The Blender & Audacity add-on playing both apps in sync - without Jack - so you can edit sound in Audacity and using Blender as video player -

@LunaticsTV @TerryHancock this might be useful for you too ^__^

🔆 Now it's 7 spots remaining in the credits of Pepper&Carrot Episode 3! Much thanks to @carlschwan for support!
👉Please check this link if you wish to get your name in the credits too -

✨ We've got our first sponsor in the list ✨
♥️ Much thanks to Côme Chilliet for joining! ♥️
Who will be next?

👉 Get your name in the credits of upcoming Episode 3 of Pepper&Carrot here -

Our team is working at the studio on new episode of motion comic. Just a reminder that Episode 3 is almost ready and you can get your name in credits -

Ищу организацию (РФ), которая желает поддержать производство новых эпизодов анимационного сериала "Пэппер и Кэррот".

- От вас: пожертвование в размере от 60 тыс. рублей на счёт нашей некоммерческой организации.
- От нас: логотип и название вашей организации в титрах нового эпизода "Пэппер и Кэррот".

Посмотреть пилотный эпизод -
Черновая версия нового эпизода -

Моя признательность за репост. ^__^

Starting from beginning of the summer our main forces are concentrated on production of Episode 13 of Motion Comic.

In this episode all characters wear unusual and complicated outfits, so Anastasia Mayzhegisheva made conceptual references.

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