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‘It absolutely IS practical for the sort of thing a Pre-Raphaelite woman needs to do - looking out of stained glass windows, falling asleep in arbours…’
‘Having a float in a river…’

I inked ¾ of this before I realised that silhouettes and thrown shadows together don’t make sense - is this back projection or overhead projection? - but never mind

‘Gareth has the support of his MPs, his party and the public. He wants to get on with delivering an effective opposition, and I fully support that.’
‘So you don’t personally endorse him.’
‘I think I’ve made my position clear.’
‘… All right, I’ve got what I need, thanks Jess. Your folks well?’
‘Very well, thank you. Your Ariane’s taking her A-Levels, isn’t she?’
‘Just got her results. 4 As.’
‘Aha! Tell her not to overachieve or she’ll end up here.’


‘Breakfast in bed!’
‘Yeah. Where else are we supposed to eat it? Outside?’
‘Al fresco, I could see that.’
‘In February. Molto fresco. Troppo fresco. … Ugh, why am I such a bear. Sorry. Thank you.’
‘Eh. Tough times. It's all right.’


Vi has been showing Kip how to cover her admin duties for a few hours now. It doesn’t seem to be going in


‘Oh bugger, my wings were in the way. Can we take another?’
‘Your wings are NEVER in the way.’

my flesh may have been replaced by animated ectoplasm but I'm still going to do