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hey all, I'm Brian

I spend a lot of time thinking about language and history, and occasionally teaching same

in all likelihood, I will continue to be vocal about us politics (and the way things are going, profane)

I love books and music and the occasional game, piece of art, etc.

I'm happy for any opportunity to practice my , (bad) , , or -- or even , if you're feeling game

also , in the event you've fled the birdsite 🔥 (hi!)

believe me, my young friend, there is nothing—absolute nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in bash

I generally like winter, but I'm pretty done with this one

tgfr = thank gods for rihanna

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it's a lot of Tori's non-canonically great stuff I find comforting, I realize (b-sides, more recent singles, etc.)

didn't know until recently, though, that she does intend for her music to be nourishing in precisely that way-- she said something nice in an interview about how she intends for her new album to be restorative

feeling a bit fragile today y'all

wait, what if harry potter had a brother

gary potter

can't tell if this is legitimately really funny or I'm just super sleep deprived

help I'm old and don't understand slang and/or emoji

-> the primal scream of early middle age <-

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This is a first: seasonal data vis work!

NPR Visuals is hiring a Contract News Apps Developer to help cover the 2018 US midterm elections. A great opportunity to work with a fantastic team, short-term, in DC! But also a sign of maturity of the field — organizations hiring a “surge” of talent for newsy events.

Via data-vis-jobs / @arnicas

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Folks! WARP for the HP 42s (which works on the DM42 & in all likelihood Free42)!

The Star Trek Adventures campaign I was a part of is on hiatus, so I haven't given this a test run, and it doesn't seem to follow the warp formula that game uses (if, in fact, that game uses a formula, which I'm slightly suspicious about). But has a neat discussion about the math of warp mechanics.

[Image of my HP-35s which I used as a warp calc during the game.]

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Just turned in a big thing. Inside my head, fireworks are going off, the UCLA Trojans Marching Band has taken the field, and herds of flying unicorns are streaking across the sky.

In real life, I drank a glass of water and ate four potato chips.

also, 80s depeche mode is absolutely perfect music today

at some point I got tired of slowly typing German on my phone, and added it as another input language

...which is great, except for when its autocorrect suggestions are totally wacky

today's: Erlöskultur

really? what does that even mean?

well, it seems like my early morning, slang research, and lack of food mean I am temporarily out of energy to work for the moment

at least it's nice weather for walking around town with the puppy 🐕 😀

had to get up a little earlier than normal on a sunday morning, and, instead of the usual profanity, the first thing that popped out of my mouth was my grandfather's 'man alive'

now, randos on the internet are trying to convince the world that it's some sort of exclamation from back when search parties were the rage or some such nonsense, but this is clearly a (methodist?) taboo avoidance expression about JC, right? I don't have lexica to hand to check atm...


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what features would you want in a bookmark management app?
i wanna make one & want user input

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Turkic Mythology - seeking recs Show more

I tremble to ask, a bit, but I've gone down a js rabbit hole for the past few days in trying to pull a visualization together (give me python-- even perl!-- any day)

is there anyone here I can bug with some questions?

mine are, I'm sure, totally basic questions, but a lot of the resources I've found are unhelpful or out of date

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For anyone who wants to see #opera relatively cheaply and isn't that bothered about it being live or not, this is neat, though:

$14.99 subscription/month to access hundreds of HD recordings of operas from the Met.