I’ve wondered this same thing about photos of Japan for years, and he nailed it.

when you watch Star Wars, do you watch the English dub, or the original Galactic Basic version

Here's my new minimalist creative coding playground!

➡️ sliderland.blinry.org ⬅️

What animations can YOU make using JavaScript and 64 sliders? 🎚️✨

We are excited to announce our Saturday morning demoshow will be hosted this week by none other than ToBach taking it back to the 8-bit oldschool with the Atari VCS and VIC-20. Grab a morning coffee and support them! 10am BST twitch.tv/fieldfxdemo #demoscene

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

when u give the cat food and the cat eats the food. repost if u agree

a lot of people following me suddenly lmao i wonder what happened rofl

I made a high res screenshot of my quarterfinal round with anti-aliasing

Pagliacci is actually the doctor's name. You're thinking of Pagliacci's monster

i just want to watch more Ewoks but there are no more Ewoks

in which i rewatch all of the Ewoks cartoons which was my favourite show when i was a kid and now it's my favourite show again and all i can think of is Ewoks

Okay, so: German court decided on Jan. 20th 2022 that sites will need to host Google fonts locally.

Visitors are otherwise entitled to receive 100€ in recompensation for Google fonts transferring IP numbers to Google servers.
Google uses fonts to track users, especially if they are logged into only one other server, where stored personal data might identify them.

Court decision text in German (Landgericht München)


#google #tracking #fonts #liability #germany #funny

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