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This thread will be dedicated to the victims of the mass shooting in Buffalo.

This is Ruth Whitfield, 86. Her son, the former Buffalo Fire Commissioner, said she was on her way from visiting her husband in a nursing home and stopped at the store to get something to eat.

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This is what makes Eurovision worthwhile.

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The guy signing for really had his work cut out, but he got the memo, understood the brief and is smashing it.  

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But for now, until some of the crapper parts of the UI finally do me in at least Mastodon will be my preference.

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Now technology is irrelevant, if people don't use it, so I'm cross posting to Twitter and sticking on FB for older family members and groups (I know, I'm an awful person).

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I've come to the conclusion that the technological solution that matches my view of how SM should be is the Web 1 federated approach of Mastodon.

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The Web 3 monstrosities ended up not really being distributed, but rather a central platform using a public database in a way that didn't (in the small amount of fucking about I did) appear to be usable by 3rd parties.

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I've been giving a small amount of thought to Social Media of late and have tried a couple of different solutions, including Web 3 monstrosities.

Boring content ahead. 

I... Wait... What the fuck...

This does explain why the government is so convinced WFH does not work.

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The Daily Telegraph boasting in loving terms about how Jacob Rees-Mogg's office desk has no computer on it says so much about both this government and why Brexit happened.

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In the days before phones, according to toddlers what was everything?

Then none of the alternatives offer the benefits of lead (like leading in the barrel).

Hopefully sense will prevail, but it is unlikely.

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I'm not convinced any of the alloy pellets are better, from what I've read it needs to be recycled with like.

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but steel with plastic skirts leave you with two parts, that need separating before you can deal with them, and the plastic is in no state to be recycled as its macro and micro plastics after being shot.

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None of the current lead free alternatives feel to be as good as lead for target shooting.
Lead can be easily recycled,

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I get the desire, but a lead ban feels ill thought out, especially for target shooters such as myself.

Maybe Mr Johnson is just a lazy shit?

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Boris Johnson on wfh culture: 'You spend an awful lot of time making another cup of coffee, getting up, walking very slowly to the fridge, hacking off a small piece of cheese, then walking very slowly back and then forgetting what it was you're doing...'

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