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new blog post: "Students, are you asking the wrong questions?"

While I'm inventing conspiracy theory origins for recent technologies, here's another one:

Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person pseudonamed "Satoshi Nakamoto". Before people used their spare computing time to mine bitcoins, one of the big things they did with spare compute was to run the SETI@Home client, helping to search for extraterrestrials. Who might have a vested interest in redirecting resources away from the search for extraterrestrials? Is "Satoshi Nakamoto" really a /person/?

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So Decent is pretty fucking amazing!

Check it out on:

(An in-browser social network based on Scuttlebot and Minbase with seamless on-boarding. Seriously easier to get started with than a centralised social network like Facebook. Very, very impressed!)

PS. I’m @aral on there.

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'Matt Mayberry, who works at a California startup called Dopamine Labs, says it's common knowledge in the industry that Instagram exploits this craving by strategically withholding "likes" from certain users. If the photo-sharing app decides you need to use the service more often, it'll show only a fraction of the likes you've received on a given post at first, hoping you'll be disappointed with your haul and check back again in a minute or two.'
This is terribly wrong.

@Gargron hmm, I'm wondering if you know something about an issue with remote follows I've been experiencing. E.g. if I try to follow, I get a 404. I've seen this happen when trying to follow a few different remote accounts.

I don't understand people who think that self-improving artificial intelligence will solve all of humanity's problems. We've already got self-improving natural intelligence and all it does is shitpost and be depressed

There is a fantastic forum post out there on the internets somewhere that rates 20th century history as if it were a TV series. "[The second season is ridiculous. Another world war? The USA is the deus ex machina again? And come on, that villain. Could he *be* more villain-y? His elite force has skulls and bones for symbol, REALLY? It's just not believable.]", and so on.

Well, the latest season has a world leader doing things like this:

> I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his

The writers of this show need to study real politics for a while, or simply just the art of writing a character. This is a comic book character, and he's simply out of place in a serious alternate/future history work.

You can't just take a character and throw him into your story and have him say whatever you like just because it would be funny or move your story in the direction you nees, you need to have believable motivation, plans and a realistic personality.

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