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Google, who became the most powerful corporation in the world by selling web ads: Hey in the future every computer program should actually be a website. Don't worry about why, just do it. It'll be cool. We're the vanguard of technology or something

People: ok

People: hey why does this calendar i downloaded have ads in it

Google: Haha cool

How much longer would Queen Elizabeth have to live before people start getting really suspicious

Anderer Ansatz: alle, die sich jetzt darin 眉berbieten, haargenau auszurechnen, wie viel Emissionen Greta zu viel erzeugt, versuchen vor dem erhobenen Zeigefinger die gleiche T盲tigkeit mit weniger Emissionen zu schaffen (bei gleicher Berechnungsmethode). 鈽濓笍


Ended up doing my talk barefoot. Decision to paint my toenails gold last week paid off!

If anyone wants to try out my latest improvements to Social, check out the flatpak bundle from the latest commit:

Hopefully there will be a nightly repo to make things simpler.

Cishet male culture is feeling threatened by your girlfriends sex toys

Workout level 鈥渂uying your own fractional weights for exercising at the gym鈥

Judging from the pile of tissues besides the bed after each night I must be getting better.. 馃ぇ

Never trust a person who says "a female" instead of "a woman".

Ich bef眉rchte die Probleme liegen schon davor. Was fehlt ist die konsequente Ausbildung und Weiterbildung in Richtung Einsatz digitaler Medien und Lehrinhalten sowie Handreichung von Informationen. @digitalcourage haben ein sch枚nes Handbuch herausgegeben. Ich werde versuchen, das In der Schule meines Sohns publik zu machen.

Right now I'm earning ~$80/month in patreon and when I get to $100/month I'm going to start doing early access for patrons to poems from my forthcoming chapbook

My Bluetooth 5.0 headset can now connect to multiple carriers at once and "share" it's music wirelessly.

Yet, two-way information exchanges (i.e. any headset profile audio) still sounds like a fucking nightmare and use audio codecs and modulations from the 90s 馃し

Truly wireless, versatile, compatible and usable headsets when?

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