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Don’t forget, you've got love
You've got bravery, you’ve got trust
You’ve got bodies, responsibilities
There’s still mountains, they're pushing up from underneath
You’ve got pain, caused plenty of
It’s not so strange but now you’ve had enough
Don’t forget your bones and skin
Or where you go, or where you’ve been

-Mirah, Bones & Skin

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"To hope is to gamble. It’s to bet on the future, on your desires, on the possibility that an open heart and uncertainty is better than gloom and safety. To hope is dangerous, and yet it is the opposite of fear, for to live is to risk."


Today's act of self-kindness: go ahead and mute that person you don't yet want to unfollow but who's really sticking in your craw lately. Close that tab you're hatereading. Stop checking that one blog. Your time is worth spending on nicer things, like terrible cartoons or dollar store candy!


not to push you to violate Ockham's prohibition on needlessly multiplying social media accounts, but have you checked out there's been lots of interesting discussion of all sorts of music

this isn't a unique recommendation at all, but Ikiru is a remarkable thing


hey, I just came across your userland book-- what a nice resource!

I've been trying to write up little things I know how to do, but it's super handy to have an overview to point people to

whipped up some Creative Commons emoji for mastodon! Images taken from the CC downloads page here >

:cc: the Creative Commons icon
:cc_by: Attribute work
:cc_sa: Share Alike
:cc_remix: Allow remixing
:cc_share: Share
:cc_nd: No Derivatives
:cc_ncus: Non-Commercial Dollar
:cc_nceu: Non-Commercial Euro
:cc_ncjp: Non-Commercial Yen
:cc_pd: Public Domain
:cc_zero: Creative Commons Zero

Learn how to use the licenses here!

LB: 🚨 New instance is open! 🚨 is now open for new registration. A focus-built instance for players and fans of Magic: The Gathering (#mtg), we aim to foster a friendly and inclusive environment.

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i've been on mastodon for nearly half a year but i'm continually inspired and humbled by the way everyone here is so gay

today we bring you the latest chapter of:

"Haircuts I Can't Really Pull Off: The mrgah Story"

Tootdon has a search server, which indexes the public toots of the federated timeline for searching. You can search the latest toots for 30 days, and those older than 30 days will be automatically deleted from the server. Also, when posting from the application, in the case of public toot, we also update the index of the search server. If you do not want to be indexed, we will exclude that account if you request @tootdon from your account.


If you'd like an account on please send me a note telling me a bit about yourself and your birb(s).

NOTE: The term birb is used very losely here. The intent is for animal lovers to find a home in the fediverse.

I guess maybe not everyone will agree with this, but I believe there are limits to what a person can be learn.

So, when techies ask people to learn arbitrary tech mumbo-jumbo, they have implicitly decided that this tech thing is more important than whatever else they'll lose/skip/forget to make room for it.

Making tech easy for people is respecting the fact that they may have other priorities in life.

Thing that exists and I hope you love it as much as I do:

It's a blog from someone who dresses up as a borg from Star Trek, doing everyday things

it's nice to see folks back after being away 💙

TIL that dan stevens of downton abbey is like pretty literary (like was on the Man Booker prize committee literary), and has recorded audiobooks of the Iliad, Odyssey, Frankenstein, Wolf Hall...


tfw that aprill with his shoures soote

I formally state that I regret the fact that I may have expressed some snark about awk in my youth

when you really need it, awk is freaking great

it's a pleasantly convivial night in the fediverse 💚