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@rysiek @acw The pineappliest joke in the world.

The #FreeSoftware movement needs more artists! It needs more graphic designers, UI/UX peeps, people who can draw, people who have a good eye for beauty and usability, people who can design logos, etc.

*ALL* the artistic people are important to the Free Software movement

As of right now most free software tends to be ugly and difficult for newcomers to use. It tends to have weird looking logos or hideous ancient looking color schemes. Artists are the solution. #FreeSW has the coding down, design is next.

@acw I don't know much about hardware compatibility. Hint: if you'll choose a distro which is too new then you might have problema with compilers - once my gcc was too new even for the latest CUDA toolchain. Hint2: Distributed trainings (a network of machines instead of one pc) are getting more and more popular recently - I am not sure if it is reasonable in your case however.

@acw If you're about to do some then is a good way to start

LPT: don't file an issue report that starts with "add an option to". Describe your issue instead. Let the dev and design teams discuss possible solutions. Most of the time it's not necessary to add another option and we can make the behavior better for everyone

I am participating in #GSoC this summer and I am working with #openSUSE on improving #Jangouts #UI. Please help us improve this wonderful open source videoconference tool by filling out the survey! It won't take too long :) Thank you!!

Link to the survey:

#UIdesign #UXdesign #UIUX #opensource

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Want to make a huge contribution to Mastodon adoption?

Create and maintain a Debian package for Mastodon. If you know anyone fluent in making and maintaining Debian packages, please share this with them. Let’s reduce the complexity of installing Mastodon on Debian-based distributions (e.g., Ubuntu) down to running a single command and watch the instance numbers shoot up! :)

Writing Device for :

> Although we have not mentioned all members of the net_device structure, please note especially that there is no member function for receiving packets. This is done by the device interrupt handler, as we will see later in this article.

Now, it makes a lot of sense! 😈

Hi users of !
If you want to help me to maintain the instance, you can make donations on my Liberapay page :

I added some informations about the costs if the instance.


@aral in a spirit of cross cooperation: there is an excellent port that might inspire the package builders: