Andante, non presto... oh dear.

Thanks to Forepawz for the commission of his character!

i'm rarely sure of my identity or able to assert it. But i think it matters that however inhibited you are, you try to speak in some way, and however uncertain you are of yourself, you still consider yourself real

updated my pride icon so that it actually parses as a pride icon

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Corner stars, at the intersection of Rock and Roll.

Thanks to Zomgshiny for the commission of his and Zack Gray’s characters!

They don't make the t-shirts any more, but they still make the music.

Thanks to Zedonk for the commission of his character!

Loretta: No, you *can't* ship Starflower Sparkledance with Midnight Mistwalk, this issue establishes they're canonically *rivals* and anyway it wouldn't make *sense*!
Libra: [does not care]

Firefox (@fa) and Calorie's characters respectively; thanks to Firefox for the commission!

That’s some……… *dam* good workmanship! [studio audience groans]

Thanks to @mikegrace for commissioning me to draw his character!

So many books to shelve, so little time.

Thanks to @Ormur for the commission of his character!

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Ffion has got serious about her cycling since we last saw her

- I honestly don't know why we keep coming back. Why on earth mount a Donizetti if you haven't the singers?
- Oh fiddle faddle, Piers, I saw you during "Spargi", that was not the face of a suffering man.

art, sort of nsfw, definitely saucy 

Forgotten alt text: a poodle with a soft drink gets a friendly message

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