I have to say, the trace-* functionality in Chez Scheme is really growing on me.

(In Scheme it's hard to print-debug. Often you only have a single expression in place and you'd need to add a print with a (begin ...) around it.)


"Alright, this is where the nerd chills start"


Honestly, I didn't know that I needed the term "nerd chills" in my vocabulary but now that I do I'll cherish it forever.

TIL that Go's := is called "Walrus operator". That's amazing.

That's now my new favorite operator name, right before "Elvis operator" for ?:

I'm amazed by how little time it took to completely accept... or tolerate?... or endure?... these GDPR notices.

Open a website, have a thing pop up, don't read anything, look for button, click button, continue.

Truly the terms of service of the web.

In our book club at @srcgraph@twitter.com we've started reading technical papers. First one: Google's Bigtable paper.

@keegan_csmith@twitter.com shared this as a companion to the paper: read.seas.harvard.edu/~kohler/

It's so good, a perfect match for my style of learning: every explanation starts with "why?"

How do others keep their work and private calendars in sync?

Example: I sometimes have an appointment on my private calendar that I'd like to show up as "unavailable" in my work calendar. And the other way around: I'd like to have work meetings show up in my private cal.

Sunday morning hacking. It's the best.

After hacking a little bit in Go and cleaning up some code I wrote this week, I then jumped over to the Scheme->x86 compiler.

I'm getting to the fun questions in this compiler: "Do I implement this in Scheme, C runtime or in assembly?"

"gijit: a just-in-time trace-compiled golang interpreter"

That's a Go REPL backed by LuaJIT 🤔


Is it just my subjective impression or did auto suggest/correct get noticeable worse with iOS 13?

It’s missing a lot of words and doesn’t seem to handle umlauts for suggestions anymore. Previously I could type “fur” and it would suggest “für”, now it doesn’t.

So glad I invested some time into making it easy to write these tests.

Because now it's a ton of fun to add more and find the edge cases.


(btw. how cool is it that I can share daily work like this? open company, woop, woop)

📢 Another Scheme->x86 compiler milestone reached: foreign function calls! ☎

Scheme code can now call C functions. These foreign functions can unwrap the Scheme values and pass Scheme values back.

PR: github.com/mrnugget/scheme_x86

That was a productive morning!

“I’m afraid to even gaze upon it for fear of inadvertently summoning demons”

To summon demons by reading compiler code, look no further: github.com/rswier/c4/blob/mast


My whole life I was a pretty strict user of the DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM format in everyday writing, like emails, Slack, etc.

Now that I've been working for a US company for a few months it's pure chaos. All bets are off.

I can switch between Nov 3rd, 3pm and 3 Nov 15:00 in two lines.

📢 Just added to Scheme->x86 compiler: separately compiled library of primitives!

These are not built into the compiler, but written in Scheme and will get linked to user code when compiled.

This one was trickier than I thought it would be.

github.com/mrnugget/scheme_x86 t.co/FOJzsPCNi6

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