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Phew, I fought a good battle today with . Userland and kernel updates are not the best friends with drm-next-kmod and . is fun.

Just wondering: if I use neither nor , is there a reason to put `hald_enable="YES"` into /etc/rc.conf on ?

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Registrations on are now *open*!

I have pre-reserved the names for the projects, and a few others. If you would like to take control of those, please email the admins so we can ensure the proper people have them.

#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #hardenedbsd #bsdnow

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@ajroach42 Here's a screenshot. I'm mostly doing this so I'll be able to interact with Mastodon from within Retro.

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Hashtags are the *only* way to find people who're into the same stuff as you without having to ask folks for help. So:

1) Add hashtags to your positive public posts, and

2) When you post a hashtag, click it and boost something positive from that hashtag.

It helps get positive and interesting posts further out into the fediverse, and lets newbies find and follow people who share their interests. :)

(I saw this idea somewhere and I liked it, but I can't remember who it was!)


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The Screenless Office

(submitted by marttt)

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I have a showcase of Reggae on provisioning jails using @ansible and much more on

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I made up social networks for , because I don't want to shill Facebook or Twitter.

For , I'm keeping the ones I made up, but adding Mastodon.

Is there a reason why the -O option of (1) is not documented?

It is only mentioned in Examples and History.

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Salut, je cherche un coup de main pour custom une instance. J'apprends et j'ai besoin de poser quelques questions très rapide.

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Probably the most important thing I've written about GNOME in the past few years. It's long, but take the time to read it all.

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today I am pretty much guerilla porting the Polish equivalent of Project Gutenberg to IPFS and Dat and torrents and whatever else I come up with

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I changed my sound system to #sndio on #FreeBSD a few days ago. It's really much better than FreeBSD's OSS.

No more white noise on headphones, stuttering and, on top of that, one gets per-application mixing via aucatctl.

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Facebook logged the posts you wrote but then erased and never posted in the first place, and now they kindly published a study about it :thinkhappy: (PDF)

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#polska #poland #🇵🇱
Założyłem kanał IRC (Freenode) dotyczący Mastodona przeznaczony do dyskusji w języku polskim (tłumaczenie projektu itp.). Zapraszam.
Freenode: #mastodon-pl

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It's day 3 of the 2017 #MastoCensus, and we have 484 responses so far.

If you haven't already taken the Census, you definitely should. It's only 10 questions long, so it's really quick.

Just look how excited the questions are to meet you!

Please boost this so we can get as many responses as possible.

I wish some good soul would clean up the laptops page on wiki. It's a little bit messy.