ha! Hilarious!"

I never have, and suddenly I'm wondering why.

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"Tech Workers Questioning Morality of What They're Building"

The central problems that plague us are and have been moral questions, not engineering challenges.

It's good to see a generation coming to terms with this.

I believe we will all literally die, or wish we were dead, if efficient military AI is invented in our current insane-capitalist civilization. We will be better, or we will die.

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... then the clerk said "but GameStop bought EB in 2005!"

Do I know anyone who's messed with developing in Forth? Or, like, vector displays?

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