Is there an open source self-hosted clone of ? I'm interested in a system that offers minimal authoring abilities and has a social-network flavour to it. Any ideas?

Finally figuring out how Mastodon works. Thanks, Leslie Patricelli!

Today I deactivated my Twitter account.

I was on Twitter for more than 11 years, and had a verified account with 30,000+ followers.

I visited their office when they were 20 people (meeting with Ev) and again when they were 3,000 people.

It is such a relief to get rid of something that has turned into one giant plastered-with-ads-and-forcefed-clickbait mess of harassment, bots and Nazis that is steered by a spine- and clueless leadership team.

Hi again, Mastodon! 👋

hoooo boy, I shouldn't have touched that domain's NA/SOA records .. should not have done that

just saw a massive twitter thread about how mastodon is bad because it's hard to build a brand or an audience on here and hahaha bitch exactly

When it's 34°C / 94°F outside, it's best to find a shady spot and rest!

So until now I knew that WSL is slow, but I could not really put numbers on it. A rails test suite runs in ~1 minute under Linux (dual boot) on the Razer Blade Stealth and takes ~3 minutes running under WSL on the same machine.


(My mid 2011 iMac takes ~2 min, btw.)

Isolate bigots and let them eat each other.

Our own @effye is recounting her experience behind her journey towards her inner self in this fantastic article:

It has brought tears to my eyes, and I'm grateful to get a chance to work with her.

just a reminder: nazis will actually get banned here if you report them

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Bex Taylor-Klaus makes me so happy. <3

"You are enough. Your clothing choices do not define you, or your gender. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “am I [queer/trans/fill-in-the-blank] enough.” You are. Simply by being you and living your truth. Remind yourself today that YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. Even if you’re feeling lost and out of place. Go to a mirror. Remind yourself you’re worth it. Say it enough times that you start to believe it. Be kind to yourself 🖤" is the most well put explanation of what type of "data privacy" you can expect on #Mastodon.

Thanks @darius for writing this.

It's so nice also to see how well the email analogy works to explain Mastodon federation.

I don't know anything about Oracle except that it's not surprising that submitting my cookie preferences "may take up to a few minutes to process".

Also, the ACME (v2!!) provider for Terraform is now officially supported by Hashicorp! 😍

Let's Encrypt certificates using Terraform, including renewal etc. without the hassle of having to install a third party binary ❤️

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