hot take: no one likes double battles in pokemon

mastodon is good but its users are so cool that i get intimidated oops

no one should ever have to be awake this early

there are cool people on mastodon i would like to be friends with but it's hard to make friends ;-;

i know someone who says that given the choice she wouldn't rather be a pokemon than a human and i don't know why she would lie to me about something so inconsequential

I just finished a rock band custom (have been updating it in response to feedback I got from other custom creators) and it was hell, and now all I'm thinking about is the next one I'll do

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you can just delete a nazi with this modern technology

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OPINION: toots should be limited to precisely 489 characters, so that typing 69 characters will show 420 remaining, and vice versa

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a prime minister i would like to state that pineapple is a legal pizza topping

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every once in a while i get confident and decide "i'm going to figure out my gender shit" and i sit down at my wii u and i try to make a girl mii that looks anything like me and also is cute but i've never succeeded

mastodon stopped updating automatically and i have to refresh manually which is hard to do while playing rock band

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