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Jim Stormdancer @mogwai_poet@mastodon.social

Currently in a room off to the side that is so under-utilized, there is a free seat on the couch next to me.

On my way to Art Jam at Stevie's. Hopefully not too crowded!

Coming up on the end of GDC, I can't help but wonder: do you have to do a marathon all at once, or does it count if you go the same distance over the course of say a week?

I have mostly been skipping parties this GDC and it has been amazing. Have you considered *not* being in a room with at best 200 screaming people, more likely 200 people screaming over incredibly loud music? Because it's pretty nice over here.

On this day, when nobody is on the Yerba Buena lawn because it's raining, I want to personally apologize to everyone I've told that you don't need to have a badge to get the most out of GDC.

Can't-fail startup idea of the day: whistle-tip vape pens

Since we've got a baby on the way, it's probably time for me to leave the starving artist lifestyle behind and get a big boy job.

If you think the lead designer and programmer behind the Frog Fractions series can make your game better, and you provide health insurance, let's talk!

Here's "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles" -- they couldn't be ninjas in PAL regions because ninjas move too fast to be captured at 50hz.


Bizarrely, the PAL version of Super Mario Bros. has *faster* music.


There's more where that came from. (Europe.) Here's Castlevania with the music running at 5/6ths speed.


If you want to see a version of Contra that has robots instead of Rambos and also disconcertingly slow music, I know a guy.


So when someone says "if you do a fandom differently from me you're a cop," is the joke that they're actually the one doing the policing?

I guess it's time for EGM to bring back that column about how celebrities sometimes enjoy video games. Did you know Jack Black really likes PGR

It is pretty cool for us that this generation of teens is growing up super politically engaged.

It is going to suck for kids 50 years from now when their grandparents have a generational lock on all political decisions.

How can we make voting only be cool for young people?

I have been informed that "Go Back Pig Eat Ball On Fig" is un-parseable word salad, so let me rephrase: "Pig Eat Ball" is a cool video game you should care about and help crowdfund!


Go back Pig Eat Ball on Fig! It's an endlessly inventive action/puzzle/exploration thing that I can't wait to play the completed version of.

Can't-fail startup idea of the day: JoCo Cruise except with Space Camp.

I'm order #69. The cashier grinned to herself while handing me the receipt. The number never goes as high as 420, so you take the joy you can get.

Remember when we saw a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio when he was totally cut but not flexing his abs and called it "dad bod"? And we thought we were being body-positive for celebrating the torso of someone who's paid to go to the gym but isn't *this second* flexing for the camera?

Asking for a friend.

Imagine if the SNES and Genesis had two completely independent methods of encoding art. Maybe one worked on Cartesian TVs and the other one on polar coordinate TVs, and we grew up with two bickering camps of how retro pixel art should look.

Actually, that would be fucking sweet.