RT @Vimeo: We're teaming up with @mozilla to host @bigapplevideo on 06/26. Join us at our HQ in New York for a day of in-depth talks on the… tweeted by @mozilla

Privacy policies are long and dense. Whomst among us carefully reads every privacy policy or terms & conditions they agree to? tweeted by @Firefox

You deserve real privacy, not empty promises.

Let us help you protect your life online.

t.co/M1BFfVluuG tweeted by @Firefox

This spring, Mozilla's latest Creative Media Awardees are debuting their projects: art and advocacy that highlight the unintended consequences of artificial intelligence.

Meet our two latest: tweeted by @mozilla

Participa en la conversación mundial sobre Inteligencia Artificial Responsable. Envía una propuesta de sesión para t.co/QaVPmaIkGw t.co/6oOo94GQKZ tweeted by @mozillafestival

RT @CyLab: In the latest IRL podcast from @Firefox, CyLab's @LorrieTweet talks about how privacy policies have warped our understanding of… tweeted by @Firefox

RT @viewsourceconf: Happy Monday! View Source Amsterdam 2019 tickets are now available. This year, we have our friends from Google, Micros… tweeted by @mozilla

“You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube on this stuff”— @cwarzel

Decades of our information is out there and has been spread, sold, targeted and re-targeted to us around the web. Now what?

Find out in the latest episode of IRL, out now: t.co/QacGkXs5uj tweeted by @Firefox

NEW travel stipend process! If you want to apply, submit your session proposal then complete the separate travel stipend application by July 1. Details here: t.co/53bIiYFk7i t.co/LpAJuIDR5L tweeted by @mozillafestival

RT @MakeUseOf: In Case You Missed It: @Firefox Now Blocks Third-Party Trackers by Default t.co/UWB17FXZNA t.co/ENo9ppvtVe tweeted by @Firefox

A recent poll from @pewresearch found Americans see fake news & misinformation as a bigger problem than terrorism.

We fight misinformation on the daily. Can you help? t.co/RRMECigUmw t.co/qkziFN4mgT tweeted by @mozilla

Coming up Monday: the season 5 premiere of our IRL podcast with @manoush.

Surprise! We’re focusing on privacy. Subscribe now to get the first episode when it drops:

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RT @pocket: 🎉 Hooray! We just added highlights, reading-time estimates, and 6 more features to Pocket when you’re using it in Firefox, Chro… tweeted by @Firefox

RT @wired: About 5% of the world speaks English, yet 50% of the web is in English. As companies attempt to get more and more people online,… tweeted by @mozilla

"Our political conversations are happening on infrastructure—Facebook, YouTube, Twitter—built for viral advertising," writes Mozilla Fellow @Noupside in @wired.

t.co/jiqjRU88Cq tweeted by @mozilla

In our latest Report, we examine how cities — from New York to Barcelona to Amsterdam — can play an outsized role in making the internet a safer, more equitable place. t.co/WO4tKHZKnj tweeted by @mozilla

Already got the browser? Great!

Now get the rest of Firefox.

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RT @mozillafestival: If you could do one thing to make the internet a safer, more inclusive place for everyone, what would you do? Bring yo… tweeted by @mozilla

RT @georgiafrancesk: When it comes to online harassment protection, Slack is slacking off. A look at what happens when a company passes the… tweeted by @mozilla

If you could do one thing to make the internet a safer, more inclusive place for everyone, what would you do? Bring your ideas to and join the movement for . Submit your session idea today! t.co/53bIiYWUYQ t.co/gLcWvHLnbD tweeted by @mozillafestival

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