I couldn't help it.

After completing Ukrainian I started on Russian.

Am I mad for pursuing both at the same time?

Oh well. At least I can read Cyrillic now.

I seriously hope I do not have to sue or threaten legal action to anyone at least for another 20 years.

Shits exhausting.

How dare you call me a champagne socialist.

Please use the correct term: Bolly Bolshevik.

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In a perfect world, nobody would fart in cups.

I'm actually fucking raging.

The screw is supposed to be one of the simple machines?



Gotten to the point where Ukrainian on Duolingo is getting automatic.

Gotta start reading me some fairy tales in the language now.

Me: "It was a bit hot today, wasn't?"

My Cat: "Ahhhrooahl..."

Me: "At least you don't sweat."

My Cat: "Úblüblüblüblüblhübh..."

Me: "At least its cool now. Will you have the zoomies?"

My Cat: "WOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!" *springs into the air and bounces off like a kangaroo*

I mean, any nukes would cause widespread devastation but total global annihilation?

Get real.

Maybe some parts would smoulder and swathes of the population would die agonizing and slow deaths, but won't be annihilated completely.

That's just too easy. Like with Covid, we're gunna suffer for a long time before the lights go out.

And many more will thrive.

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About to write a lovely letter to the unemployment office threatening legal action.

This is the second time I've done this in my life.

Am I proper adult now?

Friend: "...he cheated on me again. "

Me: "Oh no."

Friend: "I wanna punish him. What should I do?"

Me: "Cut off his beans."

Friend: "Yes! I - wait, what?"

I find it funny that most recruiters and companies don't realize that some candidates have email tracking.

I could literally see Astra Zeneca ghosting me in real time.

What was Cleopatra's greatest achievement?

Convincing people she was Egyptian.

New job is going better than expected. Can freely choose my hours.

Definitely a good, easy step back into the world of work after a year.

Who the F is Кріс sounds like a toothpick.


Apparently the UN thinks we're one miscalculation away from the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Dunno about you but that sounds like wishful thinking to me.

I say cigarette I actually mean nicotine-fuelled vape.

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It's actually almost magical when you meet another autistic person in real life.

Especially at a beer drinking/running/walking event.

Needless to say, I think I made a new friend.

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