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Do you think I should feel bad for throwing Koschei at ?

Best Girl rig by @artstoff and @daitomodachi6, Koschei The Deathless (the big roboto thingy) by @morevnaproject (and fsr all of a high quality free rig).

While we're preparing for production Morevna Episode 2, got a sudden idea:
Wouldn't it be cool to make some new Morevna episode as comics/manga (in parallel)?
What do you think? morevnaproject.org/2020/02/15/

Кощей: Ты кто такой?
Заяц: Я... доктор Заяц.
Кощей: Ну, заяц, ну погоди!

What if your animation project (I mean folder with your files) include list of all animation software packages (and their versions) required to work with your project? And what if you will be able to install them all in one click? Would that be useful for you?

This is a ready-for-print collection of artwork elements with Guy-In-Black character.
You can use it to produce your own merch/accessories via print-on-demand service nearby or DIY.

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