Why are the worst apps bundled in with most Linux distros?

A big welcome to all of the anti-free speech people who are joining because they dislike Elon Musk, or Twitter, or Donald Trump, or all of the above. Mastodon is operated server-by-server and most servers are operated by groups that impose their own policies. Some, like you, are opposed to free speech. Some servers are full of crazy people. Others are a mix.

Choice is freedom. Welcome to Mastodon.

A tech reporter complains in review that GrapheneOS doesn’t work as well as Android with her Google Apps 😂


Yeah, they lost me with this. I don’t want my *search engine* censoring things for me. That’s not it’s job.

Using brave search instead.


Reactle 60 4/6*


Need to be better.

Reactle 59 5/6*



These are hard!! But open source :)


Reactle 58 6/6


Let's set the record straight! This is a screenshot of Elden Ring I just took. It's running on Kubuntu Linux on my desktop PC.

EAC is working and I'm logged into multiplayer.

Nothing extra was required, aside from checking the Steam Play box to run the game with Proton.

#SteamDeck release date announced! #Ubuntu Mate lands on the GDP Pocket 3, #Framework open-sources their laptop firmware, and turning your Raspberry Pi 400 into a modern #Amiga.


Bravely Default II on Steam doesn’t use cloud save. Square Enix hates gamers.

Apparently Steam Deck has been trademarked in Japan: a sign that the pre-orders will start soon there?: #linux #linuxgaming #hardware #steamdeck #trademark #japan

QT tmark365: 出願人:Valve Corporation
商品役務:手持ち式コンピュータ,コンピュータハードウェア,コンピュータネットワーク用ハードウエア,コンピュータ周辺機器 ほか7
続き chizai-watch.com/t/1620792

Happy New Year to the Fediverse and to everyone that makes it such a rockin’ good place!

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