I have added learning objectives for each chapter of my Testing Angular book.
The EPUB has been updated as well with styling and typography improvements.


I’ve updated the chapter on end-to-end to reflect that Protractor is deprecated and no longer included in CLI 12.

The chapter introduces and uses cy.intercept for mocking a third-party API.


My online book on Testing Angular applications moved to its own domain. Free, fast, no ads, no tracking. EPUB download.


I’ve released a free online book & e-book:

Testing Angular: A Guide to Robust Angular Applications


I’ve published a new article: Maintaining large applications – Lessons learned from long-term projects.

I’ve published my online book “Robust Client-Side JavaScript – A Developer’s Guide” as an EPUB:

molily.de/assets/robust-javasc (724 KB)

I’ve published a free online book:

Robust Client-Side JavaScript – A Developer’s Guide


Don’t mess with my Toot Toot!
Don’t mess with my Toot Toot!


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