I would think a victory for Epic here would not only affect Apple - but topple the app ecosystem across Google Play, and the Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems. Ironically, Valve and Steam may be the only one unaffected.

Epic vs. Apple Trial Features Battle Over How to Define Digital Markets


There’s different COVID-19 vaccines in Canada. There’s good vaccines - mRNA based that are 95%+ effective that are being used only for a select group of people... and a bad vaccine that’s only 62% and which has led to the death of at least six people from blood clots in the last few weeks and that is available to anyone because we got a supply from countries that refuse to use it and the government is under pressure to do “something”.

What would you do?

GNOME 40 is like macOS but better.

Humble Bundle will eliminate sliders and cap charitable donations to 15%. Not cool.


The latest version of Ubuntu lacks ambition and is more of the same old same old. Canonical seems to have lost its appetite for the desktop. If you’re looking for a modern forward faced Linux based operating system, wait for Fedora 34.


@microsoft is slowly eliminating the need to run Linux outside of the subsystem for Windows.


Using xxx@twitter.com does not refer to anything. Please stop.

We have already received about 1500 unique answers on the Linux Gamer survey! If you game on Linux (even partially) and have not answered yet, please add your voice as well: boilingsteam.com/our-new-linux #linux #linuxgaming #survey #boilingsteam

This is a great development for Linux and for consumers. Using software to disable your products is anti-consumer and a bad business model. It also doesn’t work.

Nvidia's Virtualization Unlocked On Gaming GPUs via Hack | Tom's Hardware tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-g

Mozilla uses Firefox to actively censor websites based on their editorial content, positions itself as a defender of privacy rights while receiving hundreds of millions from Google’s privacy invading search engine, and is generally slower and less compatible. For a better experience use Brave or even Edge. .


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