Also discussed this week: whether Nintendogs go to heaven, a gif of a plane crashing into Oprah in the wake of 9/11, & Spielberg patrolling the internet for videos of Gizmo Furby talking to Yoda Furby and shutting them down cause that's not canon. (George Lucas is fine with it.)

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Winston (24 months) stood up on the couch and dunked a heavy glass bowl onto the floor. An hour later we were still finding shards e.g. on top of the shoe rack.

Where'd he find a heavy glass bowl, you may ask. It was the key dish! We can't just leave keys loose on the table. That'd be chaos!

There's also Tribal & Error, which made the festival rounds but I think was never expanded past the single-scene demo you can play on itch. I spoke to devs at Indiecade, and despite the similar premise/play, it was conceived independently from The Edifice.

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You can play The Edifice in the browser here:

There are three chapters, and the language puzzle is the middle one. The first and third aren't as interesting, as I recall. It's always an option to use a walkthrough to get to the juicy part:

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Here is a very good video about games in which you learn a language. Spoilers for Heaven's Vault, Sethian and Frog Fractions 2!

I've talked about this before, but the language puzzle in FF2 was inspired directly by a similar one in The Edifice by Lucian P. Smith, a text adventure composed of vignettes of our development as a species:

It's still weird to me how highly the THPS remaster was praised for its controls when it just replicated exactly the controls of a super-janky game from 1999, warts and all.

We would've expected better if not for the long period where Activision just couldn't get it right.

I hope one day someone writes the oral history of the Mario Sunshine pachinko level.

I definitely hear one of those dinosaurs that spat acid at Newman calling outside the bedroom window. Just climate change things!

Winston (24 months) is enjoying watching me play Mario Sunshine, which is itself enough to justify the purchase. Usually he won't stand for anything but children's music playing on the TV.

Up til like 2010 I sent IMs in all lowercase. I picked it up on 1990s IRC, where capital letters were stuffy and authoritarian. Of course, we were utterly meticulous in all other aspects of grammar/spelling. A bunch of cool teens hanging out behind the gas station in tuxedos with the sleeves rolled up.

Available for patrons, #49: A Very Wet Hell, ft. April and John. We discuss climate-aware architecture, focusing on characters vs. story in D&D, why we say "ahh" after drinking, perpetual stew, and laws/customs being different in different places.

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Topic Lords #48: Long Furby, ft. John and Abby. We discuss artificial life and virtual pets, San Diego, Bloodlust Software, and a found-footage web series depicting a creature lurking at the edge of the frame in amateur porn.

I feel like it happens a lot that when I'm not paying attention some random thought will slip past my filters out of my mouth and then some other part of my brain will be like "well I said it, I guess I must believe it"

- Mario Galaxy: you know what worked better than using an accelerometer to emulate the wiimote pointer? When I mapped it to the right stick in Dolphin.
- All 3 games have reversed camera controls. I guess remaking the game 20 years later is *one way* to provide invert options.

To elaborate: they originally controlled the camera's *position* with the right stick. Pushing left *moves* the camera left, which then looks right. In the remakes, pushing left *looks* left, which moves the camera right.

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- Mario 64: that super thin italic font that was a complete disaster at CRT resolutions looks great here. The system works!
- Mario Sunshine: the atmospheric heat distortion effect is going to be a problem, I think. Visibly tiling and unaware of camera rotation. I want sure if I was just nitpicking here so I asked my wife how the game looked and she said "why does it look all floppy?"

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Buying Super Mario 3D All-Stars even though I've bought all three games at least twice already and also have emulated all three of them in the last year, because of the kind of person I am.

Also discussed: visiting Montreal in 1997 and hiding in a high school gym for three days rather than seeing this amazing city with its amazing architecture, plugging a PC keyboard into your Mac and all the keys working perfectly in Schism Tracker, and just who, exactly, needs to apologize for this topic.

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Being obsessed with claves because of Brian Eno's "St. Elmo's Fire," but not being sure how to pronounce "claves."

Available for patrons, #48: Long Furby, ft. John and Abby. We discuss artificial life and virtual pets, San Diego, Bloodlust Software, and a found-footage web series depicting a creature lurking at the edge of the frame in amateur porn.

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Topic Lords #47: Santa Barbarella, ft. Chris and Rimbo. We discuss the 90s demo scene, Starflight, drums you play standing up, Tweeting the contents of Fred Flinstone's frozen carcass before you dig in, and how 16 bit audio failed us.

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