It would be great if we could actually get Bernie Sanders to join Mastodon. This is the future of social networking, after all. Just saying

Wanna help feed ducks and long bois, or enjoy the duck posting? There's duck food on my wishlist or my PayPal is

I will be starting a test run of a paid add-on for Mastodon "Full-text search" on the servers I host.

You can read about it here:

Any questions, please let me know.

If you feel down because your software has bugs that you haven’t gotten around to fix in forever or that you launched with a design that hasn’t been polished enough always remember that Acer shipped this

For the first time, Lindsay Ellis speaks about surviving bad-faith hate mobs online, how they dehumanize and isolate you, and the importance of standing up for friends when attacks happen.

The build for has a Windows Authenticode cert from Since I bought it last year, they've hiked the annual price from $74 to *$499*. Not exactly indie dev pricing.

Looking now at ($84). Anyone know other alternatives?

Just experienced the new "follower transfer" feature of #Mastodon3, from the follower point of view, and it's awesome.

I did not have to do anything and then just saw a message in my timeline that said "hey, this is my new account, etc." from someone I like to follow.

A game changer for the #fediverse.

One thing that person noted though is that it does not automatically transfer the list of accounts one follows. Any reason for that?

@Gargron @Thib

I've only worked with CircleCI for a few hours and I already remember very vividly why I hate hosted CI 🙄

german, Deutsche Bahn 

I bought my significant other a Geiger Counter for her birthday and now Amazon will forever think I'm a prepper

I'm sorry for the outage this morning .. it was likely caused by an issue at the DNS level, originating from ThoughtWork's DNS provider UltraDNS.

All we could do was wait for the issue to resolve itself unfortunately. Happy tooting.

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