Are you a *BSD user or developer at @eurobsdcon this week and interested on coming on @bsdnow ?

Find myself, @allanjude or @bsdbcr and we’ll sit down for 20 minutes and record an interview

In case you missed the morning CET version, this is still so:

The 2022 CFP is open! We urge developers and competent practitioners to submit their work to present at the conference. Submissions open March 15 through May 26th. The conference is September 15-18, 2022 in Vienna, Austria. See for details.

Day 1 of the Vendor Summit about to start. Come join us at

Today's talk include topics like: , , , , , and .

I've decided to publish a little I use to auto-reload previews of manual pages when I work on documentation.

It is now available in the FreeBSD collection:

On Saturday the 16th of January we are going to have a #freebsd Bugathon to try and squash some bugs before 13 is branched.

You should join us!

In times of , everyone feels from time to time...

Look no further & join to be part of something very very special!

PS I've done my ()/#HTML/#CSS coding part there on in a -based container (thanks @pizzamig).

signal-cli has just landed in ports.

This port provides a basic interface to (the messaging platform), e.g., to send & receive messages. Next step is to add some nice UI software, like .

The client for Folding@home has landed in the ports.

It is utilizing the compatibility layer, so that the official Linux binary can run on FreeBSD unmodified.

Happy folding!

PS FreeBSD team ID is 11743 if you decide to join the effort!

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Donating FreeBSD-based CPU resources to the fight against the -virus has never been easier! 😈 💊

A port of the Folding@home desktop client is now waiting for your testing and reviews.

If you are interested in how this helps in the fight against the virus, please refer to the website.

PS The port is based on the wonderful blog post by Alexander Leidinger (netchild at FreeBSD):

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