Making of Morevna’s dress concept

Here are the stages of creation Morevna's dress concept from my recent report. Artwork by Anastasia Mayzhegisheva.

Production Report #25

Long time no see! Oh, summer, summer – the time of hot days, rest and vacations! This very time after the long-awaited release of Morevna Episode 4 we decided to take a short break to refresh our minds, to have a good sleep, and recharge ourselves. The last month before the release really took a lot of efforts from our team, and for me personally - I almost didn’t sleep at all for whole month (th

Working on Morevna concept for new episode | Работа над концептом моревны для нового эпизода.

Morevna Episode 4 released on PeerTube

11 years ago I have published first post on this blog. Today is the birthday of Morevna Project and today we are releasing new episode of Morevna! The release is available for watching at our PeerTube channel.  Happy Birthday, project!

P.S. YouTube release is scheduled for June 6th. After that we will start preparing sources for publishing and will work on E

Morevna Episode 3.0.2 released in Russian

It's been a while since we released Morevna Episode 3.0.2 in English and French. Now, right before the release of Morevna Episode 4 (which is today), we're finally releasing a Russian version of Episode 3.0.2.
Comparing to version 3.0.1 this version has slightly-reworked video edit, some fixes for animation and some changes to soundtrack. Enjoy!


Tomorrow Morevna Project turns 11 years. And tomorrow we will publish Morevna Episode 4 on our channel. Everyone is invited!

@morevnaproject Congratulations on this new episode !
We're looking forward to be able to perform the French adaptation :)

Только что наш пробный DCP-пакет успешно прошёл тест в кинотеатре. Шансы на показ в кинотеатре Горно-Алтайска растут!
Successfully built a DCP for screening in local cinema. Much thanks to ! -

Пришла тестовая футболочка от Качеством доволен! Плюс, очень быстрая доставка в наш регион - 6 дней от Москвы до Горно-Алтайска! P.S. За качество фото ивините.
Test T-Shirt from Happy with the quality. Shipping was incredibly fast for our region. P.S. Sorry for photo quality.

...А тем временем, мы осваиваем самостоятельную сборку DCP-пакета! OpenDCP for the win!
P.S. Есть некоторый шанс устроить показ Моревны для жителей Горно-Алтайска в местном кинотеатре.

Layout of shot 156 in || Сцена 156 разложенная в программе

Guy-in-Black character (chibi) | Парень в чёрном (стикер)


УЛПРЕССА о прошедших мастер-классах в Ульяновске: "Что имел в виду губернатор, когда говорил о создании в регионе «анимационного технопарка»" -

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