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Mateusz 🤺

Here are some notes on a talk on #jails on #FreeBSD I've given a week ago at the @bsdstammtisch in Vienna.

The post tries to cover the very basics of jails, jail networking and thin jails using only base system tools, so there's no iocage, ezjail or other magic stuff. I hope to get to more elaborate topics at some point in the future.

Feedback is - of course - always welcome!

I'm porting a file checker to called . It is a CLI utility, which warns you about syntax errors in your SQL files.

It's sad to see companies like System76, PogoLinux and Lulzbot sponsoring self proclaimed messiah of open source world (just the way ISIS is messiah of Islamic world) who are spreading lies and creating toxic content. I will NOT write about these three companies unless they fix their mess.

I've submitted a new port: uperf, which is a network performance tool to model and replay of networking patterns.

It might still have some rough edges so all the reviews are warmly welcomed.


Uperf homepage:

#FreeBSD now has support for drm-next-kmod in STABLE-11.

So now there's no reason for me to upgrade to CURRENT.

* 15/03/2018 9:44: 0.8 is release
* 15/03/2018: 16:14: an update patch for the ports is awaiting approval

Good morning, folks. I've submitted another port to : it is a tool to specify configurations on a process.

If you are new to Mastodon, you might wanna read this article I wrote recently, that illustrates the principles of Mastodon:

And share it around outside of Mastodon for other people to see 😋

The existence of strong BSD community here on Mastodon (and reading AST’s book about operating systems) has reminded me about good old days of using #FreeBSD. One of the effects is writing and submitting a port of #BlackCoin daemon/CLI:

#cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies

We've had an audisp-auditdistd hacking session today. It looks like we might have found the reason why does not want to run reliably.

Hopefully, we'll nail it tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Gonna try rebasing some of my years-old FreeBSD patches this weekend.

Any advice for getting traction on patches to #FreeBSD? Most of mine sit unlooked-at for years.

I've submitted a PR to intel_backlight for with a brand new manual page and an improved makefile.

Feedback welcome!

At a conference today I saw a talk about a Germany non-profit working with school kids in :

This is really important stuff.

They do surveys which show school teachers require children to sign up to proprietary services which kids younger than 13 aren't even able to legally sign up to.

They are trying to teach today's teachers to not ask kids to use WhatsApp or github.

They provide alternative FOSS solutions for schools, such with kid-compatible TOS.

Move over cultists, deciphering the necromonicon is nothing compared to documenting OpenSSL..

Introducing #Tor with support for #FreeBSD #Capsicum in the #HardenedBSD ports tree:

Enable Capsicum support by setting "Sandbox 1" in your torrc file.

Note that security/tor-capsicum is compiled with CFI (w/o cfi-icall), PIE, RELRO, Retpoline, and SafeStack by default on HardenedBSD 12-CURRENT/amd64. Threat actors attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in Tor on HardenedBSD are going to have a really hard time. :)


The first workshop port has just been submitted to Bugzilla.

It is , a small HTTP GET-only web from .org.