me: 6:30am is the perfect time to sit down, drink a coffee, wake up and maybe hack a little
the handle on my coffee cup, on first sip: I don't like this cup. Let me just...
my coffee cup: no! where are you going, handle? you can't just snap!
everything: ahhh, hot burning coffee!

Advent of Code, huh? More like Advent of Continuous Hits with a Machete to My Achilles Heel Called Off-By-One Error. Jesus.

Tomorrow's my last day at! After years of building mobility platforms I need something new. And while I'm sad to say goodbye to my colleagues (5 years of working/growing together!) I'm also super excited to join's Cluster Ops team in January!

Alright, I have an announcement to make. It's sad, but also happy! And exciting! It's been in the making these past few months and it's time to finally let the cat out of the bag.

Well, feels like I'm getting the hang of this Rust thing.

Advent of Code is neat.

I started using my 2015 MacBook Pro at home again and, damn it, it feels snappier than the 2017 model at work, like something on the newer model that adds just a little bit of latency, 30-50ms or so, to everything I do and see.

Why? It's software, isn't it?

We just had a little Advent of Code retreat at work. I solved day 2 with my (still) rudimentary Rust skills. Fun!

But the best bit was actually showing his and's functional solution in JavaScript. First-class and higher-order functions are the best.

Oh, that's nice! Of all the "your year in review", I like Spotify's and Goodread's the most. Here's (mostly without purely technical literature) what I read this year:

Ah, it’s the old “which book should I read next” time again.

On my journey through the Rust Book I've finally reached the "Fearless Concurrency" chapter. It reminds me, again, how much I enjoy working with concurrency and, you know, what's the state of concurrency? It still feels like a niche, even though multi-core CPUs are everywhere.

I really, really appreciate that the Rust Playground allows you to change the keybindings used by the editor to Vim or Emacs style keybindings. That, combined with the fact that it compiles and runs when doing `:w`, makes it my go-to place for one-off experiments. Really cool.

Know what makes me happy?

Knowing that the logging package logrus has a zalgo formatter.

(And in case you haven't been baptized by Zalgo yet:

Current task at work has me writing lots of code. In Go. Bliss.

I think I've found a new programming companion to help me get in the zone faster and stay there: a full-screen video of a Grateful Dead concert on the second monitor.

You know what makes a great present, just in time for the holidays?

🎄 & 🎄

Yes, I'm jingling my own bell here, but, come on, what better way to spend these long winter evenings than by building your own programming language?

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