me, for the last 4 years: why would speed even matter in a static site generator? It's not an issue, lol
also me, after trying for the first time this week: god damn it, yes, i'm a speed addict

One of my favorite features is that the complete configuration is accessible as JSON and comes with a proper editor that has syntax highlighting, syntax checking, tab completion, doc information... After using this for a few weeks I wish every piece of software had this

Who of you is going to

I'll be there with the rest of the team and, as always, happy to talk anyone's ear off 🙂

I think I just hit peak tech-worker: I'm sitting in a coffee shop, working remotely, booting up Kubernetes clusters.

I think I just hit peak-teach-worker: I'm sitting in a coffee shop, working remotely, booting up Kubernetes clusters.

So yesterday for the first time I really dug into GraphQL and... I think I'm already a fan. It "fixes" so many things that I've repeatedly ran into in the past that I can't believe I didn't look into it sooner. And again, it goes to show that it pays off to keep an open mind.

Which programming language has the best website?

I‘ve been reading a wonderful novel* these past few weeks and I re-learned something about myself that I’ll try to never forget again: something in me starves when I only read nonfiction. I need that... something that great literature can inject in life.

* Gentleman in Moscow

I'm currently really tempted to buy/rent/build a beefed-up Linux machine to SSH into and do all my development there. The Docker tax on macOS is high.

"Yeah, it's not fan noise, per se, but quieter. Can't hear it now, of course, not in the store with the traffic and people talking. Has to be really quiet, but it's there. It's definitely there. Heard it this morning again."
— How I made the Apple store dude think I'm an idiot

After spotting it in's shell prompt while pairing, I switched from a $ to a λ myself and, oh boy, I don't know how wise it is to admit this publicly, but this new shell prompt feels like I've entered a new, adventurous, more glamours, BETTER chapter of my life

And I keep thinking that if my background was different and I had begun my life as a programmer of C/C++ instead of PHP/Python/Ruby/JavaScript (and C, Go, Scheme etc added later) I might enjoy Rust a lot more. But, alas, it always felt like this is not the programming I enjoy

Decided this weekend to move on from Rust, after my wife pointed out that it always puts me in a bad mood.

She’s right, it never was fun. I persisted because a lot of smart people see something in it I wanted to see too. But that’s not worth it.

Just found out about Neko, a language implemented as a self-hosted byte-code compiler and a VM written in C. There's lots of interesting stuff for VM fans in the docs, e.g. a comparison with Lua:

The code is pretty readable, too:

By now I'm pretty sure I'd pay GitHub extra if they would automatically convert hard line wraps at the 80 character column in git commit messages when opening a PR.

Look who made it onto Software Engineering Radio! 🕺I had a lot of fun talking to about interpreters, compilers and all that _good stuff_.

Okay, here's my ultimate 1st world problem: ever since I don't have to commute to work anymore I have ~3 more hours a day available, which is fantastic, but then I feel bad about when I'm not making the best use of them and instead just "waste" time.

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