FOSS boys: phew I finally got my emails working on my phone, it took me a week, involved a soldering iron, and I had to write a patch for a library

Also FOSS boys: people choose the convenience of Apple/Google/Microsoft because they're lazy and stupid, anybody can switch to Arch and PostmarketOS and self-host everything

if your Big Data person does NOT know what this picture means, get rid of them

Chromium on Linux is listening through your mic, get rid of that garbage straight away:

It strikes me that it shouldn't be possible on any modern OS to access the microphone or camera without a notification, an explicit allowance, and a logfile generated somewhere.

Really happy that the local food scene has progressed to the point that you can now get vegan food that is just massively unhealthy absolute trash.

terf bullshit 

Apparently an infosec company found a vulnerability in Giggle (the app that requires a selfie to confirm that you're a woman, not the git frontend), and terf bullshit ensued:

why is pythons support policy so "lol upgrade every three months"

Schulen dürfen kein Marktplatz sein, um Neukunden für Microsoft zu generieren, deren Produkte letztendlich eine Abhängigkeit auf Kosten der digitalen Souveränität erzeugen. 

#NoMicrosoft #NoO365

Great news for our Fairphone 3 users… we start rolling out the software update to Android 10 today! 🙌 Depending on your network, some users may receive the update later. Once available you’ll receive a push notification to automatically update. #wearefairphone

Can we please, please – PLEASE! not make the nonsensical US date format month/day/year the default in applications? 🤦‍♂️


And to all users of that format: it makes no sense, it's counter-intuitive, it makes collaboration frustrating, it introduces inconsistencies and errors... Just stop. Please. Use international standards.
(And don't get me started on your other units of weights, volumes and distances. Bloody hell.)

Boost if I'm right.

The feeling of holding a woman's hand boost if you agree

Finally closed my PayPal account. It's been long overdue, don't know why I kept it around for so long

Excuse me, esteemed person of taste and intelligence, have you renewed your subscription to my awesome & gorgeous lil sib @ArtistMarciaX 's newsletter yet? Today is your last chance for August! If you haven't subscribed why don't you start and actually become a person of intelligence and taste ya dweeb :blobcatglaredrink:

bringt die Warnungen des ins Fediverse. Auf findet ihr Informationen und Links zu den Bots für eure Region.

ist hier:


Without any of his fans knowing he was ill, Chadwick Boseman gave us many of the greatest turns of Black performance in film, including one of the most beloved and iconic Black superheroes of our present time: a king, a leader, trying to make a better world.

Wakanda Forever.

We’re proud to officially announce the Fairphone 3+ 🙌 It has improved cameras, upgraded software and even more fair materials, but here’s the twist: The exact same modules can also be used to upgrade the Fairphone 3. 🌍 📱 Read more:

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