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I don’t think I fit in the car but I can head up to the park right now and wait for you there.


when your partner (south) books a visit from her old friend (north) on the same weekend that you (east) book a visit from your daughter (west), and you all go to the garden centre because that's what there is here

‘Wait, is that - Sean! what are you - SEAN DON’T - oh god take over will you Tilly NO SEAN STOP!’

2018's are (I trust in the world's postal services?) with their recipients by now. Sorry for the embargo, I like to keep them as special physical objects for a while. But I do wish happy holidays to you all!

I realised earlier that I hadn't widely shared my holiday cards for the last two years (I imagine last year I had that realisation too late for it to feel appropriate). This was the one I sent out in 2016...

Two hours after I post this, Back in Time for the Factory is on; they're experiencing 1973-era working life, and they're making these

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As promised, I’ve released a demo album of some of the instrumental tracks I began working on for NaSoAlMo 2017.

You may like this album if you like ’80s retro/synthwave/new wave stuff.

Question for artists: how do you curate your online galleries? Do you
a) periodically wipe the slate clean and start again?
b) remove anything more than X years old?
c) remove the stuff that you no longer like?
d) divide it up into ‘best’ and ‘not so best’ sections with folders/tags? or just
e) treat it as a complete permanent record (and if some of it's bad, well, that was then)?

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My Christmas card from @poetfox and @Belabor arrived, with a bonus picture!

Unsure of the artist on the main card (signature says "Icksi", so possibly @icksi@birdsite?), but artist on the bonus picture is @moult!

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