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Hey, wir sind die #krautreporter! Unsere Mission: Verstehe die Zusammenhänge. Wir sind ein unabhängiges Online-Magazin. Statt über Werbung finanzieren wir uns komplett über unsere Mitglieder.
Die beziehen wir in die Recherche und Artikelentstehung mit ein und lassen sie hinter die Kulissen blicken. Und wir diskutieren mit ihnen in der Kommentarspalte. Denn wir glauben: Zusammen können wir besseren Journalismus machen.

Quite fond of netplan for now, upgraded my server recently and had to use it in order modify my networking configuration.

Logical, easy to understand, rollback support.. pretty good

One positive thing about corona 

I've been commuting to an office for the last two weeks because it takes some time to receive all the secure equipment.

1,5 hours per day
5 days a week
7.5 hours of my own time lost to commuting. That's like working an extra day per week!

I feel like corona gave us the opportunity to realize the absurdity of this.

Aussage eines Softwareherstellers:
Leerzeichen im Passwort werden natürlich nicht unterstützt, darauf bräuchte auch nicht extra hingewiesen zu werden, da ein Wort schliesslich kein Leerzeichen enthalte.

you have to say "i'm in" whenever you ssh into a machine for the first time, it's the law

You know #Slack has failed when every message starts with @here or @channel

This is absolutely fantastic content and you will want to see this if you're interested in what happened with UA-328 (the Denver flight that's been in the news for its burning engine 2): youtube.com/watch?v=q5Wler87pw

Man, Boeing's airplane business has the worst luck with *checks notes* airplanes

We need acid tests for ethics in #AI and #ML.

Anyone knows of any open source/research initiatives in that field?

A Reddit comment I just read that seems painfully accuarate for most straight women 

"There's a quote I see sometimes, it's essentially "abusive men pave the way for lazy ones." Straight women wind up in relationships with mediocre dudes because there are so many downright awful ones out there, that a guy that doesn't hit you, cheat on you, or scream at you is a winner. It's really fucking sad."

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