From the series "code & comment combinations that made me say 'what' quietly but still out loud in front of my computer even though I'm alone in the room":

There are a lot of tools that proudly proclaim their accordance with the Unix Philosophy.

But the more tools I use, I feel that most of them focus on (i) and forget about (ii).

The Unix magic is in the combination, not in the single tool.

We now have a BASIC on!

It's called SharpBASIC, was built by Frank Hoogerbeets, and contains _a ton of features_ that you don't find in a lot of Monkey implementations.

One of the best parts of working at a company that is remote first and really (!) values excellent written communication:

You can catch up after a vacation by just reading (GitHub, Slack, email) and actually feel like you've caught up, because nothing's missing.

After years and years of trying the time has come where I don't think I can keep on using LibreOffice any longer. It's inevitable that the UI will bring me to flip. this. table.

Will I regret buying Office for Mac?

In the past few weeks I've thought and talked alot about the work we do & the idea of "counting hours".

That topic has been stuck in my head for years now. I'd love to tear it out by writing about it.

Working title: we won't improve if we keep pretending we're factory workers.

Back from vacation, back to work on Monday and I've got itchy fingers — in the best possible way.

Yep, in Germany we have public advertisements advising people to not put their PIN next to their card on a post-it.

Serious question:

Where did the UI pattern of "show only username field, on click, show password field, on click submit" come from?

And what's the reasoning behind it? It seems like you'd want to get rid of the added click in a top of the funnel user flow

What’s up?

Here for the week for a team meetup 🕺

What if we'd do the same for any news media? Headlines and news that are not relevant to the current day (that is: most of them) are delayed by day.

What if social media platforms had a delay built into the posting process? i.e. you send a tweet, it goes into a queue, 10min later you need to read it and confirm the sending again. Same goes for retweets.

My guess is that it would change the whole thing completely.

In the past few months it has become increasingly harder for me to enjoy Twitter. So many knee-jerk reactions, sensationalist us vs. them declarations, outrage retweets, combined with willful ignorance of any possible nuance...

My Scheme to x86 compiler can now compile let-expressions!

This is so much fun that I'm now basically trying to hack on it every time I find myself with 10 minutes of free time

(If you want to follow along, code & resources are here:

Read this and (in case you don't do that anyway when you're reading) at each subheadline imagine me slapping the table and screaming "yes! yes! oh god, yes! please! yes!":

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