I have a spare ticket to EMF Camp that I would love to give away, especially to a woman or non-binary person interested in technology, a student, or anyone of various groups under-represented in tech.

OH "put it in your heels and double click like Dorothy"

Chicago friends: I'll be at State and Lake Tavern tonight from 19:00 to 22:00 enjoying acoustic covers played by my great friend, the amazing Chris Corsale. Join me! chriscorsale.com/

Today's achievement: used "they're", "there", and "their" within the first five words of a single sentence

Online isn't working out quite like I hoped, but it is doing wonders for my songwriting.

I'm celebrating 10k bird site followers by spending more time on Mastodon.

Forgetting to wear gloves while making green chili reminds you that you're alive.

I like to think that Calculus Made Easy (Thompson, 1910) was addressed to boys because girls don't need so much help with math.

Sometimes when I break a string on my guitar I like to challenge myself to find something nice to play on the remaining strings. Tonight I'm down three strings and finding joy in This Must Be the Place.

I got a woman's phone number at the hotel bar tonight. It was from a dude who accidentally gave me his wife's number, but, you know, baby steps.

figured out that hackrf_sweep achieves better than 26 MHz per second per dollar

For me "looking into online dating" involves reading a bunch of research papers. After this I'm afraid I may accidentally compliment a woman on her utility index.

Me: "I hadn't had a migraine since Emily and I split up. I started looking into online dating last night, and I woke up with a headache this morning. Maybe women give me headaches."

@dominicgs: "Well, I guess you're gay now!"

leaving Korea for my second time, these were some of my favorite things about this trip: public foot baths on the street at 유성 hot spring, Korean drinking culture, Korean hiking culture (see drinking culture), new friends excited about wireless hacking, new friends totally uninterested in wireless hacking, old friends even though seen only briefly, support found in unexpected places, learning some unpleasant things about Korean culture only to be overwhelmed later by wonderful things.

I did a write up for the Hamburgsides keynote I did last year - 'The Mighty Superpowers of a well-established "Us"', about BlackHoodie, why XYZ-only workshops make sense, why otherness is an issue and about how-to Padawan 0x1338.blogspot.de/2017/04/the

The only thing complicated about complex numbers is that they have two parts instead of one. They are a natural extension of numbers we use every day (specifically, an extension of real numbers that is closed under exponentiation).

We use complex numbers in DSP (and especially in SDR) because they make things simpler, not more complicated. A little time spent getting comfortable with complex numbers will go very far toward helping you take advantage of the extreme flexibility of SDR.

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