RT @DenelleDixon: Court denies FCC's ask to postpone Mozilla v. FCC, our net neutrality lawsuit. Good news for consumers and the open web. tweeted by @mozilla

Psst . . .

@CommonSense wrote these tips to help you teach your kids about clickbait but they definitely work on parents and grandparents, too.

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RT @FirefoxDevTools: In the last 3 months, what were the 3 most time-consuming CSS layout issues you faced from this list? Anything missing… tweeted by @MozDevNet

Defending your rights to safety, choice, control and transparency have been baked into our mission since the start.

Use Firefox already? More power to you. t.co/ClitNy9gBU tweeted by @Firefox

Just think of all the good things you could do in this world with the sheer amount of seconds (dare we say MINUTES) you'd save by using these keyboard shortcuts.

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"It is so easy to open up Twitter or Facebook or Reddit on my phone, but I never feel good about it after I leave." — @NateWeiner on how social media has changed how we read, and how @pocket can be the feed that helps you feel fulfilled.

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Last year, Mozilla and @dundeeuni announced a doctoral program focusing on IoT and .

If you're an interested technologist, designer, or researcher, apply before January 25.

Learn more 👉 t.co/GfgFL33IJ1

The application 👉 t.co/x9wk26DgiY tweeted by @mozilla

New on MDN: Web Crypto API
The Web Crypto API is an interface allowing a script to use cryptographic primitives in order to build systems using cryptography.

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New on MDN: Introduction to web APIs
This updated document covers APIs from a high level and the different main classes of APIs (and their uses).

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When and how to use CSS multi-column layout: t.co/S8YRn9qyro tweeted by @MozDevNet

RT @jessysaurusrex: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |
| next time u |
| procrastinate,|
| take 5 mins |
| to clean up |
| ur browser |
| extensions… tweeted by @Firefox

"Hulking robots make for good cinema, but aren't accurate representations of how AI can and does do harm today."

—@msurman in @cnn, on the importance of anticipating & eliminating bias in today's pervasive AI.

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RT @CNNOpinion: We face a serious artificial intelligence threat, writes @msurman. To solve it, "we need to anticipate and eliminate bias i… tweeted by @mozilla

As faith in the goodwill of marketing companies deteriorates, and awareness of the value of user privacy grows, @hackernoon predicts that 2019 will be the year of privacy.

Read more: t.co/O7JGcLlfe4 tweeted by @MozDevNet

The new Flexbox Inspector, created by Firefox DevTools, helps developers understand the sizing, positioning, and nesting of Flexbox elements.

Here's what into making this useful tool: t.co/BTZJlbsCdL
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Firefox DevTools Tip 💡

Would you like to reorganize the elements on a page and see what it will look like? You can! Using the Firefox Inspector, find the elements you want to move and drag them into their new position.

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RT @netizenorg: we're back with our 3rd D.R.E.A.M. event in partnership w/ @mozilla on Jan 31: Decentralizing the Web w/ @taravancil! join… tweeted by @mozilla

RT @mozillareps: If you're feeling creative and up for a challenge, here's what you can do to help Mozilla spread the word about the Firefo… tweeted by @MozDevNet

RT @rachelandrew: I wrote about some of the use cases for Multi-column Layout for @smashingmagazine t.co/sKMCt30CGD tweeted by @MozDevNet

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