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As promised, I’ve released a demo album of some of the instrumental tracks I began working on for NaSoAlMo 2017.

You may like this album if you like ’80s retro/synthwave/new wave stuff.

Question for artists: how do you curate your online galleries? Do you
a) periodically wipe the slate clean and start again?
b) remove anything more than X years old?
c) remove the stuff that you no longer like?
d) divide it up into ‘best’ and ‘not so best’ sections with folders/tags? or just
e) treat it as a complete permanent record (and if some of it's bad, well, that was then)?

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My Christmas card from @poetfox and @Belabor arrived, with a bonus picture!

Unsure of the artist on the main card (signature says "Icksi", so possibly @icksi@birdsite?), but artist on the bonus picture is @moult!

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Commission for @nouv , revision A! Switching bodies on a 12-hour schedule is nicely complemented by an unnecessary (yet comforting) wake-up/tuck-in ritual.

Came across this comparison of different crowdfunding services (including donation-based, tipping and a few other models) while looking around. A bit open/software-centric, not sure how up-to-date (Ko-Fi absent), and naturally they conclude their own is the best, but interesting

room-temperature last-night's-leftovers takes

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No new Dragon Moms today, but I did put out a dragon game Tuesday, so give it a look if you're needing your dragon fix! It's an exciting adventure of sex work and romance and complicated feelings!

If you're not the sort for a spicy BDSM romance, maybe you'd like to play my previous game, Changing Together, instead? It's still super cute and super about dating a dragon!

Commission for 7foxfire, of Shurik (who is too shy to make friends with Vince) and Vince (who hides from friendship in flirting, and should probably knock it off)

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Now that my deskless art setup is functional at last, I'm on a dependable schedule again, and my most pressing art obligation is out of the way, I've decided I'm OK with taking a few commissions -- so if you've had your heart set on getting a piece from me, feel free to send an inquiry to my email (now tarah at (Price sheet below, serious inquiries only.)

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this may be the only time i ever link to twitter on here but a i wrote a long thing about emotional health and the mean side of the web

Recommended to me by @Xinjinmeng, the whole film's legitimately on YouTube, and it's everything you want a Soviet sci-fi comedy to be: slow-paced, earthy, funny and weird. Somewhere between Hitchhiker's Guide, Mad Max and Waiting for Godot

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Exciting new avatar by @moult who is extremely good and draws extremely good things!

‘Look at this garbage. What is this?’
‘Oh no, it’s my dreaded apple slicer.’
‘There’s no easy way to clean it!’
‘I clean it all the time.’
‘Impossible. I hate this thing.’
‘Just leave it in the sink.’

Commish for Firefox of his bickering couple Tape and Tora (with thanks to him for the dialogue).