Mozilla's Open Leadership program provides training, community, and tools to projects and people who are working open.

And, we're now accepting applications for our next cohort.

Learn more and apply 👇 tweeted by @mozilla

Our friend (and former Mozilla Fellow) @Paw was recently named to @techreview's "Innovators under 35 in Latin America" list.

"Paola's work... has helped to reverse the discrimination of more than 20,000 fraudulent convictions."

Congratulations, Paola! 🎉 tweeted by @mozilla

“Firefox has recently become a bit of a security and privacy control center, incorporating more anti-tracking and security controls than any other popular rival browser.”

It's true. Everything we make & do fights for you. tweeted by @Firefox

RT @abdavidson: The FCC's protections were the product of years of deliberation & fact-finding. @mozilla and friends argue t… tweeted by @mozilla

Billions of data records have been compromised in 2018. Is your email one of them?

Find out & get a heads up when you visit sites that have been breached this year with Firefox Monitor. tweeted by @Firefox

It’s important companies, and other consumers, see which products people think are safe, and which products people feel are a bit creepy. We created our Creep-O-Meter to let folks give their opinion too.

Try it out: tweeted by @mozilla

RT @mozilla: On a scale from 😄 to 😧, how creepy are the gifts on your wish list this year?

Find out in our latest Privacy Not Included ho… tweeted by @Firefox

Having your personal information exposed in a data breach can be a nightmare. In Julia’s case, it might end up making her grandmother proud.

Find out why & maybe make your family proud by sharing some recipes for online privacy around the dinner table: tweeted by @Firefox

RT @keating: The FCC's removal of net neutrality protections is bad for consumers and the internet, and it's also unlawful. Looking forward… tweeted by @mozilla

The removal of rules by the FCC isn’t just bad for consumers –– it’s unlawful.

Today and every day we continue to fight in the name of a free, open & accessible internet. Here's what's next: tweeted by @mozilla

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RT @elijahmanor: Trying to *not* make my coding demos so visually boring

A non-white bg & a bit of styling can sure make a difference

Fou… tweeted by @MozDevNet

RT @stshank: The @Firefox Monitor service just got a new trick: warning you if the website you're visiting suffered a data breach. Also, it… tweeted by @Firefox

Want to bring those great vibes back to your local community? Become a Local Lead at 2019, our 2-day worldwide hackathon for the open web. tweeted by @mozillafestival

Last week, Mozilla teamed up with @RooftopFilms to bring TERMS OF SERVICE, a series of shorts about life and the internet, to Berlin 🇩🇪

On December 14, TOS returns to NYC. If you missed the screening this summer, here's your chance to see it. RSVPs open soon. 📷: Iva Kirova tweeted by @mozilla

On a scale from 😄 to 😧, how creepy are the gifts on your wish list this year?

Find out in our latest Privacy Not Included holiday buyer's guide: tweeted by @mozilla

RT @PesceNic: You better watch out -- these holiday gifts could be spying on you and your kids via @Moneyish @marke… tweeted by @mozilla

NEW in Firefox Monitor:

While using Firefox, when you land on a site that’s been breached, you’ll get a heads up. The alerts will appear at most once per site & you can always choose to not receive them! tweeted by @Firefox

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