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We did the Discourse thing 😀

Longer-form chats and functionality-discussioning available at:

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Today is World and the is campaigning to show the insane growth of cams everywhere. Tons of cams by official institutions and and individuals placing street-facing doorbell (like -horrific Ring) are watchind you.

In picture above Pirates decorate camera's with colored balloons to attract attention to them.

Also noteworthy: by @pukkamustard can now load surveillance cams..


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Dear fedi!

What is the best guide/primer to #FOSS for a highly intelligent, non-technical audience? (e.g. someone who wants to deeply understand value, why to engage)

Asking for a friend.

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"At Mojeek we believe in the value of Information Neutrality"

"Two people doing the same search with the same settings (notably location and language, and at the same time) should get exactly the same organic search results, as they do in Mojeek."

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I checked website traffic stats and was pleased to see my first referrer of the day came from privacy search engine I actually get quite a bit of traffic from them so it’s not unusual.

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I wrote a blog post about a blog post Mojeek wrote about Privacy Browser. It is blog post inception.

#mojeek #privacybrowser

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@fatboy only thing I would say is that #Mojeek is fully independent.

Qwant has a partnership with MS:

Use to go to Swisscows - like their semantic data recognition but pull off Bing.

Mojeek never fails to surprise me and if it strays too far gives you some alternate engine options at bottom of page.


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One overlooked #mastodon feature I enjoy is knowing that reading a toot or opening an image isn't contributing to some advertising algorithm's dataset on me and my purchasing preferences.

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You don’t want your “private” search engine to have a paid relationship with an upstream non-private search engine for the same reason you don’t want your browser to have a paid relationship with your search engine: Because, sooner or later, that paid relationship will result in tracking.

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In terms of mainstream browser options on Android, the bulk of them only allow you to search using G**gle, Bing, or Bing syndicates.

Fortunately there are independent developers who offer something different...

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🚨 More Clearview news! 🚨
Following our complaint, the UK data protection authority just issued its final enforcement notice against Clearview AI - with a fine of over £7.5m, & orders to stop collecting and delete data. Excellent news - we’re digesting the decision, more soon ⏰

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