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Don’t forget, you've got love
You've got bravery, you’ve got trust
You’ve got bodies, responsibilities
There’s still mountains, they're pushing up from underneath
You’ve got pain, caused plenty of
It’s not so strange but now you’ve had enough
Don’t forget your bones and skin
Or where you go, or where you’ve been

-Mirah, Bones & Skin

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"To hope is to gamble. It’s to bet on the future, on your desires, on the possibility that an open heart and uncertainty is better than gloom and safety. To hope is dangerous, and yet it is the opposite of fear, for to live is to risk."


it's interesting to me that-- at least to judge from pop linguistics and neurology, and not that I have any real knowledge of cognitive linguistics/etc-- the Augustinian picture of language has either proven so sticky that it has shaped the results of a lot of research, or that the Augustinian picture of language is actually well borne out by the evidence, and Wittgenstein was kinda wrong

quickly reading through Gregory Berns' What It's Like to Be A Dog, I've hit on an interesting passage where he cashes the difference between the understanding of language of dogs and humans as v much the Wittgensteinian vs Augustinian picture of language

This is going to be a thread of highlights from the photo blog I wrote while sailing aboard E/V Nautilus.

Life from seamounts in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in Hawaii, observed in late September 2018. All photos in this thread are via OET/Nautilus Live

while we're talking cute small creatures, our niece has gotten to this funny point where some of the time she looks like studs terkel but a lot of the time she looks completely adorable

before her hair really came in, she _really_ looked like studs terkel

(of course, I have avoided making this observation around her parents: I'm not a monster)

also we've realized that the puppy looks strikingly like a house elf when she puts her ears down; still in search of good photographic evidence, tho

(the dog bandanas are bc it's hunting season down where we are, and we're hoping to differentiate them from the deer/etc in our neighborhood)

in breaking dog news I forgot to share when it happened, our dog now has a bandana

just spent like 10 minutes typing the beginning of poems I like into my profile...

but what I'd really like is something that periodically swaps quotes out, I guess

and belatedly: way to go, Bavarian Greens

it's nice to get some unexpectedly good political news for once

maybe someday I'll get around to actually participating (though I can barely write legibly, so...) but I am real excited it's inktober and I get a steady stream of art from unexpected places

tl;dr: y'all are rad, carry on

now I'm nostalgic for all of my fav office mates of the past

just ate a banana when working in a public space, which reminded me of my former office mate who had a Garcia effect-style disgust reaction if I ate bananas in the office

maybe the only office mate I regularly had intense (tho intellectual) arguments with, but still one of my favorites 💛

wish we still lived in the same city

whoever was it that decided 'threshold' should be spelled with one h?

there's got to be an interesting explanation there, but I've never bothered to look it up

Every song on the original Muppet Movie soundtrack puts a smile on my face. Rainbow Connection. Movin' Right Along. Can you Picture That. I'm Going to Go Back There Someday.

People don't think of that movie when they think of musicals but it is SUCH a great musical.

in at work on a saturday, where the office is so cold but the internet is so fast

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